New To The Team & The Family

She brings her attention to detail to the team, ensuring your safari in Namibia will be epic as it will be rewarding.

Introducing Amoré Pienaar, your Client Experience Coordinator!

The beauty of this country lingers and leaves a strong impression on all who visit. This constant proved itself yet again, when Amoré…a successful lawyer and a hard-core city girl began visiting her family farm on the weekends.

3 years ago, she met Schalk Pienaar, and fell in love…not only with him, but also his passion for nature, respect for wildlife and dedication to protecting it all. For a city girl, it was a life changing moment…eyes opening to the deep connection between nature and the world we live.

2 weeks ago, Amoré and Schalk were joined in marriage…leaving the city being and now joining us on the farm as your Client Experience Coordinator.

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