EXPEDITION SE 1200 4-TEC Snowmobile

PDU – a popular technique with a wide variety of reviews. In general, the model is evaluated by lovers of winter holidays positively. Ski doo distinguishes from its predecessors by one key feature – the advanced lightweight and durable platform Rev-XU.

The base is designed to make travel more comfortable on any road. Thanks to the platform, the equipment is distinguished by its ideal geometry and low weight. The BRP Ski-Doo is equipped with a multifunctional dashboard with LCD monitor. The driver is available all the important indicators in real time.

EXPEDITION SE 1200 4-TEC – tourist heavy snowmobile brp 1200 with a very misleading appearance. The design of the model is quite conservative, the true characteristics of the product are manifested only when riding on a good snow cover. The model is utilitarian, in addition to idle walking trips it is useful in the household.

  • engine: Rotax 1200 4 TEC;
  • volume, cc cm: 1170.7;
  • number of cylinders: 3;
  • engine type: four-cycle;
  • fuel part: EFI;
  • transmission CVT: eDrive with fast response QRS;
  • reverse: mechanical;
  • brakes: hydraulic;
  • cooling system: liquid.

The model is familiar to users with other BRP products. This power unit is endowed with significant updates. The installation is characterized by high traction functionality, which appeared due to significant torque: with a volume of 1.2 liters, the output is 90 hp.

Inside there are three cylinders in a four-stroke layout. Functionality is excellent especially against the background of outdated variations. Due to the components, the durability of the internal combustion engine has significantly increased. The advantage of the unit in liquid cooling is a part of the EFI fuel system, which is replaced here with inverter injection. She has an updated order to replace the old-fashioned carburetor. Air conditioning perfectly protects all the basics of internal combustion engines from overheating. Thanks to this element, the system does not receive a thermal attack during overloads, although this was previously possible at the maximum speed of the power unit.

Another advantage of the model is the electric starter, which is even in the basic configuration of the product. To exclude emergency situations, a second manual starter is provided.

For the operation of the power unit, a variator with higher and lower gears was installed; the reverse and neutral modes are included in the basic package. The snowmobile is equipped with four gears, which are characterized by a smooth ride thanks to proprietary eDrive technology.

Size and weight
  • The volume of the oil tank is 3.5 l;
  • Caterpillars 58 * 392 * 3.2 cm;
  • Dry weight – 322 kg;
  • Ski base 97.5 or 101.8 cm;
  • Lug height – 3.2 cm;
  • The height of the windshield is 133.0 cm;
  • Width 115.0 cm;
  • Length 119.2 or 324.0 cm;
  • Number of seats – 2

The steering of the snowmobile is attractive, ergonomics are especially well developed. For example, the arrangement of levers and switches is very comfortable. Even in the process of extreme driving, you don’t need to reach them, everything is at hand with the driver.

Steering mechanisms are closely related to the driver’s landing, the details can be changed in four positions, even in the basic configuration.

Professional users can change the position from sedentary to upright and vice versa during the ride.

  • Main CVT – e Drive 2;
  • Secondary variator pulley C, quick response QRS;
  • Reversible mechanical system;
  • Brakes Hydraulics, stainless steel reinforced hoses.

The proprietary design with Montion Control shock absorbers is able to overcome complex obstacles in the form of deep snow, under which solid objects can hide. At the rear of the system are pneumatic springs that give an aerodynamic effect.

A heavy skid snowmobile 1200 gives the best off-road performance, even when compared with peers.

The undercarriage installed here will make the movement comfortable on any surface.

  • Front suspension – RAS 2;
  • Shock absorbers front Motion Control;
  • Suspension travel – 21.0 cm;
  • Rear suspension – SC-5U;
  • Suspension shock absorbers – Montion Control ACS;
  • Suspension travel – 34 cm.
What fuel consumption

The fuel and oil consumption of the BRP 1200 forwarding snowmobile is unimportant except for racers and extreme lovers. The indicator is of interest to ordinary users of technology, especially those who use the snowmobile in everyday affairs. In even in this field, the unit has a difference from a car that moves on asphalt. Information about the expense is relative, therefore, not officially announced by the manufacturers.

Power consumption is associated with the technical condition and environmental characteristics:

  • on rolled snow there will be a small consumption;
  • on a loose base increased.

The highest consumption will be observed in heavy snow.

An important component for the flow rate is the load, with good equipment it will be maximum.

The load regulation is quite wide, you can reduce consumption:

  • timely transmission shifting;
  • exception of overload;
  • smooth acceleration;
  • adjustment of the carburetor system.
User manual

The operation of complex equipment is impossible without studying the instructions. Pay special attention to the rules of maintenance. Failure to follow standard guidelines can result in personal injury or death on the way.

The basic rule: the snowmobile must not move along the streets and roads, even in off-road conditions, the snowmobile driver must obey the general rules on a par with other vehicles.

Preparing the snowmobile for use is as follows:

  • removal of shipping brackets and frame removal;
  • removal of the protective cover from the variator;
  • installation of a rear light;
  • glass installation;
  • installing and securing the backrest on the seat;
  • steering wheel adjustment and locking in a comfortable position;
  • installation of a mudguard.

The check consists in the need to verify the presence of oil in the gearbox, it is also necessary to inspect the external threaded connections, then the fuel tank will be refueled.

The battery of the electric starter must be brought into working condition, wires from the electric harness must be connected to it according to the scheme:

  • Red to terminal +;
  • Black to terminal.

Particular attention should be paid to the fuel mixture. An incorrect gasoline / oil ratio will lead to problems in the powertrain. Also, malfunctions can occur when using non-recommended grades of fuel, many technical indicators of the snowmobile will significantly decrease.

Parts Price

The most optimal cost of spare parts in online stores, the 12M1558 cooling system in the assembly will cost about 800 rubles, camshafts and timing chain

05R1558 will cost about 3,000 rubles, the cylinder 04R1558 assembly on the official website of the supplier can be found for 88,000 rubles.

A feature of the delivery of spare parts from the online store is that the price of the goods is considered weight. For example, from a supplier to a warehouse, the amount will be approximately 900 rubles for each kg of weight. Delivery throughout Russia is possible, but paid separately.

The timing of receipt of goods is quite indicative. Usually they depend on the availability of products in stock, as well as the performance of logistics companies in a particular region.

What is the cost of a complete set

Snowmobile EXPEDITION SE 1200 4-TEC is offered by dealers at a base price of 1,400,000 rubles. Equipment can be freely bought in Moscow and the Moscow region. You can find any model:


Application for equipment can be issued online. The chat manager will contact the user pretty quickly.

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