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Zbroyar Z-008 – extremely lightweight and accurate rifle, similar to the American AR-10/AR-15, but the rifles of special design. The company “Zbroyar” (manufacturer of Z-10 and Z-15) founded only in 2007, that did not stop her to take the leading position on the market of civilian weapons. In addition to hunting carbines, characterized by exceptional precision, “Zbroyar” produces a huge variety of accessories.

Overview of the rifle Zbroyar Z-008

When developing Zbroyar Z-008 platform was used AR-10/AR-15, which enabled to combine the advantages of self-loading rifles and the classic “baltabekov”. Slide group, the module mounts on the barrel and the device trigger is the original design of the company. The chief designer of the carbine – Konstantin Konev, the Creator of SVK rifle.

The result is a light and precise gun for shooting at long distances, which differ by the minimum weight. The combination of these parameters in the gauge in .308 Win is impressive.

The rifle Zbroyar Z-008 is manufactured to order. Produced some major modifications, which nevertheless can be changed in favor of customer opinions: platform AR-10/AR-15 allows.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main reason for the advantages of the rifle is its bolt. High rigidity and strength are obtained, creating a closed structure: the receiver is locked on top. Locking is provided by 6 lugs, placed in 2 rows.

This design allows to significantly reduce the vibration that causes one of the major advantages of the rifle – firing accuracy.

  • Accuracy of fire at a distance of 100 m reaches less than 0.5 MOA. This is one of the reasons the carbine is used for sporting events as a sniper rifle.
  • The receiver, the barrel and slide are stainless steel only, which affects durability of weapons. Themselves the receiver is made in two versions – standard length under a conventional cartridge and long under the “Magnum”.
  • The clamping of the barrel is also an important feature of the carabiner: the load in the transverse plane is not the thread, but on the smooth areas of the trunk. The barrel is far more accurate guide than the thread. The accuracy of the Zbroyar Z-008 confirms.
  • The barrels are mounted imported: Shilen, Bartlein less Lothar Walter. Substitution is possible only with the help of special equipment. But if there is, an experienced shooter can handle this job.
  • The bed of polymer with aluminum tyre is to reduce the weight. However, it can be made from laminated wood according to customer’s request.
  • Extra long guide rail Picatinny rail with fastening-ventilation holes allows you to install lots of additional accessories.
  • Models are equipped with a muzzle brake / compensator. If desired, you can set the flash suppressor or soundmonitor.
  • Trigger mechanism is adjustable in the range of 0.6–1.5 kg.
  • The company provides a guarantee of 2 years or 3000 and 5000 rounds depending on the model.
  • Zbroyar Z-008 can be assembled according to individual order: you can select the bolt, barrel, butt, USM, accessories.

Disadvantage is only the cost. The Russian consumer gets a rifle with 25% overhead. When buying a rifle in Ukraine, the cost is significantly lower. However, certification and customs clearance will have to deal with the buyer.

What is the purpose of the new Ukrainian sniper rifle Zbroyar z 008, described below.

Ukrainian sniper rifle Zbroyar Z-008 II



A solid caliber – .308 Win, involves the hunting of large animals. In fact, the rifle produced under different caliber, which, of course, expands the scope of its application.

  • Hunting medium and large animals is the main focus.
  • Shooting for this production model under the “hot cartridges” with a very rigid structure.
  • Carabiner can be used as a civilian weapon for self-defense.

“Zbroyar” offers a few basic options with a slightly different purpose. Each model has its own structural features and is produced under several calibers.

  • Z-008 Hunting – basic hunting rifle, fast, simple version. Designed for drive hunting. Manufactured under the caliber .223 Rem, .308, .300 WSN, .300 WM. The contour of the barrel tapered, threaded threaded 14*1. The arms length is maximally reduced while maintaining accuracy – 1 MOA barrel length – 560 or 610 mm. Shop detachable for 5 rounds. Standard features include an adjustable trigger, Picatinny rail, polymer stock with aluminum bus. As option can be installed DTK, cropped, open sights. Weight of rifle without optics is 2.9 kg.
  • Z-008 Hunting Pro – is considered a major modification of the hunting weapon. Manufactured under the caliber .223 Rem, .223 WSSM, .243, and 6.5*47, .308, .300 WSN, the 6.5*284, .300 Win. Guaranteed by the manufacturer the accuracy of shooting is 0.75 MOA. The trunk is conical, length – 510, 560 and 650 mm. Butt more comfortable: in the group with a short barrel is a Tactical Light for rifles with a large caliber offers Weaterby Style. Shop is detached, capacity – 5 rounds. Comes with an adjustable trigger, Picatinny rail with angular tilt 20 minutes, and DTK German type. Installation of the outdoor sight. The weight of the weapon is 3.3 kg.
  • Z-008 Tactical option for tactical use. Designed for caliber .22-150, .223 Rem, .223 WSSM, .243, and 6.5*47,7 SAUM, 7WSN, .308, .300 WSN, 6,5-284, 6,5*55, .300 Win, .338 LM, .443. Guaranteed accuracy at 100 m is 0.5 MOA. The contour of the cylindrical barrel, length 650, 710, 760 mm Removable magazine for 5 rounds. The composite buttstock, adjustable cheek, and also adjustable rubber butt pad. Comes with Picatinny rail, as in the previous model, USM and three-chamber muzzle compensator.
  • Z-008 Tactical Pro for calibers .22-150, .223 Rem, .223 WSSM, .243, and 6.5*47,7 SAUM, 7WSN, .300 WSN, 6,5-284, 6,5*55, .300 Win, .338 LM, .443. There is a sniper butt with dural bus. The butt is adjustable, can be performed in 2 versions – standard and folding. The carbine is equipped with a pistol grip and sling swivel for mounting a bipod.

The most interesting detail – alloy fore-end for fast barrel cooling. It also provides mounting additional devices – Picatinny rail, front pistol grip, a collimator, a flashlight. The main Picatinny rail mounted on the receiver without tilt.

Barrel length can be 510, 560, 650, 710 mm, muzzle – 0,7–1 inch. Guaranteed accuracy is 0.5 MOA. Model noticeably heavier at 6.5 kg.

  • Z-008 Varmingt – sports-hunting version, produced under the .22-250, .223 Rem, .223 WSSM, .243, and 6.5*47,7 SAUM, 7WSN, .308, .270 WSM, 6,5-284, 6,5*55, .300 Win, .338 LM. The same Z-008 Tactical, but with an ordinary rifle butt which usually comes with adjustable cheek. The barrel is heavy, cylindrical, length – 65-, 710, 750 mm, length of the whole gun – to 1400 mm. Comes with a Picatinny rail, which is placed on the receiver with angular tilt 20 MOA. Muzzle compensator, three-phase. It is possible to mount the bracket and bridge for preobjective nozzles. Product weight is 5.5–6.5 kg.
  • Z-008 Benchrest – sporting version designed for the .22 PPC, 6 PPC, .223 WSSM, 6,5-284, 7 SAUM, .334 LM, .408 CheyTac. In the receiver window of the store Manager, so the receiver is closed above and below. This solution enhances rigidity and allows the use of “hot ammo”. The barrel is usually installed cylindrical, with a length of 710 mm. laminated wooden Bed. Standard features include an adjustable trigger, Picatinny rail with angular tilt 20 MOA. Weight of rifle depends on the barrel and ranges from 6.9 to 8.0 kg.

Individual order picking can significantly change the characteristics of the rifle.


At the end of 2016 the company “Zbroyar” presented two versions, distinguished by outstanding accuracy. Features are similar to tactical rifles, however, there are differences for the better.

Settings Gen III Standard Gen III Precision
Caliber .308 Win .308 Win
Barrel length, mm 510 510
Total length mm 1050 1050
Shooting accuracy MOA 0,3-0,5 0,3
Sighting range, m 800 1000
Shop Detachable 10 rounds
Weight, kg 4 4

The proposed optional equipment stores in 15 and 20 rounds. Alloy handguard ensures rapid cooling of the barrel, even under the heaviest shooting.


No matter how varied the performance of the carbine, the basic design does not change: a longitudinal rolling shutter, manual reload, platform AR-10/AR-15.

  • On all models sets original receiver is developed by the company “Zbroyar”. The main difference – enclosed design, the box closes on top of that provides great vibration resistance and rigidity. Box is done of stainless steel, subjected to a further heat treatment. The receiver is available in different lengths under normal and under the cartridges “Magnum”. All the details of the box are performed with exceptional accuracy – a deviation of not more 0,0003 inch. For the sniper versions of the receiver will be executed from an easy alloy – aviation duralumin brand D16T. This ensures lighter weight and rapid cooling of the barrel.
  • The butterfly valve closes the trunk for 6 lugs – 3 in 2 rows.
  • The barrel is free-floating, contour match. Are made of stainless steel, although it can be used steel grade 4140. Billet shafts for Zbroyar Z-008 produces Shilen, Bartlein less Lothar Walter. The pitch of the rifling twist, the length depends on the model, from 510 to 710 mm. On the barrel causes resistant coating Cerakote: green, black, brown.

The barrel in the receiver installed on the threads. Of greatest interest is the attachment point: a load in a transverse plane lie on a smooth sections of the stem, not on the thread. This design attains greater rigidity, and, in addition, the trunk serves as a more accurate guide. This decision is one of the reasons for good accuracy of the rifle.

  • Removable box magazine may have a different capacity. In most cases this is 5 rounds, but the tactical models can be for 10 rounds. To order the carbine may be furnished with the shop at 15 and 20 rounds.
  • Composite butt stock from Bell&Carlson, Manners, with aluminum bus. On sport models, the butt and the bed is executed from laminated glued wood.
  • Trigger mechanism single stage. Adjustable trigger pull – in 0.6–1.5, and length of slope and the depth of failure after the descent.
  • All models are equipped with a Picatinny rail, for many there is the possibility of attaching additional bars at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Regular mechanical optical or open sights are not provided. Manufacturers recommend to install scopes from Hensoldt, Zeiss, NightForce, Leupold, S&B.

The company “Zbroyar” offers the widest selection of accessories for your weapons and the ability to link carabiner at the request of the customer.

Picking and packing

Complete each model different. In addition, it can be changed in accordance with the parameters of the individual order.

The standard package includes:

  • adjustable USM;
  • Picatinny rail;
  • composite stock sports models wooden;
  • muzzle brake-compensator can be replaced by soundeditor or flash Hider;
  • the key for the shutter;
  • the case for rifles;
  • passport.
The principle of operation

Zbroyar Z-008 rifle with manual reloading. The principle of operation standard.

  • When turning the bolt the barrel is locked by 6 stops, the cartridge is picked up by the extractor and be sent to the chamber.
  • The carbine is equipped with a two position fuse. Its the switch located above the pistol grip on both sides of the rifle. In addition, there is a tactile cocking indicator.
  • Charging cartridges – one. After charging you must change the fuse in position “fire”. Reloading after a shot is made manually by turning the bolt.

Despite the reliable closing the trunk to store and transport the rifle in the charged state is prohibited.


Partial disassembly of the rifle is carried out after each firing. The limit of shots varies in very wide limits – from 100 to 1400. For lubrication use a cleaning material and a cleaning brush.

Disassembly of the weapon is similar to the disassembly of the AR-15 rifle.

  1. Separate the store, inspect it and the chamber and do control the descent.
  2. Push with a screwdriver or with your fingers the rear pin and break the carbine in the front hinge. The rifle is automatically set to position protection.
  3. In the same way push the front pin and split the rifle into 2 parts.
  4. Pull the cocking handle along with the bolt carrier.
  5. Removed the frame with the shutter, and then the cocking handle.

Incomplete disassembly is sufficient to clean and lubricate the rifle. Full carry out only for repair. At home you can disassemble the bolt carrier group and lower receiver. It will need special tools.


The company “Zbroyar” produces many extras to line of rifles Zbroyar Z-008. In addition, the model is compatible with all foreign counterparts, produced on the same platform.

“Zbroyar” offers the following accessories for tuning:

  • butts in different versions: the Tactics, hunting, hunt, short, warming and wood;
  • DTK – German type, three-chamber;
  • soundmonitor own production, flame arrestors;
  • brackets and ring – vent tube bracket, vent tube with the shank and bracket, solid, quick release brackets, and so on;
  • open sighting device;
  • additional stores;
  • more guns with shutter and without.

Reviews and prices on rifles Zbroyar Z-008 300, 308 wm and others are given below.

Owner reviews

Zbroyar Z-008 – a “young” weapon, but well-proven. It is enough to see how quickly sold pre-owned rifles that appear on the forums.

Accuracy, of course, the main advantage of the line. However, allocate, and ease of disassembly, and expanding opportunities for tuning, and a variety of models.


The cost model is determined by its configuration. The price of the underlying Gen III Standard, for example, amounts to UAH 61600, Gen III Precision – UAH 67500 (such as the Mauser M12). By agreement with the Russian representatives the cost of models on the Russian market above 25%.

The choice of ammunition for the carbine is huge.

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