5 Jul 2013 I, along with members of my family were expelled paid lackeys of the high-ranking Berekashvili Coal from the territory of the island (Sestroretsk), what was the reason of my acquaintance with the movement “Against the seizure of lakes”.

These are guys with a strong civil position who are fighting for the availability of the shoreline of water bodies for common use, as guaranteed by existing legislation. When the paper work comes to a standstill, members of the Movement take up construction tools and rolled up their sleeves and produce “folk dismantling” protections. In one such action in Udal’tsovo village (Priozersk district of Leningrad region) took part I do. August 24, in two minutes we had to dismantle two sections of the fence, obstructing the passage along the shoreline of lake sukhodolskoe, after which he was tied guard us police.

“Why destroy the fences, act in the legal field!” – in one voice say to the activists of the movement “Against the seizure of lakes” supervisors. Recently, Roman Larin from Sestroretsk Leningrad region made a March to the offices of officials. About the results, he says in his report on the website of the movement “public beach”.

Of course that in fact identified in the “ecological walks” offenses in sukhodil’s’ke I made the statement in nature protection office of public Prosecutor of Leningrad region. As the months passed. The Prosecutor forwarded my appeal to the Department of Rosprirodnadzor. Soon there came reply. From this it followed that the test was conducted area located… right next to those that I asked you to check.

But to confuse it was impossible! I clearly wrote “please check the areas North of the trout farm”, why decided to check out the very trout farm?! It’s not for you to write me in response: “the audit of the trout farm OOO “Eco” violations of the Water code is not revealed,” because they are really not there! But continuous strip of violations starts from behind the fence, LLC “Ekon”. But the inspector somehow did not notice.

Outraged by the cynical response is without merit, we decided to personally interview the officials who had sent requests. Together with the coordinator of the “Against the capture of lakes” Irina Andrianova, taking a few more calls to other objects, we went to the regional environmental Prosecutor’s office.

On success, the head of Department, Prosecutor Sudakova Tatyana Nikolaevna was on the spot, moreover, agreed to accept us. Personally. Actually, our luck ended. The conversation somehow just has not worked. Sudakova initially took a rigid bureaucratic position, tfootball statement Sukhodolsky, on the grounds that “they (Rosprirodnadzor – R. L.) we are not obeying.” Timid attempts to argue nipped in the Bud. Abusing didactic tone, the owner of the office his whole appearance made it clear that in the Leningrad region and without whom we have to supervise the observance of the law. At the end of the four applications took only two.

“And they went to the burning sun” to the Department of Rosprirodnadzor. By a strange coincidence Department, this is located at the Foundry, 39 – in the same house where lived the Minister of state property, in the same house, whom the poet Nekrasov dedicated to the famous poem “Reflections at a main entrance”:

This is the main entrance.

On solemn days,

Obsessed servile disease

A city with some fright

Approaching the sacred doors.

However, we, the walkers, Nikolai mentions in the third stanza:

But on ordinary days

This magnificent staircase

Precipitate miserable face:

Schemers, job searchers,

And the old man advanced, and the widow.

From him and to him and know that in the morning

All couriers with papers jumping….

Have ridden with us. But offhandedly, durika, under the stately arches, as before – not puschayut. Call the watch phone:

– Could I meet… – name the name of the responsible signatory.

Girl’s voice:

– And you to the reception recorded?

– No… But at least I submit an application…

– Applications are accepted up to three. (And already fourth)

– Girl, we here from the Prosecutor’s office sent.

– Without a record is not taken, make an appointment and come tomorrow.

– I come far…

So we sparred in a tube. One hundred fifty-five years have passed – nothing has changed! In vain.

Irina does not experience! She dials the phone number specified in one of the replies, and a minute later a nice young man leads her between two bison (sculpture) under the legendary column. Leaving the guard a passport, make haste then I do.

Soon with a deep sense of satisfaction we break free: the application submitted, the reasons explained, the ball on the opponent’s side, you can rest.

It is written: “the Tree is known by its fruits, and people in business.” And the fruits of “activities” environmental Prosecutor we see the near almost every pond in Leningrad region. Like mushrooms after the rain new Berekashvili. And now law-abiding citizens, seeing the impunity of property behavior more brazen neighbors, begin to follow their bad example is contagious. The process is like an avalanche: a chain reaction. And if a few years ago the appropriation of land could afford only high-ranking official or real authority, but now every blotter tries to chop off his jackals share the Motherland. Isolated cases turned into a mass rally of fences to the water.

In fact, voryu (if to call things by their proper names) are resisted only by a group of people who in their own free time and their own money to defend state interests. And all activities are numerous and well-paid of the state apparatus, in fact, used to cover illegal acts. This is reflected in the direct inaction, and “zamatyvanie” statements in the bureaucratic cyclotron, and in litigation (activists well-worn on the courts), and in detention during the “people’s dismantling”.

Just think! At the same sukhodil’s’ke, to defend the illegally installed fence presumptuous huckster, a hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg, was assigned a dozen police! That’s not counting the local guards of the law. We are not simply herded from the station, at the station we were waiting for! Ie, carried out some police work (surveillance? a wire? introduction?). Who is doing all this? Not those who are on duty to maintain order and the rule of law? Lot of questions, but I can think of only one word – sabotage. From French Sabotage – willful failure to perform or negligent performance of certain duties, latent opposition to anything.

In October of last year the President signed the law on strengthening of administrative responsibility for unauthorized occupation of the shores of water bodies. Now, for such acts, citizens can be fined in the amount from one to three thousand roubles; on individual businessmen – from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, or their activities may be suspended for a period) to 90 days; on legal entities – from 50 to 100 thousand or suspension of operations up to 90 days; for officials the penalty from 10 to 30 thousand rubles.


According to the Water code of the Russian Federation, the coastline can not be privatized, rented and fenced for the personal needs of the individual or organization. It is clear that for the offender, who paid a few million or tens of millions of rubles for coastal land, a fine of a few thousand is not at all scary. But accountability does not release the guilty from the obligation to eliminate the violation. Here it must connect control authorities, primarily the Prosecutor’s office to secure the release of the shoreline.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of cases nothing like this happens. The proof is entirely built up and covered with fences set around the shores of the cities more or less large bodies of water.

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  1. Abusing didactic tone, the owner of the office his whole appearance made it clear that in the Leningrad region and without whom we have to supervise the observance of the law. At the end of the four applications took only two.

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