Combined arms and modern hunter

What you need combined arms for the modern hunter? What are its advantage and, most importantly, as it generally useful in modern conditions?

Combo shotgun are usually, threaded and smooth barrels that can be placed in different planes in the vertical – a gun called bokbussen, and horizontal, then this boxplot.

There “kombinasi” with various rifled barrels. If the rifled barrel is a fairly powerful cartridge, the rifle usually make the bottom of the barrel, and horizontally disposed threaded barrels will be left.

The greatest success in the production of a combined arms reached abroad. Merkel, Heym and Sauer became for many a synonym of a tee or combo guns.

All coffee brands combined arms was made previously under the exclusive ammunition with rim because of ease of reloading.

Tell us briefly about your experience of the possession of combined arms. Will start from afar, making a small excursion into history. Not all I remember, and some don’t even know that there was a time when the weapons of the police were not recorded, and was recorded in a shop in ocotbre, where for this purpose a separate page. When buying second-hand the operation conducted in okhotobschestvo with the seal of the organization.

But then none of us was able to think about rifled weapons, it could only have athletes, the highest ranks of power structures Yes regular hunter Gospromkhoz, contract workers, and that these weapons were given to them only for the duration of the fishery.

Most convenient for the manufacturer is considered a combo gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks, and rifled barrel is located below.

Very afraid of our party leaders a man with a gun, unlike comrade Lenin, who claimed that his fear is not necessary. However, so as not to sin against the truth, it should be noted that during the time of Nikita Khrushchev a small caliber rifle you could buy at any hardware store or order by mail.

Unfortunately, after he left the Lafayette is over and still have millions of rifles trying to remove from the population of Russia.

But in the 90s a miracle happened, and the people finally were given the right to purchase a rifle (though after five years of ownership gladkostvol). I was always somewhat embarrassed that an eighteen year old beardless youths quietly entrusted the Kalashnikov and other more serious units, but after the army they were unworthy of this weapon.

Once I read on Hanse the statement of one young hunter: “I Bought a rusty adnetwork for 100 rubles. Why? It will stay for five years, then buy nareznyak, night light and I will hunt.” I personally have nothing criminal in this statement do not see.


Many new arrows (just the arrows) want to have rifles for sporting purposes only. And the increasingly popular disciplines, such as benchrest, varminting, longing (now Surkov has shot 1.5 km), can not develop because of our wonderful laws, not allowing people to buy just a rifle, that POPs up rusty adnetwork.

From the combined double-barreled weapons can be one trigger.

So, as soon as it became aware of the possibility of purchasing the rifle, I ran on Schepkina for a permit and upon receipt thereof fully immersed in the process of buying a rifle.

But it was not so easy. At that time, stores were the only army SKS and Mosin rifles, decommissioned from military depots. Imagine my surprise when the best I have found for accuracy “mosinka” (sighting sheet attached) showed a dispersion of the bullets at 100 meters in 28 see

To SKS nothing was attached, but the examination of the weapon it was evident that the last third of the barrels have been smooth because of the enhanced daily cleaning metal cleaning rod. Paragraph!

I am from his MC-6 trench guns from the bottom of the barrel for 80 meters, put two bullets Poleva in a paper ruble. Why have such a rifle?! I was ready to surrender the permit back.

But helped Saint Trifon: one friend suggested me to purchase a tee. Such a weapon I only saw the pictures – amazing! Tiny Austrian Threesome made in Ferlach, in very good condition for its age condition.

Solder guns: two upper and lower 16х65 8х57JRS (with rim). Trunks superfine, 50 cm long, and the butt is tiny. Apparently, made for ladies or teenager, so the weight of this gun was less than three pounds. Ammo was quite a bit, and I used them very carefully.

The present invention is allowed to shoot almost all types of hoofed animals, and animals usually fell after the first shot.

So, from the smooth trunks shot I have never in five years is not fired (when you have sport MTS-6 with two pairs of trunks), and used them only for the re-wounded by a bullet Poleva (rest in peace Victor Vladimirovich, he was a remarkable man).

Of course, this is the gun I used totally not on purpose, in the circumstances, of course, the rifle would be more convenient.

The following “komunalku” I have bought quite sensibly, when the shops filled with imports. Weapons are bought for long-running hunting in the sparsely populated Northern regions of European part of Russia.

It was new, right out of the store, gun IN CZ BRNO 802 in calibers 12х76/30-06. The caliber was chosen as the most common – as the Americans say, “from mouse to bear.” With the lightest bullet 110 grain (7,13 g) in America shooting mountain grouse, for grouse it will fit definitely. Smooth trunk was planned for grouse.

The trunks themselves on the “kombinace” solder, but the wood and its processing, and the overall impression – both from IZH-27. What can I say – the XXI century! If in the twentieth century, the weapon did gunsmiths (box of pre-war Zavarov still alive), in the XXI – definitely marketers. Top smooth, bottom rifled, two down.

In my opinion, two very inconvenient descent of the invention. In fact, for the sporting guns I switched partly due to the presence of one mechanism. And in “komunalka” there are models where the sequence of shots when one mechanism is governed by the translator.

Two down (two separate independent mechanism) is justified perhaps only when firing from the Union, when there is the possibility of making instant second shot if the first misfire during hunting big and dangerous animal.

Until recently, in pre-war Europe in Pereloma used exclusively rantovoy cartridges. I have purchased CZ was rifle .30-06 (with a groove).

As it turned out later on the hunt, the ejector after firing through again slipped over the sleeve, which led to a complete release of weapons out of action. Here you can either walk with a ramrod, which doesn’t always help, either use the weapon for one shot and then go home. But for rifles for quite a tangible price is right.

So it is appropriate to remember the proverb “the Smart learn from others’ mistakes, and stupid on their own.” I did not realize the world of the European experience and decided to apply newfangled trends in the use of rifle cartridges in the crucial weapons, why he paid in full.

So in this instance, my communication with combined arms at the moment is over.

The next generation, I think, will be either “blazer” in calibers 20/.222, or by established international relationships that can last a very long time, would look MTS with trunks 12/7,62x54r.

By the way, now with his .243 and .338, I remained virtually unarmed, unless, of course, not to consider self equipment cartridges, which almost allowed for personal use. The price of these cartridges now walks from 300 to 600 rubles apiece.

I would like to say a few words about the imperfection of the law, this time a new hunting and do not allow to hunt grouses with rifles. The legs of this legislation, apparently, grow more of those times when the weapons we weight the not owned.

I would like to refer to the Northern hunting experience of leading countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway, where hunting of large grouse birds is allowed only from a rifle after the exam on the shooting at each specific hunting season.

From myself I will add that watching the shooting on the grouse hunters familiar currents of the hut, I noted a large percentage of the wounded that fly away after the shot, and then fell to 0.5– 1.0 km that could be seen only from the edge of the field, having a good overview.

In the twilight of his tent the hunters couldn’t track this fact, and if not for my help, you would lose your trophies. If you shoot from a rifle, the like is completely eliminated: you either hit or missed. After the shot all fly.

About myself I can say that you are a fan of smooth, I deliberately moved away twenty years ago, because every summer on expeditions, I had to hunt for overflights and nesting (only tundras of the Arctic ocean, Khanka lake, Primorye), shooting for waterfowl 200-300 copies per month to collect samples for viruses.

And since I’m a biologist, then throw the waste material I did not allow conscience. Eating all this beauty led to the fact that when a duck or goose I drove to her throat com, and so now I only shoot grouse and only a rifle. Why not a shotgun?

Yes, because at least the spring, although autumn hunting cover allows you to get almost any amount of game, and half is wounded.

The same happens when you hunt from the approach. I now only practice hunting with and shooting at maximum range 250-350 meters that allow if get game, in very small quantities.

More than one capercaillie or black grouse during the spring I will never take. And shooting a shotgun left to stand where they shoot thousands of rounds a year.

So for what purposes you need combined arms? I will quote one statement: “Turn to reload with a broken guns past me at 70 metres runs quiet bull with huge horns.

While poking the cartridges, the bull ran off. Would “blazer R8″ would be a bull.” It is clear that for driven hunting weapons with barrels tipping is not necessary, although, according to my observations, in recent years, the share of owners of these devices has grown considerably. Calibers from .300 to the nines.

Further hunting with the approach of shooting hares, foxes, beaver, deer, pigs, a large chicken with the use of calibre .222, 5,6×50 Mag Rem, 5,6 x 57 R 6 x 70 R 6,5 x 57 R, 7×57 R, and smooth – no more than twenty to facilitate weight in General.

Hunting with the approach is not a route March. Going barely, I sit and listen to smoke, some water to drink. You leave at dawn, come at sunset.

At this rate, a cargo of weapons not bother, it is a surgical shot at extreme distances for the family of grouse covers all the hardships of this difficult hunt. Here it is important not the quantity but the quality.

I think that for the adventure in the woods better than a Combi weapon there. There are a lot of things, but the Kombi is the soul. Poetry if you want. Philosophy is one beautiful shot.

Isn’t that supposed to be Russian hunting? Than, for example, the carbine is a better Combi? A few quick shots? Just a question: do we need that? Especially since in the woods?

In the end, I am inclined to think that the combo gun, which should only be made in Europe (Czech Republic does not belong here), is a cult object, which should be treated as such: do not throw under the feet of a truck to cherish. Prior to this, weapons still need to grow, you need to understand that it is a beloved friend on the shoulder.

Questions like “How often do you use the additional sleek pair of Kombi?” (assuming its existence) I dismiss immediately as a smooth pair in the rucksack is unnecessary weight. As an alternative to just shotgun it is also not clear: if one uses the latter, then choose it according to their requirements.

By the way, all my life (and my example and my buddies) shoot only from a sporting gun – I’ve been with all models of MTS. As for the questions castrelo trunks, it’s purely a national invention.

None of the Germans would not come to shoot from a smooth bullet in the presence of a rifled barrel. This weapon is seen only as kyplot. Smooth he for shot.

About optics, I will say unequivocally: Yes! Rifled barrel without optics – a meaningless acquisition. Sometimes, on the way to the meadow from the forest already see on the opposite edge of the desired trophy. Distance 200-300 meters. Optics allows jewelry to hit the target, not to spoil the trophy (in the case of ROE), not to deprive yourself of the aesthetics of the shot.

It may, of course, is the master of shooting with open sight, but I have not seen such. Maybe somewhere already wrote about it, but the human eye can not see clearly three remote object located on one line. Sharply visible in the rear sight and front sight and blurry target or sharply visible front sight and the target, and blurry rear sight.

And in that and in other case on the sighting of the shooting have nothing to say. The fact that previously, athletes were shot with open sight, I consider it a miracle.

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