Zbroyar Z-15 rifle

The most common platforms for hunting and sporting weapons no wonder carry platform AR-15 / M-16. There are many modifications, is compatible with almost all range of accessories and sights. The rifle Zbroyar Z-15 is a Ukrainian analogue of the AR-15 rifle.

The review of the model Zbroyar Z-15

Zbroyar Z-15 is a hunting rifle production plant “Zbroyar”.Carbine self-loading rotary shutter, is lightweight and very smooth operation. Despite the appointment of sports shooting or hunting, he is quite the “army” and turn it into an army rifle special efforts will not make.

Produced in line with 2011 on the basis of Rock River Arms Inc. In 2013, production was moved to Kiev. The barrels for the carbine is still made in the USA.

A distinctive feature of all models of the new rifle is lighter weight and much shorter barrel. To achieve weight loss was due to a variety of modifications.

Advantages and disadvantages

Line Zbroyar Z-15 designed for the .223 Rem caliber – most models anyway. The models is quite different, but a common platform and work with foreign counterparts allows to modify the rifle in a very wide range.

Among the obvious advantages Zbroyar Z-15 include the following.

  • The receiver are made of aviation duralumin. Such a material provides both reliability and ease at the same time.
  • Handguard is also made of aluminum alloy. The advantage is not only that this option reduces the weight of the weapon, but the fact that the alloy is quickly cooled, so no problems with overheating of the barrel does not happen.
  • The barrel is free-floating, not in contact with the butt.
  • The forearm is fixed Picatinny rail at 12 o’clock that allows you to secure single and double straps at the 3, 6, 9 hours.
  • The design of the barrel and chamber makes Zbroyar Z-15 brand “omnivorous”.
  • The accuracy in all models does not go beyond 2 minutes of arc when firing from 100 m.
  • The carabiner is fully consistent with the idea of it – has a really short barrel. Since the minimum length of the rifle is governed by the requirements of the Ministry of internal Affairs, muzzle devices – the kit includes many models of DTK, is fixed for all-in-one adhesive.
  • Zbroyar Z-15 different the smooth operation of the automation. This feature is due to the gas system “MidLength”. In addition, automation is adjusted by the use of muzzle devices – flame arrestors, soundmaterial.
  • Developed many modifications of several basic models: the choice is really significant. In addition, a range of accessories and components allowing you to literally gather the required carbine.

Among the shortcomings can only be described not only high accuracy, but usually for practical shooting this is enough.

Photo Zbroyar Z-15 7.62×35



Despite the overtly military design rifle is intended for hunting. In fact not only used for this.

  • Calibre allows to produce small and medium-sized animal – a squirrel, Prairie dog, Fox. The weapon is easy enough, therefore, for running the forest hunting fits perfectly.
  • The idea of shooting sports is fit such quality Zbroyar Z-15 as a quick cooling of the barrel and the use of any ammunition. Moreover, the accuracy of the quality and variation in size of the cartridges is not influenced.
  • Carabiner can be used to resolve tactical situations. As weapons for practical shooting, it has no equal: model is lightweight, accurate and reliable.

There are 6 major versions of the carbine and 1 limited edition. In addition, there are additional modifications, which differ mainly in the butts and package.

  • Z-15 A1 Basic – the basic option for caliber .223 Remington. A barrel length of 16 inches, the pitch of the rifling of 1/9’, perhaps 1/7’. Produced a modification with a shorter barrel at 14.5 inches, it is supplemented by soundmaterial and two-step USM. The trunk is used for alloy 4130 CRMO, bore chrome. USM single-stage, telescopic buttstock 6-position, sighting devices in the configuration are not provided.
  • Z-15 Basic A2 – modified for 7.62*39 mm. the pitch of the rifling, 1/10’, in contrast to the previous model 30-charging, but lock for 10 rounds.
  • Z-15 BASIC 5.45 is the same basic rifle, but the 5.45*39. A barrel length of 16 inches, the pitch of the rifling about 1/8’. Comes with a shop on the 25 rounds.
  • Z-15 A1 Proff – professional edition rifle in caliber .223 Rem. Barrel length may be 16 or 14.5 inches. The pitch of the rifling is 1/9“ or 1:7“. Trunk uses the same steel, but chrome is not only a receiver channel, but the breech and the bolt carrier. On the accuracy of fire is affected very positively. Equipped with two-stage trigger, pistol grip, folding quick release front sight and diopter.
  • Z-15 A2 Proff version under the 7.62*39 mm. design features coincide with previous version.
  • Z-15 IPSC – under carbine .223 Remington, the same as in A1 the length of the barrel and step cuts. Design is similar to Z-15 A1 Proff, but with slightly different options: stock model permanent type Sceleton ACE, AFG front grip. Set pistol grip from Hogue.
  • Z-15 SOCOM – modification under caliber 458SOCOM – subsonic cartridge. Frankly a military modification: a direct hit will incapacitate the man in the vest of any type. Barrel length stainless steel Shilen Match is 14 or 16 inches. The cutting pitch is 1/14“. The bolt and bolt carrier are not chrome plated. Comes with a 10 – or 20-round magazine, that is, can accommodate 3 or 7 cartridges of caliber 458SOCOM. The butt of precision, USM double action.


  • Developed and a special version of the Zbroyar Z-15 is under low-noise cartridge 7,62*35(.300ААС / .300 Blackout). The model comes with soundmaterial. The barrel adopts stainless steel length 266 mm step cutting – 1/8“.
  • Z-15 Zombie Hunter – the 7.62*39. Different extended forearm is 14 inches, and “gills” that makes it easy to hold the rifle even with wet hands. The chamber and barrel bore chrome plated. The receiver runs from a forged blank. Equipped with a sliding buttstock, 10-round magazine, pistol grip with rubber coating.
  • Under the same caliber are available, and modification of ZH1 and ZH2. Distinguished by the presence of “Gill” in the second version and package. Also a spare extractor, completing the first modification is enriched by the sights.

Line Zbroyar Z-15 includes a variety of modifications. For comparison, it makes sense to consider a few basic carbines.

Settings Z-15 Basic A1 Z-15 A1 Proff Z-15 SOCOM Z-15 Zombie Hunter
Caliber .223 Rem .223 Rem 458SOCOM The 7.62*39
Barrel length, mm 407 407 356 370
Total length mm 800-910 904 with extended butt 800-910 940
Accuracy MOA <2
Weight 3,16 3,1 3,5 3,33
Capacity, PCs 10 30/10 10/3, 20/7 10
Sights included no Folding front sight and diopter no no

Characteristics and specifications depending on the models can be changed. Parameters should be specified.


Despite the variety of modifications of the basic structural components have a line in common.

  • The barrel is free-floating – type “free float barrel”. Are made of stainless steel, CRMO-alloy. The channel can be chrome. The pitch of the rifling depends on the model and caliber. Contour – match or lighter.
  • The receiver is made of aircraft aluminum. Is performed by forging, and further treated to increase strength. Antiroma black. Choice of various color.
  • Handguard made of aluminum alloy, which allows the barrel to cool rapidly. The forearm is placed Picatinny rail for 12 hours.
  • Gazblok low-profile, steel, adjustable. This is an original design manufacturer. A possible type of venting system: DI, “carbine” or “mid-length”.
  • The combination of a wide chamber and pooling the entrance allows the use of any ammunition corresponding to the caliber of the model. Zbroyar Z-15 to literally shoot all that fit in the chamber.
  • USM one – or two-stage.
  • In the standard model must include a muzzle device / flash suppressor, soundmonitor, brake-compensator. Automatic carbine is adjusted to work with this kind of device.
  • The kit includes pistol grip different types for different models.

To tighten gasblok, sateska forearm and other operations applied metric.

Picking and packing

Equipment depends on the model and its modifications. The set includes:

  • carrying case with pockets for shops, handle and shoulder strap;
  • gun belt – single point;
  • muzzle device – brake-compensator, flash Hider, soundmonitor;
  • sights – some models;
  • rear sling swivel – some models;
  • store the corresponding receptacle;
  • the passport of the product.
The principle of operation

Zbroyar Z-15 refers to the self-loading semi-automatic carbines. The principle of operation is similar to other such models.

  • When fired, the resulting propellant gases through the hole in the barrel is output to the gas chamber. In the gas chamber gases expand. The force of their pressure is transmitted to the bolt carrier via the gas tube. This energy and also the energy of the spring return mechanism, actuating the recharge system of the rifle.
  • The barrel is closed by turning the bolt 7 lugs.
  • Possible only a single fire, which is caused by the structure of trigger trigger type. After a shot is automatically reloaded.
  • The cartridges are placed in the store corresponding to capacitance. The maximum number of rounds – 10 pieces of ammunition caliber 458SOCOM can be used 20-shot box magazine. After emptying the shop of the sealing frame is fixed in its rear position.

In case if there is nedosypanija cartridge and the shutter, respectively, is not closed, need to vigorously press the button on the rammer until the shutter closes.


Disassembly is carried out for cleaning which is recommended after every shooting. For this carbine discharge:

  • click on the lock of the store and take it off;
  • take out the cartridges from the store;
  • take out the cartridges from the chamber;
  • turn off the fuse in position “fire” and conduct control descent;
  • insert shop.

After the discharge, you can start a partial disassembly of the weapon.

  1. Unscrew the tensioning screws and separate the upper part of the receiver.
  2. Pulling back to the stop position the handle recharge, withdraw the bolt with the bolt out of the box.
  3. Moving the reload handle down, pull it from the receiver.
  4. Module disassemble the bolt: pull the pin of the shutter moves the shutter inside the frame to its rearmost position, turn the thumb bolt 90 degrees and pull it out. Take out the last bolt.

Cleaning and lubrication cleaning use a soft cloth, clean the barrel brush. Assembly is done in reverse order.

The warranty period of the rifle is 24 months or 10 thousand shots. Lifetime – 10 years.


The compatibility of the carabiner with any other analogues of the AR-15 rifle allows you to modify the weapon in wide limits. In addition, LLC “Zbroyar” provides a lot of tools for tuning:

  • brackets of aluminum alloy for optics with different inclination of the axis;
  • soundmonitor own designs with fusible streams;
  • the flame arrestors;
  • muzzle brake-compensators;
  • arm of bilateral actions – in fact, the turn model for right-handers in leverogne;
  • the pistol grip of a different type;
  • retractable stock made of impact resistant plastic;
  • strips different lengths for review.

Reviews and price of the rifle Zbroyar Z-15 (Zbroyar) is given below.


The cost of the rifles Zbroyar Z-15 from manufacturer depends on the model. Today the price is ranging from UAH 35280. to UAH 61600. In this money, by the way, you can purchase, for example, Fausti PROGRESS, Sabatti ADLER, Mossberg 930 WATERFOWL, Beretta 686, Sabatti FALCON, etc. Z-10, by the way, will cost you 41000-61600 UAH.

As ammunition used all kinds of bullets of appropriate diameter. Preference is determined solely by the personal taste of the owner.

  • Despite the “youth” rifle Zbroyar Z-15 has earned many positive reviews. Today it is one of the most comfortable, accurate and light rifles in this sector.
  • “Pantophagy” of weapons has become almost a hallmark. Zbroyar Z-15 is a rare exception to all cases in which the accuracy is determined by the quality of the cartridge.
  • No less praise deserve the dependability of the rifle: when using continuous shooting during the day – 1300 rounds, the barrel had cooling only twice, and cleaning have not used even once. Carabiner with honour has passed test.

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