Spring hunting 2018: Buryatia decided on terms

Determined the timing of spring hunting in 2018 in the Republic of Buryatia

Recall that the period of the spring hunting season is set annually in the Republic of Buryatia within 10 calendar days based on the climatic conditions.

The timing of the opening of spring hunting for feathery game in 2018 is defined by the decree of the President of the Republic of Buryatia from 09.04.2018 No. 64 “About establishment of terms of hunting for a feathery game in the spring of 2018” and divided into three climatic zones.

In the southern zone (Bichurskiy, Jida, zaigraevsky, Zakamenskiy, Ivolginskiy, Kabanskiy, mukhorshibirskiy, Baikal, Selenga, Tarbagatai, Khorinsk districts) – 27 APR 2018 06 may 2018.

In the Central zone (the Barguzin, bauntovskiy Evenkiyskiy, eravninskiy, Kurumkansky districts) – 01 may 2018 may 10, 2018.

In the Northern zone (Muya, Oka, North-Baikal areas) – 05 may 2018 14 may 2018.

Allowed spring hunting:

  • drakes of ducks from shelter with stool pigeons and (or) stuffed, with a decoy;
  • the geese – from the shelter, including stuffed animals, profiles, with call;
  • on males of a wood-grouse – on a current from the shelter, from the approach;
  • on males of a black grouse – on a current from the shelter;
  • woodcock on the evening traction.

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