BURAN AND the Snowmobile

“BURAN” has long been a true friend to thousands and thousands of Russian snowmobilers. Trust him, knowing: in difficult times, the snowmobile will not fail.

Globally the design of the “BURAN” has not changed for 45 years, however, we have adapted a snowmobile to the contemporary technical requirements and needs of consumers. Advantages of the machine are obvious: it is hardy and will last a long time faithfully to its owner.

Short frame and unique “buranovskaya” design concept: “1 ski +2 tracks” – make it snow Rover. Snowmobiling requires no special skills drive and easy to maneuver in forested areas.

Letter “A” denotes a model with a short platform, letter “E” indicates electric start.

Model “BURAN AND” is a classic, at the request of the holders of its design remained unchanged.

Model RMZ-640
Volume, cm3 / Cylinders 635 / 2
Power, HP 34
Type 2-stroke
The cylinder diameter × piston stroke, mm 76х70
Fuel system carb
Carburetor / type Mikuni / float
Cooling air
Exhaust system Silencer with large-volume resonator
Type of issue n. d.
Intake system The muffler-intake
Type intake n. d.
Lubrication system Joint
Maximum speed, km/h At least 60
Transmission CVT transmission forward, reverse, neutral
Brake Mechanical, disc
ELECTRICAL equipment
Starting system Manual / Electric and manual
Ignition Contactless ignition
Electric starter No
Reverse There
Heated grips steering trigger Option
Headlight Halogen, 55/60
Speedometer / odometer There
Oil tank capacity, l
Fuel tank, l 28
Type micro-suspension elliptical spring
During the building of the suspension, mm 50
The absorber of a front suspension
Front shock absorber mover
Type ass. suspension nezavis., suyu-lock.-balancer.
The course ass. suspension, mm 50
Rear shock mover
Track skis (between the centers), mm
Caterpillar, D×W×h, mm 2 (2878х380х17.5)
Seats 2
Snowmobile dimensions, D×W×h, mm 2700±30х910±30х1335±30
The dimensions of the boxes, D×W×h, mm 2420х1060х1130
Dry weight, kg 285
Windscreen There
The passenger seat back There
The trunk No
Tow There
Guarantee, months. 36

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