ICE DEER ID-170 Snowmobile

The safety of riding an ice deer id 170 snowmobile will depend on many factors, and the main one is the normal behavior of the driver on the road. Before you drive, you need to study in detail the features of operation and master the rules of driving.

Stylish and modern snowmobile ice deer idc-170 is designed for lovers of outdoor activities, winter fishing and hunting. A fairly powerful and economical engine with a variator allows you to smoothly move on the road, spending the optimal amount of fuel. Racks with runners and a large caterpillar protect the device from failures even on loose snow, not to mention the knurled track.

Even if the driver has a long history of operating the car, the talent for good management ID 170 will come with time. Having spent time on mastering the basic principles of operation, you can protect yourself and your equipment from various types of injuries, breakdowns and unexpected events, while maintaining health.

Checking the technical condition

Before the trip, the pilot needs to understand that the car is working. It is important to monitor her condition on the road. Operation of the broken ID 170 is not possible, in addition, if the driver is in the middle of the forest in snowdrifts and a “frozen” vehicle, then it will be too late to be upset about transport that has not been repaired under the regulations.

It is recommended to look under the hood, check at what level is the oil for lubricating the power unit, brake fluid in the tank. You need to find out the state of the engine. Check and classify all incomprehensible smudges: whether they will affect a sharp failure of the engine or transmission. If there is a suspicion of damage, refuse to travel and consult a specialist.

Speed ​​on the track

An increase in speed above the permissible level is dangerous, because the driver will have a little time to respond normally to a rapidly changing situation. It is important to choose the right intensity, taking into account the condition of the track and weather conditions. Dangerous actions during driving can cause injuries to the driver, passenger or other people who are close to ID 170.

Beginners should not be driving without prior preparation. The driver is also responsible for instructing passengers and their safety. It is forbidden to drive ID 170 while drunk. This is dangerous for everyone – in relation to themselves and others.

Driving conditions on ICE DEER IDC for different types of tracks

It is dangerous to move along an unprepared track very quickly. Snow covers all obstacles that may look like bumps. It is important to consider that under deep snow there can be stones, stumps, logs and other obstacles.

Traffic conditions:

  1. On the track there are places without snow with dry grass. Clean the cavities of the engine compartment from grass and other dirt that could ignite the power unit.
  2. It is important to carefully move along the highway, which runs under the high-voltage line, especially in spite of it. There are risks of skiing under the snow of an electrical wire. This leads to dangerous consequences.
  3. Driving along prepared tracks: keep to the right side, do not wig along the track, moving from one edge to another and vice versa. Do not exceed the permissible set speed.
  4. Moving on the ice cover is dangerous: you do not need to try to cross the obstacle on weak ice, which may not withstand the device. Beware of these tracks. Traction on ice is worse than on snow. There is a danger of skidding and turning the device. You should slow down and be careful. It is important to always leave enough space for a safe stop, turn.

The snow cover has the role of lubricating the sliding elements located between the rails and the caterpillar; it removes heat that appears during friction, cooling the rails of the device. With continued ID 170 movement on ice, overheating and early wear of the track rail linings of the tracked device that allows the machine to move can occur.

Deep snow movement

When traveling on deep loose snow, you can turn on the ICE DEER IDC 170 at a speed with the smallest roll angles! It is important to prevent stops with a possible sudden start, the machine may get stuck.

Precautionary measures:

  1. If you get into a snowdrift, it is important to avoid the heavy slipping of the caterpillar – this can even more load the car. It is better to turn off the engine and make a rut 1.5-2 meters long, compacting the snow cover with your feet. Then turn on the engine.
  2. In a standing position, you need to swing the device, moving it around, while slowly pressing on the throttle lever.
  3. Regarding which part of the machine is more heavily lowered into the snow (front or rear), move your feet to the other end of the footboard (to the rear or front).

No need to put improvised, non-snowmobile products under the track!

Dense snow movement

In such a situation, the adhesion of the track and flat metal runners to the supporting surface is low. It is important to prevent sudden turns, intense acceleration and sudden braking.

Bad visibility conditions

With heavy snowfall or fog, visibility can be greatly reduced. It is important to refrain from traveling. But if by chance the driver got into such weather, and he is forced to move in fog or in heavy snow, then you need to reduce the speed to an acceptable value. Watch the road to see an unexpected obstacle in a timely manner. Keep a safe distance from the snowmobile in front.

In clear sunny weather, there is a problem on the road that is associated with blindness of the eyes and increased fatigue. In bright sunlight you may not notice cavities or cobblestones and you may be injured. It is important to be careful on the track and wear glasses.

When traveling at night, it is recommended to drive only along the routes that the driver knows! No need to go at night without a passenger. Before the trip, check how the lighting devices work. The speed of movement at night should provide effective braking in case of interference. The snowmobile should have a flashlight with an alarm.

Proper equipment

Dress warmer during the trip, given that cooling, taking into account traffic and wind, further reduces air temperature. Special protective suits for the driver are able to solve the problem: they have a windproof and water-repellent function, high-quality protective seams and zippers. Clothing should not interfere with the pilot’s movement; warm gloves and shoes should be carried with you.

Regarding the duration of the trip, the snowmobile must be equipped with the minimum acceptable set of tools, spare parts and items that may be needed on the road. It is important to carry a first aid kit. Long trips alone pose a danger, in such cases you need to go with a partner in two cars. Tell relatives about your intended route.

Only by operating the ICE DEER IDC 170 correctly, you can enjoy driving, and by embodying the main rules of safe driving in reality, protect yourself and loved ones from unforeseen injuries.


Considering the technical characteristics of the IDC 170 snowmobile, it should be noted its high load capacity of 200 kg. This means that it will accommodate 2 people. An engine power of 11.3 hp is enough to freely go into the hill, ride on loose snow.

Weight – 166 kg
12-month snowmobile warranty
Four stroke engine
Air cooling
Engine capacity – 175 cubic meters
Maximum power: 7.6 / 10.3 / 7000
Capacity up to two people
Maximum towed weight – 50 kg
4 liter fuel tank
Brand AI 92
Average fuel consumption – 5 liters per 100 km
Ways to start the engine – electric starter / manual start
Type of brake – disc
Transmission – CVT (3 gears)
Maximum speed – 50
Track Width – 380
Maximum Torque – 10.2
Steering angle – 40
Maximum angle of rise – 35
Turning radius – m ≤ 2,5
Dimensions (length / width / height): 2500/950/1150

Unpretentious 10.3 hp LIFAN engine (when compared, Dingo T150 – 9 hp) with forced air and oil cooling also allows you to tow heavy loads. The average fuel consumption is 5 liters per 100 km – this provides an economical trip over long distances.

Technical features of the modification ICE DEER IDC-170 (collapsible)

Distinctive features of the snowmobile is that it can be disassembled into 7 elements, so there is the possibility of transportation in the luggage compartment of the car. For the assembly does not need to exert a lot of effort. Having a certain knack, you can collect ID 170 in fifteen minutes.

The advantage of ICE DEER IDC is the correct weight distribution, which ensures the normal distribution of load on the snow cover, thereby improving cross-country ability. When compared with the analog Dingo T150, it is better.

ICE DEER IDC-170 transmission is set to high-torque mode to move with the highest load without problems for the operation of the power unit and variator. The caterpillar in the device according to the profile and structural part and the design of the “locks” covers the “skiz” of the truck on the side parts. Thus, the caterpillar does not move along the axis.

Other advantages:

  • for high-quality control of machine control, a shock absorber is mounted, which serves as a damper when hitting an obstacle.
  • The rear suspension of the shock-absorption damper type on the slides and rollers with rubber has the function of adjusting the tracks.
  • “older models” have swingarm arms with shock absorbers and springs.

The skis have additionally installed spring shock absorbers (they are not available on the Dingo T150) for high-quality pressing of the ski to the snow cover and smoothing out the blows. Due to this, maneuverability at high speeds, patency in difficult conditions is improved, and the load on the hand of the snowmobile is reduced.

Pros and cons of ICE DEER ID-170

There is a set of necessary devices to ensure driver comfort:

  • handle heating;
  • a connector that allows you to charge the phone;
  • pockets for small items;
  • large trunk.

Curved lines on the body are a kind of reminder of speed and unrestrained.

One glance at the dynamic design of ice deer idc 170 is enough to understand: this machine will give pleasure. A powerful caterpillar and high-quality runners will ensure confident movement on shallow snow and resistance to sharp turns. The built-in additional shock absorber reduces the force of vibration, softens impacts while driving on terrain and hitting various obstacles.

Heated snowmobile handles provide heat to the palms of the driver. An additional function for things and the necessary equipment is a large trunk, where you can put large items. Also, the device has a slot for connecting a mobile device. So, if the phone is discharged, the user will stay in touch by connecting to the connector for charging the device.

How much does this snowmobile model cost

The price depends on several factors: design, type, engine power, additional options. Models with 2-stroke engines will cost less when compared with models that have 4-stroke engines of the same power, but they require a fuel mixture to work, consume more fuel and oil, and smoke and noise from them are stronger.

Average prices for two models:

  • the cheapest ice deer idc snowmobile costs 132 thousand rubles .;
  • the most expensive ice deer id – 150 thousand rubles.

When buying the cheapest ICE DEER IDC, owners often encounter problems. Low price will delight you before your first trip. Slow speed and strong shaking on uneven snowy roads will turn a long trip into a special test for nerves and joints. When choosing a model more expensive, take into account operating conditions: a steep “cross-country” will get stuck in the snow, and entering a turn when driving on an unstable device is life-threatening.

The buyer can purchase a collapsible or non-collapsible Ice Deer 170 device. Two models are equipped with heated handles, a spacious boot, pockets for certificates and valuable details, and a connector for charging smartphones. In a non-collapsible apparatus ID-170, the width of the caterpillar reaches 310 mm, in a collapsible one 380 mm.

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