Spring hunting 2018: In Transbaikalia, the terms of the season

In Zabaykalsky Krai determined the timing of spring hunting on the southern and Northern territories

The timing of the spring hunting season are defined each year in the TRANS-Baikal region for no more than 5 calendar days in each of the two climatic zones.

The immediate timing of spring hunting on waterfowl and upland game for a total duration of not more than 5 calendar days in the relevant territory established by the Ministry of natural resources of Zabaikalsky Krai from 11.04.2018 No. 7-n/, depending on the climatic conditions in 2018 due to the timing of migration and reproductive cycles of game birds.

The timing of spring hunting for feathery game in 2018
  • On the southern hunting grounds (Aga, Akshinsky, Aleksandrovo-Zavodsky, Baleyskaya, Borzinskiy, gazimuro-zavodskiy, Dul’durginskaya, Zabaykalsky, Kalganskiy, Karymsky, Krasnokamensk, Krasnochikoyskoe, Kyrinskiy, mogoytuysky, Nerchinsk, Nerchinsko-Zavodsky, olovyanninskiy Liski, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, Priargunsky, Candlemas, Uletovsky, Hiloksky, Chernyshevsky, Chita, Shelopuginskogo, Shilkinskaya districts of Zabaikalsky Krai) – in the period from 24 April to 28 April 2018;
  • on the Northern hunting grounds (Kalar, Mogocha, Tungokochenskogo, Tungiro-Olekminsky regions of Zabaykalsky Krai) in the period from may 5 to may 9, 2018.
Attention! Spring hunting in Zabaykalsky Krai is carried out according to the Federal hunting rules and local parameters of spring hunting.

It is prohibited to hunt:

  • swamp-meadow, steppe and field game, a hazel grouse, white and willow grouse males Ogar and the Shelduck, females: ducks, wood grouse, black grouse – in the period of spring hunting;

Allowed spring hunting:

  • on male ducks (drakes) – on water objects from ambush or hiding (ambush, a tent, a blind), including using models (decoy birds) and (or) semolina, with the exception of electronic devices, as well as using swimming facilities for the selection of the extracted game;
  • males of the grouse – on a current from approach, from an ambush or shelter;
  • on males of a black grouse – on a current of ambush or concealment;
  • woodcock on the evening traction.

In the period of spring hunting allowed the use of gun dogs (island and continental pointing dogs, retrievers, spaniels) for searching for wounded game birds (wounded animal) and feed the extracted game.

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