How to pull up tracks on a snowmobile Buran

The correct stretch of the track on the Snowmobile snowmobile is carried out both at home and in the workshops by specialists in this matter.

An important point in this case will be the measurement of the distance between the inner surface of the upper branch of the caterpillar and the lower surface of the square of the frame at the second bracket for attaching the balancing rollers. This indicator should be in the range of 55-65 mm.

After the tensioning process, centering is necessary. After this, it is necessary to tighten all the nuts to the stop, and then tighten with bolts, just half a turn clockwise is enough.

Perform the procedures of tensioning and centering strictly on both tracks, otherwise there will be no sense from the work done. So that the tension is identical, you need to remember how many and in which direction the key was turned, how tightly the nuts were clamped and the bolts were turned when the first track was pulled. With the second, they do everything exactly.

Adjustment and tension of the track on the snowmobile Snowmobile should be carried out regularly. Before the first trip, it is better to fully inspect the snowmobile, check the operation of all systems at idle, then in the snow, and only then go on a trip over considerable distances.

Any snowmobile periodically needs maintenance. This concept includes a general inspection, checking the track tension, centering, lubrication, as well as tightening the threaded joints. This must be done first of all in order to see the wear of the chassis and all its parts in order to avoid breakdowns. This can be done in the workshop or on your own. The track of the Buran snowmobile caterpillar should be carried out regularly , and the one who does this must understand this perfectly.

Before each trip, it is advisable to check the track tension on the snowmobile, sometimes the safety of the driver and passenger depends on this. In most cases, you need to tighten the track, the main thing is to do it right.

Every time you don’t run into a specialist’s workshop, therefore everyone who has such a technique should be able to carry out this procedure. There is nothing difficult in pulling up, the main thing is to do everything in accordance with the instructions below.

The caterpillar stretch on a snowmobile Buran is carried out in the following order:

  • First of all, it is necessary to raise the unit so that the caterpillar can rotate freely;
  • then check the tension, between the tooth engaging and the corresponding track window there should be a gap of at least 0.5 mm;
  • if the caterpillar is not stretched enough and the figure is much higher, it will be necessary to loosen the nuts of the axles of the balancing shafts of the guide stars;
  • turn the adjustment bolts clockwise with the key until the required tension is reached.

To ease the tension, if the clearance is less than 0.5 mm, it is necessary to reduce the tension, for this the previous procedure is carried out exactly the opposite, that is, the adjustment bolts are rotated counterclockwise.

After that, you can go on a snowmobile without fear for your life and without fear of breakdowns.

How to properly tension and adjust the track on a snowmobile Buran

Before the start of the season, when the snow has already fallen and the snowmobile is expected to leave, it is necessary to check and adjust the track tension. The same procedure is carried out immediately after the purchase of the unit.

Just raising and checking the gaps in this case is not enough, everything should be thoroughly verified here. You can ask for help in a service for snowmobiles, but everyone who has this technique should be able to do it yourself. The whole procedure will take from about an hour to two, as a result, you will be one hundred percent sure of your transport. The process has several steps, each of which we will consider in more detail.

Check spring integrity

The springs of the balancers must be intact, for normal operation of the caterpillar and to maintain the necessary tension, their long ends are located in the middle slots of the combs welded to the frame of the snowmobile.

Using these components, the track tension of the Snowmobile snowmobile is regulated depending on the quality of the snow cover:

snow cover spring location
deep and friable in the rear slots
rammed track in the front slots
Check skid pad wear

Check for wear of this component is carried out by their complete dismantling. Remove the rear suspension immediately, then the pads themselves, they must be pry off with a screwdriver and unscrew the bolts.

The skid shots are placed next to each other and look at the subject of defects, it can be:

  • bent;
  • curvature;
  • barbs.

For severe wear, it is best to replace these parts.

Check the rotation of the rollers, the integrity of their circumference, backlash

The rollers are calibrated in the elevated state of the snowmobile. The vehicle must be started and at low speeds inspect the necessary details. They must rotate simultaneously and synchronously.

Next, the engine must be turned off and manual inspection continued:

  • tactile to find out whether there are barbs based on rollers;
  • determine their integrity;
  • make sure the form is correct.

It’s also worth a little jerking rollers, the play should be minimal, and ideally absent altogether.

Check backlash of levers and suspension brackets; if necessary, eliminate

The backlash on the levers and in the mounting points of the suspension will not allow you to adjust the track normally. That is why before starting the pulling procedure it is worth eliminating all these deficiencies.

Only with a full check of all the above details, and even with the adjustment of the scrap assembly, can we begin to tension the tracks for safe movement.
Influence of a Tightened Track on Snowmobile Behavior

Proper track adjustment on the Buran snowmobile is very important, a short step can lead to serious consequences.

A tight track may cause:

  • heavy stratum of a snowmobile;
  • slow set speed;
  • engine overheating;
  • intensive wear of skeins, if available on the unit.

Together, these issues can lead to serious breakdowns; as a result, you will have to spend heavily on the replacement of components.

What is affected by a weakly stretched track

Weak tension also does not affect the performance of the vehicle very well. Failures will be mainly on the chassis, but they will harm the entire snowmobile.

A loose gosling will result in:

  • slipping stars of the drive shaft under load or during strong acceleration;
  • the caterpillar moves and often does not rotate within treadmills;
  • rubber is rubbed with sklizami;
  • perforation breaks;
  • knitting needles;
  • the wear of the side edges increases, the cord simply climbs;
  • rollers overturn.

The most dangerous thing is that with lateral loading, the caterpillar can simply fly off.

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