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Stealth snowmobiles became popular after the first models of Zhukovsky’s VeloMotoZavoda snowmobiles entered the Russian market. Thanks to them, after raising foreign exchange rates, people still have the opportunity to buy not only the domestic Buran snowmobile, but also more prestigious models.

The Stels snowmobile is a full-fledged apparatus created using new technologies, which is equipped with a V-shaped power unit, economical. The machine has established itself as a good utilitarian device.

A few years ago, Velomotors made it pleasant for lovers of snow “pokatushek” by starting the sale of a new snowmobile. What surprised me most of all is the price or characteristics of the device, it’s hard to say, but it is clear that Stels will soon be a worthy competitor to Buran, Shihan, Varyag, Patrul, Atake, Viking, etc. . Many models of the manufacturer Velomotors managed to make a positive impression.

Velomotors continues to upgrade existing models and release new ones, and the manufacturer is becoming even more popular.

The lineup

You can choose from several models from the manufacturer “Stealth”:

  • Wolverine;
  • Viking;
  • Frost;
  • Ermak.

Stealth snowmobiles are the choice of extreme sportsmen who like to ride at high speeds on snowy roads, as well as hunters, fishermen and foresters. Cars are produced in Russia taking into account climatic features. They are reliable, and due to the fact that they belong to the domestic manufacturer, they are cheaper than imported ones. All this makes Stealth brand snowmobiles popular in the market.

Stels S800 Rosomaha

A completely redesigned snowmobile began its existence and achieved success, the company received great recognition, and customers the opportunity to purchase a relatively cheap but high-quality snowmobile.

Using the Stels S800 Wolverine as an example, it is proposed to make sure that the snowmobiles of this company are not only competitive, but they surpassed other manufacturers.

The peculiarity of the Wolverine Stels S800 snowmobile is that it is equipped with a powerful engine – this allows the car to accelerate with confidence in a short time. An economical power unit (for 100 km. The device consumes 12 liters of fuel grade AI-92) quickly starts. According to the manufacturer, the motor was adapted for severe frost.

“Wolverine” is surprisingly stable during tight turns, and is suitable for transporting small trailers, because the traction force for towing other means is sufficient (traction is not higher than 800 kilograms). In general, despite the important advantages, the machine is heavy in loose snow.

Captain S150

This is a fairly cheap snowmobile that steadily rides in dense snow. It is suitable for those who enjoy outdoor activities and need this transport for fishing trips or hunting trips.

The captain is a good way to get to the store without problems in winter. In this case, the snowmobile is compact, there is no need for a separate garage.

Frost 600S

It is not in vain that the snowmobile got such a name – it is suitable for the northern regions, which differ in severe climate. If you want to operate the “Frost” in the warm season, you can use a special cooling system.

The manufacturer sought to make the snowmobile the easiest to use, and it was possible to do it: anyone who can ride a moped at least once can get behind the “Frost” 600S.

The main advantages of this model: good cross, the ability to move confidently over deep snow, as well as a comfortable seat and steering wheel.

Frost 600L

Compared with the previous version, this snowmobile has a good load capacity and power. Built-in tracks make this model more passable. The snowmobile can be used not only as a transport, but also as a means of transporting goods.

In another, Frost 600L is almost no different from 600S: it is suitable for movement in deep snow, and it can be used in frost. Implemented the ability to ride not only sitting, but also standing.

600S Ermak

This is an improved version of the popular Buran model. The maximum speed of the Ermak can be 90 km / h in snow and ice. This is the choice for those who like to travel outside the city, all the time forced to overcome the difficulties of impassability in winter.

600S Ermak is the right choice if you have a long track that you need to overcome in a short time.

600L Ermak

The elongated base has a large carrying capacity. A suspension with a shock absorber provides the opportunity to go around various obstacles in such a way that no one on the snowmobile seat feels any inconvenience. The windshield protects the driver from flying water, snow, and also from branches when it is necessary to overcome different arrays.

With the help of such a snowmobile, cargo can be transported up to half a ton, so the Ermak has great potential.

800L Ermak

It easily overcomes small snowdrifts, icy piles, confidently moves through the expanses of the tundra. Elongated caterpillars distribute the weight of the snowmobile over a large area, whereby pressure drops and cross-country ability increases.


  • Specially modified design does not allow snow to accumulate. Also thought out protection against the penetration of branches, other elements in the chassis.
  • A dashboard with fuel level and temperature control is visible under any light level.
  • There is also an option “Ermak” with a manual starter device. It is suitable for use in any condition – even when it is hard to start. This can be done without a power source. At the same time, the design itself (ski with two tracks) ensures confident overcoming any track.
  • The aluminum frame provides protection against snow, which significantly increases the speed of movement. A fuel tank can hold a lot of gas so that the unit is ready for long journeys.

The machine includes a volume compartment for cargo, which is also good.

Snowmobile Stels S600 Viking

It was created according to the Wolverine type, it has a 2-stroke engine mounted on it, which makes it lighter and cheaper, more reliable in severe frosts. The model has a built-in seat with an adjustable backrest, a trunk that protects cargo from snow – this provides the opportunity to use it as a utilitarian snowmobile.

The model is equipped with an additional passenger seat with an adjustable backrest, a trunk that protects cargo from snow, which allows it to be used as a utilitarian snowmobile, but also a full-fledged “tourist”. Great for traveling hunters.

Description: A two-cylinder engine is built into the S600 Viking snowmobile, its volume is 565 cm³, and there is also a variator transmission. A large 600 mm wide caterpillar weighs a little, therefore, it provides good cross-country ability even in deep soft snow.


  • independent suspension of 150 mm gives smoothness and easy handling;
  • 2 Mikuni carburetors give good acceleration dynamics and high traction characteristics;
  • a convenient platform makes it possible to take objects with a weight of up to 90 kg;
  • The hitch in the standard configuration allows you to tow up to 300 kilograms of cargo.

For reference: the AkTrade company is an official dealer of the Stels brand, which implements the model range at official prices. The company is ready to provide a guarantee for a period of two years and performs maintenance of equipment in a trusted service center.


  • 2-stroke engine, 2-cylinder;
  • working volume x 565;
  • power – 54;
  • bore and stroke, mm 74/66;
  • transmission – variator;
  • fuel system, 2 x Mikuni VM 34;
  • type of lubricant – separate;
  • cooling: air or forced;
  • starting system: electric starter;
  • front suspension, independent, telescopic;
  • length, 3150;
  • width with skis, 1160;
  • height with glass, 1470;
  • caterpillar, 3937/600/22;
  • weight, kg 325;
  • fuel tank capacity, l 45.

The Stealth Viking S600 snowmobile has become as popular as the 800 model, which has received significant improvements.

Snowmobile Stels Viking 800

This snowmobile is a long-awaited novelty from the Stels factory in Zhukovsk. The snowmobile has a special design that sets it apart from other models. It looks bright, powerful, but not as heavy. In addition, the Stealth Viking 800 is an apparatus that has a headlamp in the main configuration. Owners testify that this optics is able to provide a view for half a hundred meters ahead when the dipped beam is turned on, and 130 meters when the far beam is launched.

Car body
  • Length: 3170
  • Width: 1160
  • Height: 1470
  • Class: Utilitarian
  • Manufacturer: Russia
  • Weight: 370 kg
  • Powertrain capacity:  800 (four stroke)
  • Power: 67 hp at 6000 rpm
  • Number of cylinders: 2
  • Power System: Injection
  • Cooling Type: Liquid
  • Maximum speed: 90 km / h
Fuel and consumption
  • Tank:  45 l
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline (higher or equal to AI-92)
  • Average fuel consumption per 100 km: 14 l

Gearbox:  CVT (low, high, reverse, neutral)

Suspension, brakes, track

Front suspension:  telescopic

Rear suspension: independent linkage Brake:  disc

Caterpillar L × W × H: 3937 × 600 × 22 mm

Standard color

Black, yellow, white


The hood of this motor vehicle is smooth. There are no different creases, gutters in which snow can accumulate. The frame is made of reliable steel, and the body is made of high-strength elastic plastic, which does not lose quality even in severe frosts. The windshield with improved aerodynamics enables the driver, without bending, without getting up, to see everything that happens.

The space under the seat is increased, so two power sources are placed in it at once. The new model has improved the function of heating the handles of the steering wheel, the air intake system, and electronic wiring is equipped with connectors that have protection against water.

Basic equipment

The Stealth Viking 800 has a large wardrobe trunk, a trigger and handle heating device, a fuel tank and a large seat that accommodates the driver and passenger.

 The basic package includes:

  • A panel showing mileage, engine temperature, fuel reserve and other qualities.
  • A steering panel with many functions (heating buttons, light control, engine start and gas control trigger).
  • Brake fixing technique. Conveniently located.
  • Back light. The lantern has liquid protection and the device is mounted high, which makes the device more noticeable in bad weather conditions.
  • A high-strength plastic wardrobe trunk is located behind the back of the seat. It closes the housing, is simply dismantled and used as a support platform.
  • Hitch carrying up to half a ton of cargo.
  • Caterpillars.
  • Powerful bumper with a platform for the winch.

For add. the board can be equipped with Stealth Viking systems that provide underbody protection, as well as a winch, a baffle and a bumper improver.
Due to frost, strong winds and snow, some features are required from the snowmobile. The Stealth design provides guarantees for a successful trip, returning home regardless of remoteness.Design features: 2 people fit in a snowmobile; the car speeds up to 80 km / h; maximum trailer weight 500 kg.

The “Stealth Viking 800” is supplied with a track, the width of which is 500 or 600 mm (lug height – 22 mm), for this reason the equipment copes well with riding on deep snow.


The Stealth Viking snow bike contains a 4-stroke V-shaped power unit with high power and fuel efficiency. The original engine functions along with electric injectors controlled by a new on-board computer. The power unit has a cooling system device.

Where to buy and what is the price of stealth modifications

The snowmobile is related to the middle price category, and the price depends on the modification. Two types of Stels Viking snowmobile:

  • Manual starter
  • Ski expanders
  • Windshield
  • Heated handles and trigger gas control
  • LED headlights
  • Place for 2nd passenger
  • CVTech CVT
  • Manual starter
  • Ski expanders
  • Windshield
  • Heated handles and trigger gas control
  • LED headlights
  • Wardrobe trunk at the back
  • Place for 2nd passenger
  • Power socket

The price of the presented modifications differs:

  • The new Viking 800 on the official website of the manufacturer costs about 500,000 rubles .; from resellers – from 490000 rubles; supported – from 450,000 to 465,000 rubles.
  • Viking 800 2.0 CVTech will cost 515,000 rubles, a working model with a mileage of 48-48.5 thousand rubles.

Suitable snowmobile parts are available at any parts store.

Sample item prices for the Stealth Viking 800:

  1. Combined internal combustion engine – 159 thousand.
  2. A set of elements for engine repair – 19.2 thousand
  3. The cylinder head is 15 thousand.
  4. Frame – 52 thousand
  5. Running board – 670
  6. Lower casing – 12 thousand
  7. The grid is 457
  8. Bumper – 2.3 thousand
  9. Wardrobe trunk – 7.3 thousand
  10. Cover – 1.5 thousand
  11. Saddle – 6.3 thousand
  12. Cover for the seat made of leather substitute – 2.3 thousand.
  13. Fuel tank – 5.7 thousand

Attention! Price data is not final and accurate. The specifications indicated on the site may be different. It is recommended to check the cost of goods with the company’s specialists.

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