Ignition adjustment, on a snowmobile Lynx 440

According to the owners, the snowmobile often breaks the ignition unit. To solve the problem, it is required to install a capacitor 4.0 MKF 600V, and to remove the old ones. Damaged coils are disassembled and rewound.

The total number of turns of the pulse winding should be 250, and the supply 4500 (experimentally), wire 0.15 mm. Winding starts from the mass. In case of failure of the ignition parts, replace the elements: TVS1, magdino and the switch with serviceable ones and start.

Ignition of a snowmobile Lynx produces 130 watts at an engine speed of 3000, and 170 watts at an engine speed of 5500 – this is enough to simultaneously connect two headlights, heating, safety to charge the battery. The device is made on a reinforced elemental base, the ignition system includes: magdino and a switch.

Before you start installing a new ignition on a Lynx 440 snowmobile, you should find out that the device supports 440-150801010 flywheels of different variations – “SB” and “U”. Previously, in the production of ignition system kits, the polarity of these parts was standard (the same as on current Rybinsk models). The new 440-150801010 models do not fit other snowmobile models. They have different crankcase mounting positions.

Flywheels “SB” and “U” (manufactured in Ufa) are used with contactless ignition on the “Lynx” model. The flywheel of this snowmobile does not fit the Buranovskiy and Taigov variants.

How to install Moscow ignition on a snowmobile Lynx

The system parts needed for this work are located at the regular points of the snowmobile and the motor. Procedure: install the magdino in the appropriate places so that 2/3 of the grooves are located on the left and 1/3 on the right, if you are guided by the mounting hole (Figure 1). Make sure that the magdino is turned counterclockwise.

The final adjustment of the new ignition is made not by a stroboscope, but on the go: turn the magdino clockwise or counterclockwise by 1 degree so that the angle reaches 24 degrees at high speeds.

Figure 1. Draw layout

Important! Factory setting requires additional adjustment.

How to adjust and adjust the ignition

For high-quality engine operation in hazardous conditions, it is necessary to perform the correct adjustment. Before adjusting the ignition system, it is necessary to take into account the following parameter during the adjustment process – setting the lead angle (UOZ).

To configure the ignition, use these tools if the system is on Buran:

  • stroboscope;
  • screwdriver;
  • spanners;
  • paper sheet;
  • ruler-protractor;
  • circus;
  • metal strip.

According to the instructions, draw a scale and mark the degrees on it, then draw a circle on the paper so that its diameter matches the size of the fixed element of the mounted variator on the device.

The central part of the circle is the middle of the edge of the crankshaft.

  1. Using the protractor, write the degrees – minimum 0 and maximum 30, the marks are counted from the point, which is equal to 12 hours of the dial, clockwise. Transfer the prepared drawing to a strip and fix it on the engine cover. Note that the motor must be cooled beforehand.
  2. Put the left piston of the motor in the “dead” position, but first unscrew the candles.
  3. Install a screwdriver in the well.
  4. Scroll the variator by hand while rotating the shaft (shaft), while watching how the screwdriver moves in the well. She should stand for a moment and immediately continue moving in the opposite direction.
  5. After reaching the dead center, mark the point on the variator so that it is located opposite the value of “0 degrees”, which is marked on the scale of UOZ.
  6. Connect a strobe to remove the signal from the wire. Mount in the spark plug position and turn on the engine.
  7. Point the straboscopic lamp to the scale, start the motor with the electric starter and bring the revolutions to maximum values. When reaching high speeds, the lamp should flash when a spark appears. This means that there is a coincidence with the scale mark on the variator, and the ignition timing can be determined.

To adjust the ignition timing, you must turn off the engine, loosen the magdino screws and turn the base of the latter by the desired amount. Repeat the angle check using the straboscope.

Turning the base clockwise will make the lead angle smaller and increase it against it. An offset of 0.9 mm corresponds to its change by a degree.

What is the SPL on a snowmobile lynx 440 and 500

After the replacement is completed, the base of the magdino needs to be checked, the ignition timing should be established with risks applied to the hull.

Indications of UOZ in the process of using different components:

Base switch Rpm Flywheel (With Czech magnets)
Rybinsk set 400 13
453786.001-01 3000 30,5
453631.006 5500 34,5
Rybinsk set 400 11
001-03 3000 22-23,5
006-01 5500 25
UVA 400 6
4B 3000 18,5-20,5
1B 5500 20-22
Moscow set 400 9 degrees
3000 21.5 degrees
5500 23 degrees

At maximum engine speeds, the ignition timing should be 21-23 degrees. In addition to high revolutions, in addition the SPL can be checked at idle – 14-17 degrees and at start-up revolutions – 8.5-11 degrees. To set the correct parameters, you need to use a universal tachometer. Priority indications: the position of the base of the magdino, which provides the desired angle at high speeds.

How much is it

New models were discontinued in 2009. There are used snowmobiles on the market.

Average cost depending on modification:

  • 440 – a minimum of 70,000 rubles;
  • 500 – a minimum of 90,000 rubles.

To install the ignition system, you will need to spend, on average, 3,500-4,000 rubles along with tools. All elements stand separately: magdino – 1470, switch – 520, voltage regulator – 1200.

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