Rules of fishery for Azovo-black sea pool

Here are collected the rules of fishing for the black sea and the rules of fishery for Azovo-black sea pool. Key points for recreational fishing:

… 47. Forbidden for extraction (catch) of water biological resources of sturgeon fish species black sea salmon, Shemaiah, bright, Croaker, gurnard, carp, lampreys, oysters, sea crabs, oysters, Russian bystryanka, common sculpin, females of a cancer fresh-water, bearing caviar and larvae.

48. Kinds of forbidden tools and ways of extraction (catch) of water biological resources.

48.1. in Amateur and sport fishing is prohibited:

a) application:

  • networks of all types;
  • traps of all types and designs (Meri, Venter, prope, “Mord”, “stabbing” and others), with the exception of special traps;
  • explosives, toxic and narcotic substances;
  • electric current;
  • passive fishing gear (“zakidushek”, “pastamusik”, “pokes” and others) on the rivers, which are the habitat of trout;
  • firearms and pneumatic weapons (except shotguns and pistols for underwater hunting);
  • fishing rods and spinning gear all systems and items with the total number of hooks (hooks) more than 10 pieces at one citizen;
  • Trassa gear;
  • otzyivyi and objectively of gear and appliances (fantasies, nets, scrapers, bastings, lifts, “TV”, “screens”, “spiders”, “grips”, “Boer”, “shards”, “capes”, “scarves”, “Sakas”, “kotze”, “lionfish”, “German women”, “wismilak” and others), with the exception of lifts (“spiders”) and scoops not more than one item from one citizen, the size (length, width, height) not more than 100 cm, and the size (step) of the mesh not more than 10 mm (including those used with bait) for catching live bait (bait), but the most valuable and valuable species of fish;
  • piercing guns fishing (spears and others);
  • traps;
  • semyonych (krasnoludek) longline;

b) to carry out the extraction (catch) of water biological resources:

  • way of barenia (for sweeps);
  • the method of killing;
  • the method of fishing on the ring;
  • the seines;
  • on the backlight;
  • on the track (trolling) with the use of sails and motor with the use of more than two artificial lures;
  • mugs and Gerlich with the total number of hooks more than 10 pieces on tools lova at one citizen;
  • with the help of the device sesdaq, fences, pins, dams and other barriers, partially or completely overlapping the channel water bodies and hamper the free movement of fish;
  • with special traps more than 5 pieces at one citizen each of the settings allow the special traps (length, width, height, polygon, height, diameter – for conical and cylindrical) must not exceed 80 cm;
  • shrimp lift net more than 70 cm in diameter;
  • mussels and Rapana nets more than 70 cm in diameter;
  • way to “Smyk”;
  • Gill way (when using mihalovic, “combine”);
  • freshwater crayfish with your hands into a Ford or by swimming.

49. The minimum size of extracted (caught) water bioresources (the admissible size).

49.1. in the implementation of recreational and sport fishing is prohibited the extraction (catch) of water bioresources having in a fresh kind length less specified in table 19 (maximum size):

Name of aquatic bioresources Length cm
In the pike Cognisco reservoir, lakes and reservoirs of Stavropol Krai and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic 35
Walleye in other water objects of fishery 38
Som 60
Carp 30
Carp 24
RAM 16
Vimba 22
Zope 24
Carp 45
Bream in the Kuban estuaries and Cognisco reservoir 17
Bream in the Azov sea, Taganrog Bay, in the don river, reservoirs of Krasnodar territory and Republic of Adygea 28
Bream and other freshwater water bodies of fishery 24
Bream in tsimlyanskoye reservoir 27
Trout 15
Barbel 20
The Podust 15
Bersh 25
ASP 35
Carp 50
Chehon 24
Herring 15
Haarder 38
Chub in lakes, reservoirs of Stavropol Krai and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic 22
Chub in other water objects of fishery 28
Lin 17
Pike 30
IDE 26
Bull 10
Cancer freshwater 9
Cancer freshwater in tsimlyanskoye reservoir 10

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