Zastava M70 PPS .243 Win rifle gun

Virtually all countries recently established the Warsaw Pact in the beginning of the fifties were armed with Soviet small arms. At that period in Europe has already occurred a clear division into two almost opposing camps – the Warsaw Pact and NATO.

Therefore, the legend of arms – automatic Kalashnikov customized versions began to be produced in the workshops of the countries of the socialist camp.

Was no exception and the Federal Yugoslavia. Here in the Autonomous region of Serbia was established the production of Soviet infantry weapons under the brand name “Zastava”. In addition to the AKM here were made for hunting rifles and sporting firearms, as well as a sufficiently large range small-bore and air weapons of civilian areas. Over a sufficiently short period of time the Serbian Zastava became one of the world leaders in the production of various types of weapons. In our days the firm manages to maintain not only the status but also the quality of the work.

Review of Zastava M70 rifle PPS . 243 Win

The creation of the rifle Zastava M70 PPS . 243 Win was another unique solution that allowed for much wider range of hunting weapons produced in Eastern Europe. Today among the civilian population, hunters, athletes, fans to wander with a good gun in the meadows greatly increased the demand for rifles bolt-type. And that has its own clear base. This longitudinal sliding shutter that allows to achieve certain priorities.

  • A significantly higher accuracy than a semi automatic variants.
  • On some levels improves the reliability of carbines.
  • The Lite weight allows you to use a weapon that is not too burdened.

If in Soviet times, to choose a particular view of the rifle Mosin and a series of domestic carbines “Moose” and “bars”. In the nineties there was a flow of foreign weapons produced in the Czech Republic and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. One of the most popular rifles in our days was the Zastava M70 rifle PPS . 243 Win is made on the basis of the mechanics of the famous Mauser.

Advantages and disadvantages

Weapons have many advantages.

  • Most attractive walnut Lodge, the outline of the butt type boar back, comfortable rubber butt pad.
  • Novelty was chrome trunk, twisted outside.
  • The carbine is equipped with a shielded front sight, single-position unregulated entirely on the receiver has a reliable fuse “box” is replaced by a movable slider, the optics is attached using a regular base.
  • It is interesting that the carbine is the most acceptable price range.

Experts point out small flaws in the form of integrally cast shop and appearance, some worse than European analogues.

Mounts for rifle Zastava M70


Carabine Zastava M70 PPS . 243 Win is firearms for civilian use. For hunting opportunities and sporting clay pigeon shooting. Equally acceptable both for the professional and the Amateur.


Currently on the market you can find several varieties. This following options from the Serbian gunsmiths:

  1. Zastava Mannlicher M70R 30 – 06 Spr.
  2. ZASTAVA 9.3 x 62 Mauser M70 RIFLE REVIEW.
  3. Zastava M70 Standard Carabine Zastava M70 Droitier.
No. Name Figure
1 The length of the barrel 56, 00 cm
2 Caliber 243 Win
3 Bed Varietal nut
4 Type of barrel Rifled
5 Features caliber 30 – 06 Sprg; 308 Win; 8 x 57 IS; 7 x 64; 243 Win

The basis of design is formed proven for decades, the principle mechanism received a patent in 1895 to the German engineer Paul Mauser. Today, after more than a century the creation of brothers Fidel, Friedrich and Josef Federle, complemented by butt and excellent geometry, a robust locking mechanism, a well designed carbine sight distinguishes this series.

Picking and packing

A complete implementation includes the technical passport of the product, certificate of quality, instruction for use and maintenance. The carbine comes disassembled, wrapped in paper. The wrapper is treated with a special compound that prevents the entry of moisture. Sold in the box with the company logo.

The principle of operation is based on the classic bolt system of the Mauser.


Assembly, disassembly, cleaning and preventive lubrication of the rifle is made in accordance with the positions of the enclosed instructions and generally accepted rules of use of small arms.


Today and in the future, any measures to improve the appearance of this model is not provided. Carabine Zastava M70 PPS . 243 Win and is characterized by a simple and rather modest appearance.

About reviews and prices on hunting rifle Zastava M70 (Zastava M70 PPS) caliber 30-06, 308Win 243 Win and read below.

Prices and reviews

Price category is closest to the average. The average cost of a Vintorez Zastava this modification from 720, 00 USD. USA to 775, 00 dollars. USA.

Some experts believe the priority is light weight and simple design, while others consider it as a disadvantage.

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