Possession of weapons: the government needs to learn to trust his people

You editor the weapon “Russian Hunting newspaper” and the magazine “Hunting and Fishing XXI century”, are actively involved in the “arms of public life” and write a lot about the problems of owners of civilian weapons.

I always wanted to cover the practical side of gun ownership. Moreover, lead is not an abstract discussion of the subject or the conversation about oysters with those who them to try is not able, and to speak specifically about what can buy our citizens. That is, take the weapon, shoot and record your impressions and then drawing conclusions.

Despite the fact that the tests looked sometimes modestly, some of them pretty revealing. The result is a whole direction for those who ain’t interested in the theory and practice of gun ownership, a large part of the content began to flow into the legal aspect of gun ownership as the most acute. And books publish your not planning?

You pretty much write. Over the years You have accumulated a vast amount of material that would be interesting and useful to a particular audience? Material is really a lot, but it needs to substantially revise to make useful and practical book.

– How do You come to arms?

How much myself I remember, always was interested in weapons, and only small. Could spend hours looking at guns in a Museum or in the store, then literally slept with his shotgun. Read the story “Make a quality knife from a saw blade in two and a half hours.” Moreover, the weapons usually come as subsidiary subject or tool, if you are interested in hunting or sport.

And I have always been more interesting the weapon, its Assembly – disassembly. Some of the stories create weapons – real detectives. Later I became interested in the history of the formation of the arms market in Russia, but that’s a topic not even for the article and for the whole book. Almost always manages to shoot himself.

What would You like to change in the field of Russian legislation about guns? How many crimes have been solved with its help? Or is it their existence keeps the hot heads from the illegal use of rifled civilian weapons? First of all, the approach to the concept of “right” to gun ownership became a right inherent from birth.

In technical terms, it’s time to get away from all sorts of permits and licenses, let it be something like a driving licence with the categories: non-lethal weapons, rifled. Passed the exam, got my license for 10 years – go and buy a gun.

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