Apache Track 200cc, ATV and Snowmobile 2in1

Such models began to be released relatively recently, but from the very first day they won the trust of customers. To this day, many people prefer to buy one vehicle for cross-country terrain, which can cope well with potholes and sands, and he is not afraid of snow at all either.

A 2-in-1 snowmobile ATV reviews are generally good, many who have tried this technique recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. But there are also those dissatisfied with such a combination of two types of vehicles.

Many fans of high speeds use different techniques to overcome various obstacles depending on the time of year. To satisfy fans of extreme sports and help them save money, an ATV and two snowmobiles in water were developed and mass-produced.

ATV and Snowmobile 2 in1 Apache Track 200cc

It is to such technological innovations that the Apache gasoline snowmobile ATV belongs. It has good technical characteristics, this allows you to go on it for long distances both over the snow cover and over rough terrain with different soils.

Unlike an all-terrain vehicle, it will easily pass even through loose snow, while caterpillars and skis will not let it get stuck.

Snowmobile Specifications

Since the ATV-snowmobile will differ in the tasks assigned to it, depending on the season, the characteristics of the equipment also differ. But there are general data that remain unchanged no matter what. They can be represented in the form of a table:

characteristic indicators
engine’s type four-stroke, single-cylinder
working volume 199 cc cm.
power 16.4 liters from.
fuel tank volume 5.5 l
drive unit rear chain drive
supply system carburetor
cooling forced, air

All these parameters are unchanged neither in winter nor in summer. There are also children’s options, the snow scooter is safe and easy to manage.

Features and operating rules

The main feature in the operation of the 2-in-1 snowmobile is seasonality. In winter, it should be on tracks and with skis, but in the summer on four wheels.

Conventionally, all the features can be divided precisely by season:

  • In the summer, carrying out movement on four wheels, the vehicle operates as a utility-type ATV. The small car is capable of speeds up to 65 km / h, for equipment with such indicators this is a decent result. Fuel consumption is moderate, for every 100 km you will need 3.8 liters of gasoline. The all-terrain vehicle on rubber has a weight of only 145 kg, this allows you to accelerate quickly without losing control on corners. The suspension perfectly softens bumps on bumps, jumps, helps to overcome other obstacles.
  • For the winter, Apache Track 200 cc “change their shoes”, this has a significant impact on many indicators of the vehicle. Caterpillars and skis immediately add 120 kg of weight to the snowmobile, which will affect the speed of movement and the amount of fuel consumed. On this, the shortcomings for winter end. The snowmobile has excellent cross-country ability, it will not get stuck in a loose snowdrift, it will easily overcome all snow traps.

High rise does not affect its stability. The ATV snowmobile has a fairly low center of gravity, this allows it to always easily get out of various difficult situations, to remain stable even with a strong incline.

A good 2-in-1 Snowmobile variant on gasoline is the Snowquadro Zrobot SQ-1. This model is relatively young, was made public at the end of 2017 and immediately found its supporters.

Where can I order and buy

It will be difficult to find a snowmobile ATV in small cities, and not all large settlements in our country will risk bringing such a vehicle. For such a purchase, you should go to specialized service centers, which are enough in our country.

You can order an ATV-snowmobile in the online store, so you will definitely save time searching for the desired model. Now, many sellers on the World Wide Web will easily accept an order and make targeted delivery to any corner of the globe.

Important! Before placing an order, be sure to read the reviews about the selected online store. You should not trust the very young “suppliers”, because it is often fraudsters who hide behind one-day companies.

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