Weatherby Vanguard rifles

The latter appeared much later, in 1970, and was notable for fewer lugs – 2 vs 6 and 9. The rifle has undergone several improvements that allows it and still remain popular.

If you look, the Weatherby company Inc. produces only 2 fundamentally different types of rifles: group Mark V and Weatherby Vanguard.

Weatherby Vanguard is one of the few carbines, the accuracy of which is provided with written guarantee.

Review of the Weatherby Vanguard carbine

If at the time of its creation bolt Weatherby Vanguard carbines were produced in a fairly modest range, today, this group includes not only rifled, but smooth-bore guns, the Orion and Athena, as well as semi-automatic with removable carabiners. And the appearance has undergone many changes.

The patterning is really evidenced by a written guarantee. Each rifle is tested, and the result of shooting a target, is part of the standard.

However, there is a limitation: the result of the company guarantees only the case that is used for shooting the “native” weapon or similar quality.

Advantages and disadvantages

The company’s motto is accuracy, power, speed, refers to the Weatherby Vanguard carbines in exactly the same way as to the family of Mark V. Besides, rifles are aesthetically flawless, and not to say professional hunters, this quality is also important.

To the main advantages of the Weatherby Vanguard are the following properties.

  • High accuracy and shooting accuracy – three shots in a row from a distance of 100 yards from a cold barrel are placed in a circle with a diameter of half an inch. As practice shows, if you use not branded, but quite ordinary bullets middle segment, the result is the same.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable: you can set a trigger pull equal to 1.3 kg and 2.7 kg.
  • The shutter is made of a single piece of steel, which allows you to use the most powerful ammunition, because the structure is designed for high pressure.
  • The gate has three ports – thus ensuring the diversion of propellant gases if damaged casings or other emergency situations.
  • The receiver is made of forged steel.
  • Large window ejection facilitates removal of the sleeve, but the cooldown of as to place the socket through the larger hole much easier. In the line there are models with fixed stores and detachable. Capacity depends on caliber: what it is, the smaller the capacitance.
  • Butt and bed in walnut or plastic are very convenient, the butt applied anti-slip notches. Rubber recoil pad softens the recoil pressure.
  • The model is available in a variety of modifications no less than 12 calibers.
  • Iron sights most of the models are not included. However, the brackets for attaching them are present. Depending on the purpose of the gun owner adjusts his sight.

The disadvantages of rifles Weatherby Vanguard can be attributed only to the large angle of rotation of the bolt 90 degrees. It is not very convenient: reload takes more time than reloading rifle with a smaller angle of rotation of the bolt.

Weatherby Vanguard carbine (photo)


Initially created by Weatherby Inc. created hunting weapons, and medium and large animals. However, with the development of the product range began to expand and the scope of the Weatherby Vanguard rifles has improved markedly.

  • Hunting – the majority of models are still used for hunting. Carabiners are available in nearly all imaginable calibers, so rifle Weatherby Vanguard will serve for hunting small animal – a squirrel, for example, in the extraction of deer or elk.
  • Varminting – shooting small targets at long and extremely long distances. Despite more simple construction rifle Weatherby Vanguard in no way inferior to the carbine group Mark V.
  • Shooting – given the high accuracy, pricediscount and reliability of the rifle it is obvious that it is perfect for Amateur and professional sports.
  • Recreational shooting is perhaps the perfect appearance of the models in this region played them “by hand” more than high precision.
  • Tactical / operational use – rifles-Weatherby Vanguard are one of the most famous examples of firearms “dual-use”.

Weatherby Vanguard carbine is available in calibers from .223 Rem up to .338 WinMag. Modifications of each model set. Over time, some of them were discontinued, there were new, but the perfect balance of quality and cost remained the same.

Classic rifles

Compared to the carbines of the group Mark V. this gun is designed to be simpler, although different the same accuracy and high power. Cost of Weatherby Vanguard rifle more affordable.

  • Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic is the easiest and most budget option from Weatherby. Bed of synthetic material, the iron sights do not exist. Places for the mounting holes are closed with brass plugs. Performed with different length of the barrel 61 and 58 see the First option is slightly heavier, but due to the greater length reduces muzzle wave.
  • Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic Carbine With Sight – first and foremost characterized by the presence of mechanical sight open. The price is affected significantly as to their carbines, the company producing the sights from Williams Gun Sight. The front sight appears removable brass part that is visible even in twilight.
  • Vanguard Series 2 Varmint Spesial – at the barrel length of 58 cm and its thickness is much higher. Designed for firing long distances on small moving targets. Open sight no, but there are nests under the scope mount.
  • Vanguard Series 2 Stainless – release 2 modification with a barrel length of 61 cm Difference is picking the second option, a muzzle compensator that reduces recoil of the gun. The sight outdoor. Box and barrel are made of high-alloy stainless steel.
  • Vanguard Series 2 Sporter – stock and bed are made of walnut in a classic design. Comes with open sights but there is a socket for mounting an optical sight, closed with brass plugs.
  • Vanguard Series 2 Range Certified – this classic model will not be called. Accuracy has surprised even the owner of the company: target rifle signed personally. The bed is made of heavy duty plastic, reinforced inside with aluminium. Thus it was possible to significantly reduce the weight of the carbine – 3,29 kg, while maintaining rigidity and structural strength.
  • Vanguard Series 2 Range Certified With Sight – comes with open sights and muzzle compensator in full accordance to the characteristics of the previous model.
Modern versions

Weapons to remain effective, must evolve too, without compromising quality. In any case, this is the opinion of the Director of the company ed Weatherby Inc Weatherby. Modern versions of the rifles differ and structural features, and appearance.

In 2013 the company launched a series WBY-X is designed to meet the demands of young shooters. The result was the appearance of many unusual models.

Modular rifle Weatherby Vanguard in addition to the classical two-stage shutter three-position fuse and shutter grooves has a weighted barrel made from steel cold forging. Chassis for the mechanism of the Vanguard made of aluminum alloy with anodized black coating, on the shank there is a socket strip for slots.

The original caliber Weatherby Vanguard .223 Rem. or .308 Win. Store the detachable, double-row, with a capacity of 10 rounds, is made of plastic. If you want you can purchase a second so as not to interrupt shooting at several targets, for example. The stock has two length adjustment and the height of the cheeks. It is made from fiberglass. The pistol grip with a notch and podpolanie recesses for better grip.

The barrel length at 55.8 cm frosted to minimize glare, which in combination with black coating chassis and the same color butt creates a unique design in the style of hi-tech.

Also appeared:

  • Black Reaperи Hog Reape – in fact, classical model, with the butt in the style of Monte Carlo, with the barrel of forged steel with a length of 24 and 20 inches. Available in 13 calibers, equipped with a two-stage regulator and a three position safety. Stores removable, with a capacity of 4 rounds. Different models design of the butt and the bed design is very unique and bold.
  • GH2 is on the butt has spacers to make shooting more convenient for hunters of small stature. A barrel length of 20 inches. The implementation is available in 5 calibers: – 22-250 Remington, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington.
  • Kryptek TR – made only in two calibers – the .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. A barrel length of 22 inches, weighted. This option is the type of Weatherby rifles, which are suitable not only for hunting or sport shooting, but can be used as a police weapon.
  • Bonzи Whitetail Whitetail Bonz Youth – carbines for hunting in the mountains. The length of the trunks 24 and 20 inches, material – matte blued steel. Whitetail Bonz Youth is equipped with struts for shooters of small stature.
  • In 2016 saw the light and the female model Vanguard Camilla. This model from scratch and developed team professional shooters with the features of the female anatomy. The angle of inclination of the back plate negative, which corresponds to the structure of the female body, the butt is made of walnut. Incisions are made in the form of lilies. Vanguard Camilla is available in 4 calibers and weighs only 2.8 kg. Weatherby Inc ensures accuracy less than 1 MOA.

The first rifle was equipped with an optical sight, but maybe next models will be mechanical.

Picking and packing

Standard to a certain extent depends on the place of Assembly, but in any case, include one essential element – the target:

  • target – shooting from rifles at a distance of 100 yards;
  • plastic case;
  • nylon belt gun;
  • cardboard box;
  • the passport of the product.

Different models may have different equipment: optical sight, muzzle compensator, swivels and so on.


Modification of weapons – in any case, a matter of personal preference. However, experienced hunters are recommended to first shoot the rifle and then decide what improvements are really required.

  • Most often arises the need for muzzle devices: brake-compensator, absorbing the shotgun, a flash suppressor, a silencer.
  • Sights – the models are different, some are out and open sights, so many of the owners immediately set optical. However, it is important for the shooter to practice the skills of work with an open sight: experts recommend changing mechanical sight optic not earlier than 3-5 thousand shots.
  • Long-barreled rifles are often equipped with antabok. But if a shooter is not too high, and struts.

The price and the reviews on the Weatherby Vanguard rifle is given below.


In General, the models Weatherby Vanguard cost less than the Mark V line – by design, they are still somewhat easier. The price depends on the version and caliber and ranges well within very wide limits.

  • A simple enough option – Weatherby Vanguard SUB-MOA open sight is estimated at 67850 R.
  • The base model Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic., sold without scope and costs from 58 thousand.
  • Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Range Certified can be purchased for 100-110 thousand.

The modern model found in Russia difficult. According to the owners of American weapons, the price of the rifle at the Russian dealers unreasonably high.

  • Patterning and prekladatele hunters are celebrated at once. In addition, the carbine shows almost the same precision when using the ammunition in the average price category, which is important.
  • Some difficulties may cause a trigger pull. One of the parties of the rifles was equipped with overly stiff springs, self-adjusting, they were treated badly. However, this problem is easily solved by the service centers.
  • Of course, attracts a variety of models and calibers for hunting and sporting purposes. And the attractiveness of guns plays a significant role.

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