The appeal of the anglers in Ryazan region.

As a result of preliminary survey at the Ryazan forum, it was decided to prepare an appeal from anglers Ryazan region to the relevant authorities about the lifting of the ban on fishing spinning during the spawning period, from the shore, outside the spawning grounds. I.e. try to make the spinning in the list of permitted gear in the Ryazan region, along with a fishing rod and ground rod. The initiative group prepared the text of the appeal.

Your thoughts, opinions.

The Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation
Director of Department of state regulation in the field of fisheries and aquaculture (fish farming)
The head of the Federal Agency for fishery
The head of the Moscow-Oka territorial administration Rosrybolovstva

The appeal of the anglers of the Ryazan region
“On amendments to fishing Rules for the Volga-Caspian fishery basin”

Amateur fishing in our country is very popular. One of the most exciting types of fishing is spinning. Annual competitions regional, national and international scale. Russian sportsmen-anglers are recognized as leaders on a global level. Spinningovye of fishing (or fishing with spinning tackle) involved people of different generations, all segments of our society.

This type of fishing is devoted to the numerous publications in mass media, publishes specialized magazines, there are many different online forums in social networks on different types of fishing. On popular the Internet-resources among spinnings is an active discussion of fishing technique, as well as questions and suggestions for further improvement of the legislation in terms of the rules of Amateur fishing. Among them we can mention the principle of “Catch and Release or Catch & Release”. In our area, this principle is actively used.

Also anglers (including anglers) in Ryazan region are not indifferent to the prevailing environmental situation in the region, annually collecting trash along the banks of rivers, are actively working with the fishery, inform about the facts of legislation violations (poaching). Often anglers go fishing with their families – wives and children. To inculcate in the younger generation love and respect for nature, care about the world.

With confidence we can say that at the moment spinning is the most popular tackle the spring and fall season in all regions of the Russian Federation and a huge number of anglers and professionals are looking forward to the opening of the spring-summer season.

However, the fishing Rules for the Volga-Caspian fishery basin, approved by order of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia from 18.11.2014 n 453 (further – fishery Rules) in Chapter V, p. 30.30.1 set of forbidden terms (periods) of extraction (catch) of water bioresources in water objects of commercial fishing importance of the Ryazan region from 1 April to 10 June, allowed to tackle in this period – only float or bottom fishing rod. Spinning in this period is not allowed to tackle, i.e. forbidden.

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