How to make a snow and swamp vehicle Karakat

In order for the snowmobile to be stable on complex reliefs, it is better to use a tipping (breaking) frame as the basis of the design. It is also called the “fracture.” It consists of 2 parts that can be moved.

The connection node in it is a breaking node. A wheel pair is placed on each half of the frame. This design is able to improve the patency of the snowmobile.

The Karakat snowmobile is equipped with four wheels, with the help of which high cross-country ability in difficult places is achieved. The device can move in deep snow and marshland. A home-made snow and swamp vehicle on low-pressure tires will be the best assistant for trips to hunting and fishing at any time of the year.


The model has a 15hp Lifan engine, with a mounted electronic starter, as well as an ignition switch and a coil. The swivel mechanism is designed based on the fist A / M UAZ.


  • engine power Lifan 15 hp;
  • shaft position: horizontal;
  • starting method: electric, manual;
  • tank capacity 6.5 l;
  • fuel consumption 374 g / kWh;
  • gearbox (gearbox) four-speed from the VAZ;
  • bridges from a VAZ car;
  • hydraulic type brakes;
  • tipping frame on the basis of the UAZ hub or from a profile pipe 50 x 20, 40 x 20 mm;
  • wheels on the disks from the car Trekol;
  • dimensions for length, width and height: 320 * 187 * 145;
  • weight – up to 470 kg;
  • load capacity up to 500 kg;
  • the highest speed is 40 km / h.

The all-wheel drive snow and swamp vehicle Karakat can be used not only for fishing trips, but also for household purposes.

Snow marsh equipment and price of parts

The Karakat snowmobile can be used in extreme conditions. The device has a clutch mechanism that works like a walk-behind tractor by means of a pressure roller from a Gazelle car. Experts assure that the unit is reliable.

Options and prices

Spare parts Price in rubles
15 hp Lifan engine 17000
UAZ hub for the frame 1530
VAZ checkpoint 6500
VAZ bridges 2000 (for pike)
Wheels from URAL and VAZ 14000
TREKOL wheels 1300 × 600 in size 12500 (for pike)

The package includes parts from different cars and manufacturers: the engine from the Chinese developer Lifan, the box and axles from the VAZ, wheels from the URAL and VAZ, the UAZ hub, and the frame.

How to make a Karakat snowmobile yourself: drawings

To build a two-wheeled or four-wheeled snowmobile Karakat, you need drawings. According to the popularity and reviews of the owners, the leader on the 4 × 4 all-wheel drive is the leader – it is more stable and passable. Therefore, it is recommended to do it yourself.

Making an all-terrain vehicle starts with creating an action plan, the full passage of which means achieving the best result.

Recommendations that it is advisable to observe before creating the device:

  1. Availability of free time to regularly perform assembly work on an all-terrain vehicle. If it is impossible to comply with this recommendation, it is better to buy a ready-made version.
  2. Budget planning. With the independent creation of a snow and swamp vehicle, you can save on the purchase of a production model. To eliminate unnecessary costs, you need to make the necessary calculations and purchase suitable elements, parts, leave the amount for unforeseen expenses.
  3. Create a plan. If you have experience in creating snowmobiles or the skill of an engineer, then you can make a drawing of the snowmobile yourself.

If there is no experience, then you will need the help of a specialist or an experienced person who understands the details and drawings of snowmobiles.

Stages of creating a homemade Karakata

If there is a desire in the condition of the house to make a snow and swamp vehicle, then you need to buy suitable tools and accessories.

The full list of necessary parts and tools can be different, and it depends on the selected transport model that you want to make.

When disassembling and assembling such a product, the following steps should be noted:

  1. The choice of a frame from motorcycle equipment, which will become the basis of the future product.
  2. Planning and assembling the rear axle, as well as collecting vehicle suspension.
  3. The choice of wheels and their installation.
  4. Installation of the engine from the Chinese manufacturer Lifan.

Due to the fact that elements of this type are key in the structural part of the swamp, it is recommended to consider the details of their selection and further installation in more detail.


The main structural element of the snow and swamp vehicle is the frame where other components of the transport device will be installed. The choice directly affects the external side of the future Karakat, its operational data. Professional craftsmen recommend using the frames of old Ural motorcycles, because it’s easier to make a 4×4 Karakat snowmobile from them than from a car.

Spare parts are distinguished by affordable prices, increased durability and the best parameters for a snowmobile, which makes them universal. When manufacturing, it is recommended to use a frame drawing.


The choice of wheels of a future vehicle needs to be given special attention, because it affects cross-country ability in deep snow and swamp, as well as ease of driving. For use in conditions of low temperature and deep snow, large wheels from a powerful truck or all-terrain vehicle TRECOL are suitable.

Large chambers with reduced pressure are used, which provides the all-terrain vehicle with an advantage in overcoming various obstacles and climbing a mountain. If you wish, you can make wheels on Karakat – this will improve the appearance of the structure.

For reference: for snow and swamp vehicles, you need to use truck tire chambers, and not just wheels.


Having completed the process of mounting the wheels, proceed with the installation of the power unit, as well as additional mechanisms that are designed for the normal journey of vehicles in difficult terrain.

It is better to give preference to large and powerful vehicles, such as TREKOL, which are equipped with liquid and air cooling. The Lifan engine is considered the best choice, it is cheap and light.

The brakes

Karakat can develop high speed on a flat road, so you need to equip the design with brakes that can stop transport in a short time. This is important because in the absence of a road it is often necessary to avoid big obstacles. Descent from them can increase the speed of movement.

The design of Karakat uses drum brakes, which is associated with their increased efficiency.


During the production process of the undercarriage of the device, experts recommend giving preference to independent types of suspension. This is due to ease of manufacture and good performance.

If the user does not have the opportunity to implement an independent suspension, the use of standard pneumatic wheels is allowed.

The distinctive qualities of the chassis of the all-terrain vehicle

On all-terrain vehicles with low-pressure tires, an independent suspension is made, which gives the cross-country vehicle high cross-country ability, improves the convenience of driving and the ride itself. But then one can not do without the complexity of production.

To create the chassis, pipes, angles, as well as channels made of high-strength alloy steel are used. They will be an excellent foundation that does not break for many years. The frame is made both integral and articulated. The latter has an increased working potential, but the difficulty in creating it makes it rare in “homemade products”.

Thus, the assembly process of the Karakat 4 × 4 apparatus goes through several stages:

  1. Choosing the right type of all-terrain vehicle and the base where the necessary spare parts will be installed. For this purpose, transport frames and a makeshift design are used, which are developed independently or used with other drawings.
  2. Create and assemble a suspension equipped with a rear axle. For this, the best solution is an independent type of design. Although more time will be spent on its manufacture, the result is a snow and swamp vehicle with better quality of cross-country ability and convenience.
  3. Wheel mounting. The process is carried out at the end of the production of the rear axle with suspension. To fix the cameras, you need to use metal hubs. Qualitatively produced or selected reduced pressure wheels give the snowmobile increased safety and good handling.
  4. Motor mounting. Special attention in this process is paid to the quality of the cooling system.
  5. Installation of systems. It includes connecting the brake system, as well as connections for exhaust exhaust, clutch and electronic equipment. At this stage, the hull of the all-terrain vehicle and lighting components are installed.
  6. The stage of trial testing, which shows the functionality of components and systems of the snowmobile.

If there are problems that need to be fixed, then they are eliminated, after which the all-terrain vehicle will be ready for use.

Karakat two-wheeled with a power unit from the Urals

If you have an old chainsaw, then it can be used to create a quality snowmobile. A homemade snow and swamp vehicle was created on a frame from a bicycle with an engine from a chainsaw device. Rear axle with 2 low pressure wheels, front – ski.


  1. Wheel cameras from KAMAZ.
  2. The frame is bicycle.
  3. Skis are plastic.
  4. Gear from a moped.
  5. Chainsaw from the Ural-2.
  6. Chains
  7. Two stars.
  8. Two wheels from a wheelchair designed for disabled people.
  9. Axis with bearings.
  10. 200 liter barrel.
  11. Canvas.

It is necessary to use part of the bicycle frame and the motor from the Ural chainsaw.

Next, do the following:

  • turn on the engine, and reduce the speed with the help of the gearbox from the moped;
  • make the rear axle, install the driven star on it;
  • to create disks cut the old barrel;
  • attach the ski to the steering wheel;
  • Mount the motor with gearbox and chain.

For reference: you need to weld the stars to the gearbox, fasten the chains. Put a chain to the axle and tarpaulin on the wheels to protect the tires.

Where to buy

Now in specialized online stores Uvat offer to buy a ready-made Karakat, equipped with various parts from vehicles. The second option is also available, this is a bulletin board in which you can find used snow and swamp vehicles, as well as new devices to order.

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