Advantages of Lifan Snowmobile Engine

They are often used for domestic-made snowmobiles and for good reason. The manufacturer was able to execute it so that it fits perfectly in many ways.

Usually, all models do not require additional maintenance immediately after purchase, you can immediately install it on equipment.

It is very difficult to choose an engine for a snowmobile; the abundance of this product is simply amazing. Among the many options, the Lifan engine for the Buran snowmobile is considered the most optimal, this is confirmed by both tests and users.

Among the important advantages it is worth highlighting:

  • ease of installation, the whole process will take no more than half an hour, even for an inexperienced person;
  • each product does not come as a separate unit, but with a set of everything necessary;
  • affordable price;
  • the availability of spare parts in domestic stores;
  • minimum possible fuel consumption.
Technical characteristics of the Lifan engine for a snowmobile Buran

The engine is suitable for many snowmobiles that are produced in our country. The Lifanovsky motor will be excellent at Buran, Taigu, Lynx, while you do not need to redo anything at all. Technical characteristics allow you to use the product for different equipment, the main indicators are as follows:

characteristic indicators
engine’s type four stroke gasoline
supply system one carburetor, gravity fuel feed
number of cylinders model dependent
cooling system air-oil, forced
ignition system transistor
carburetor chinese brand

For each model, the remaining characteristics will vary, they need to be considered in more detail.

17 l

The four-stroke model, single-cylinder, is installed on a variety of equipment. The rated power reaches 17 liters per second. The ZA coil allows you to connect equipment up to 40 watts. The engine is simple and reliable, spare parts can be found in many stores if necessary.

22 l

It starts with an electric starter, a four-stroke two-cylinder engine will show its best in almost any type of load. The diameter of the shaft is 25 mm, it is not picky in operation. In the event of a breakdown, it is not a problem to find spare parts; many are on sale.

24 l

This type is the most common on snowmobiles Buran, allows the equipment to work exclusively. Two cylinders will help to overcome any obstacles on the way. Breakdowns are extremely rare, but parts can be replaced without problems.

27 l

An engine of this type is additionally equipped with a knee for exhausts, which is suitable for snowmobiles Lynx, Taiga, Buran. The coil allows you to connect equipment up to 240 watts. Additionally, a Safari variator is built-in, and soldered wiring can withstand the assigned loads without problems.

List of online stores for the purchase of parts

Spare parts for the engine can be bought at many retail outlets, but the original ones are supplied by online stores. In order not to fall into the hands of scammers, you should carefully study the information on the site.

We offer a small list of online stores that will definitely offer original Lifan products. Some of them are official representatives of this brand with us.

Good quality parts offer:

  • Power equipment Lifan;
  • Moto.ru;
  • 15 acres;
  • Tiu.ru.

There are other representatives, but for some reason their products are not in demand among buyers.

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