Twenty is back in the hunt

Probably few people today remember when the shotgun of the 16th caliber was the main weapon of the hunter. In the USSR, this caliber was extremely popular, was produced in huge numbers and read more attractive than the 12th.

On the 12th spoke as ” the gun that scatters a fraction absolutely no sense,” and so the hunter really need is 16-gauge.

Rational explanation for this was not, but the fact remains.

A 20-gauge was the lot of those who can shoot but doesn’t need a lot of grit and large debris for reliable defeat of the game.

To hunt with a shotgun 20 gauge was considered prestigious and rightly so, as it is today to hunt with a shotgun.

Then came the era of 12-gauge, and interestingly, the 16th was almost completely driven out of production, the finished cartridges are only 12-gauge did not leave the choice of hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

Owners of other calibers were forced not only to equip cartridges yourself, but to do the logging for the wads and adapt devices for equipment of cartridges independently.

In the 90-ies, due to the plant “Izhmash”, which launched a series of “Saiga-20” of different modifications, was, in fact, revived the 20-gauge. And not in the standard version, and the “Magnum”.

I think at this moment the fate of the 16-gauge was final solved, and now he – the lot is narrow fans and owners of old, but, I note, very good rifles.

20-gauge variant “Magnum” fully covers the 16th, given that on the 16th of cartridges “Magnum” just yet, and partially overlaps the 12th standard portions, the arms 20 gauge always looks more elegant and attractive.


Unfortunately, almost none of the arms manufacturers, until recently, had not attended to the manufacture of hunting rifles in this wonderful caliber.

No, the gun was produced, but usually it was the adaptation of the models, i.e. the gun with the pad on the 12 gauge barrels and 20 gauge. This option is less attractive than a model developed and made just under 20-gauge.

Concern “Kalashnikov” pleased hunters from the two models. This is the good old Mr-43, the classic horizontale 20-m caliber with a box under it, and Mr-155 in the same caliber.

The latter is extremely interesting, and, I think, more attractive for the modern hunter

Let me remind you that the MP-155 is a semi – automatic rifle, which replaced the well-behaved to the successful MP-153, the new model proved to be very successful.

The designers took into consideration the complaints and suggestions of users and made in the device and the design of the weapon a number of significant changes. First of all, shortened the box, which immediately affected the weight and had a positive impact on appearance.

Model MP-153 was unified under 12-gauge with a length of the liner 70 to 89 mm. the Last option would require a long box that had a profound effect on the size and weight of the weapon.

In the basic Mr-155 from the long box refused; maximum usable cartridge has a length of 76 mm (in any caliber) the box is shorter and easier. Also revised the ergonomics of the gun.

New replacement rubber shock absorber not only absorbs impact, but may be of different lengths, allowing you to change the length of the butt picking that’s right hunter.

There were spacers between the butt and box, with different thickness and shape in order to change the drainage and the angle of attachment of the butt to the box. Only these two options, which were not before, allow to adjust the arms under the features of a particular hand and give the opportunity to shoot in a more comfortable environment.

The controls are noticeably easier large handle reloading, new massive triangular safety button, which is convenient to operate with gloves on.

Came the razor cartridges in the store – a very useful feature, especially if you need to quickly replace a cartridge in the barrel for a cartridge with a different number of shot.

The shape of the forearm is also changed, the shank is thinner, there is a cone with extension to the butt, thereby holding and clamping the arms to shoulder have become more convenient and comfortable.

After shortening the box became smaller and the shutter arms. All of these changes alleviated the weight of the gun in the same trim it to 300-400 g lighter old. The new design was much nobler, and, if I may say so, the gun has become a rapid profile and asks in the right hands.

Described above applies to model MP-155. With the modified 20-gauge all the more interesting. The group did not take the easy way out alterations 12-gauge, 20-th, and has developed essentially new weapons.

Although most parts are interchangeable, box, bolt, magazine and, of course, the trunk is completely original. Due to this, the weapon is so light, compact and, most importantly, balanced.

A gun with a plastic butt weighs only 2.9 kg. Agree that the automatic is a very good result. It was a real weapon for suspension of hunting or for hunting in Peru from under the dog.

It should be noted that the arms 20 gauge because of the peculiarities of the internal ballistics almost always has the sharpness of the battle is higher than a gun 12-gauge. Shooting standard batches, we get comfortable and a full shot shot.

Of course, in this embodiment, the gun more than “strictly” for aiming and mistakes, but after all this and should seek a true hunter – a beautiful and clean shot.

For difficult conditions, there are the cartridges “Magnum”, as I wrote above, features a shot of them close to the common cartridges of the 12th caliber. In my opinion, it is not necessary to abuse the “magnums” as such – in this operation, the resource of weapons is markedly reduced.

So, Mr-155 20 gauge go in the series, which lasted almost four years. Today in stores you can find it, but not all.

I, for example, to hold and to photograph Mr-155, I had to run. And I found it in “the Hunter” on Kalanchevke.

And it was worth it. The most positive impressions. Of course, he has small flaws in the finish, but overall the gun is elegant, easy and convenient.

Probably, it would be ideal for a teenager or woman. Given that this is a gas operated semi-auto adjustable gas engine, recoil should be comfortable.

All controls are conveniently located, work with the gun intuitive. The cartridge 20 gauge looks, in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Elegant cylinder proportions are more like a cartridge than the “barrels” of the 12th caliber.

Am surprised only that still somehow appeared modification with trunks 500 or 550 mm. with modern powders 20-gauge fully can be realized on short stems, and this option would give the weapon more compact and lightweight.

Of course, the future in 20-gauge there. Mr-155 was originally designed for it and not converted from a “big brother”.

It is remarkable that the “Concern “Kalashnikov” drew attention to this caliber, not only on the “Saiga”, which at the time brought him back from oblivion, but on hunting guns. The yizhivtsi can say, second time save twenty from extinction, and now in a hunting theme.

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