Comparison of Snowmobiles, Taiga and Lynx

To choose a utilitarian type snowmobile, you must first study the offers on the market, read reviews, consult with more experienced comrades.

The remaining indicators can be completely different, they will not particularly affect the characteristics.

Comparison of snowmobiles Taiga and Lynx we conducted. Advise definitely buying one of them does not make sense, everyone should decide for himself which is more suitable.

The main criteria should be:

  • engine power, it should be more;
  • pay attention to the location of the skis, the track should be 900-1000 mm, and the calculation is carried out between the inner edges of the skis.

It is possible to overcome considerable distances along the snow cover only on one type of equipment, not a single off-road vehicle can overcome such obstacles quickly and without damage. Among domestic vehicles, several brands have proven themselves excellently, but it is still difficult to determine the best. Snowmobiles Taiga or Lynx which is better and we will understand further.

The main differences between the snowmobile Taiga and Lynx

For those who are faced with the choice of which domestic-made snowmobile to choose, it is difficult to advise a particular brand. Each and produced domestic units is good in its own way, each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. For comparison, they can be submitted in the form of a table:

characteristic Lynx Taiga
dynamism worse better
neutral speed no there is
the ability to flip below higher
technical indicators better worse
traction features higher below
frame metal with a hinged hood all-welded

These are the main distinguishing features of the two snowmobiles; in all other respects they are very similar. The only thing is not to confuse any of these models with the Buran snowmobile, this unit is completely different.

Pros and Cons of a Snowmobile

Which snowmobile is better Lynx or Taiga will not be able to say for sure, everything is known in comparison. The best option would be to test both machines under the same conditions.

The criteria put forward during the purchase will play an important role, for each it is a set of its positive and negative qualities. Let us further elaborate on each of the snowmobiles, we will analyze their pros and cons.


These snowmobiles began to be released back in 1997 and for many years under a row it was not allowed in retail for the population. The last few years, everyone can purchase and experience it on their own. You can test both single and double models.

Most of these testers note the following benefits:

  • the presence of rulers of both single and double variants;
  • all models have speeds from 60 to 100 km / h;
  • they overcome deep snow perfectly, while this does not affect the speed indicators;
  • excellent cornering stability;
  • excellent climb uphill with a trailer.

Tuning enthusiasts note a good adaptability.

The unit also has visible disadvantages, among which I would like to note:

  • tangible smell of fuel, with increasing load;
  • lack of power in deep snow;
  • high cost, but this concept is relative.

Pricing policy is diverse, it all depends on a single model and its characteristics. In general, you can buy a new Taiga snowmobile for 300,000 rubles, the maximum cost stops at half a million rubles.


Snowmobiles Lynx saw the buyer back in 1991, the winter SUV was immediately able to win the hearts of fans to ride with the breeze in winter. At that time, the vehicle was rated as a first-class snowmobile of our design, which can easily overcome various difficulties.

Among the advantages we note:

  • affordability;
  • availability of a repair base and relatively inexpensive spare parts;
  • excellent snowmobile performance in shallow snow.

On this, the positive sides of the snowball end, but the minuses will be typed more:

  • ride on loose snow without a shovel will not work;
  • often ignition ignition and transmission;
  • not suitable for long journeys;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • in case of significant frost it is problematic to start the unit.

Nevertheless, many choose this particular snowmobile for their leisure time.

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