How to make a snowmobile yourself

Assembly can cause minor difficulties even for experienced mechanics and lovers to craft on their own. Therefore, it is important to pre-think all the subtleties and pre-prepare for possible difficulties.

Otherwise, difficulties should not arise, but it is better to carry out all work in tandem with an experienced mechanic.

The production of snow-driving equipment has long been put on stream. Now everyone, if possible, can afford to buy an all-terrain vehicle for the winter. The Vepr snowmobile is also in the distribution network, but such a model can be made independently.

To do this, you need to pre-purchase the necessary components and be patient and savvy.

According to experienced masters of this matter, a snag can occur in such cases:

  • When installing a reverse gear and variator with an engine in the engine compartment, it is not always possible to do this compactly.
  • Work on the front suspension arms can also suspend the workflow. This aspect should be calculated in detail beforehand and consult with more experienced craftsmen.
  • The steering column for the Boar of this type also has its own characteristics, it is necessary to make a subframe, since the engine is shifted closer to the driver.
How to make a Vepr snowmobile yourself at home

A homemade snowmobile is only at first glance difficult to manufacture. If you understand it thoroughly, then everyone who has the skills to work with metal will be able to complete everything you need without problems.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of a snowmobile, you must first stock up on everything you need. Every man’s tool should be in stock, we won’t focus on it. And so it is clear that with a pair of pliers and a hammer you can’t make a snowmobile.

List of details

In order not to run several times to the store, you must first write a list of the necessary materials, without which the snowmobile definitely will not. So, all this can be represented in the form of a table:

title quantity
motor 1 PC.
reverse gear 1 PC.
steering tips 2 pcs.
trumpet 8-10 m
skiing 2 pcs.
pendants 3 pcs.
lining material 3-4 sq. m

If you plan to assemble without reverse gear, then a reverse gearbox is not needed at all.

Advice! Craftsmen rarely buy small parts, use what is in the workshop or garage. For many, the Vepr snowmobile project includes bushings from the Zhiguli, and springs from the Urals.

The approximate amount for the construction of the unit

The price of a self-made snowmobile can vary significantly, it all depends on the spare parts you already have.

The equipment made on the basis of motorcycles, chainsaws, walk-behind blocks is significantly lower compared to snowmobiles, for which a motor is bought specially. In many ways, the cost will depend on the quality of the selected materials.

The price of a finished model on the Internet

Masters on the Internet ask for a ready snowmobile “Vepr” from 35 000 rubles. and higher.

The price depends on many factors:

  • engine power;
  • lining quality;
  • the presence of a reverse gear.

In addition, the quality of the remaining parts, including the skin, also affects the price.

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