Lynx 49 RANGER ST Touring 900 ACE snowmobile

49 Ranger is a snowmobile that is ready to meet face-to-face with any terrain. Mountainous, long track and low ratio gear of this snowmobile make it one of a kind is a unique combination of ease of operation and versatility.

This option combines the comfort of travel of the snowmobile with the power and versatility of a lightweight utilitarian. Among the standard characteristics of the model 900 ACE track ski with a width of 975 mm, double seat and multifunction instrument panel.

Electronic throttle iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) that is installed on the models with four stroke engines Rotax ACE allows you to control the snowmobile in three different modes (ECO, Standard and Sport). The trigger can easily be reversed and used both large and index finger.


  • Engine: ROTAX 900 ACE
  • Type: with electronic throttle control iTC

Standard equipment and accessories

  • Handlebar: Steel, variable diameter, with J-shaped tip, a spacer 160 mm and a grip on the steering wheel
  • Tow Bar: Standard
  • Windscreen: 635 mm
  • Rear view mirror: Standard
  • The fuel gauge: Standard
  • Tachometer: Standard
  • Speedometer: Standard
  • Heated grips: Standard
  • Electric starter: Standard
  • Digital InfoCenter: Multifunctional instrument panel


  • Platform: REX2


  • Reverse: Mechanical

Size and weight

  • Oil tank, l: 3,5 dry sump
  • Caterpillar, mm: 406 / 4141
  • Seat: Double
  • Fuel tank, l: 38
  • The base of the ski, mm: 996 +/- 21
  • Type of skis: Blade
  • Grouser height, mm: 39 DSG Flex
  • Height with windshield, mm: 1470
  • Width/length, mm: 1185 (+/-21) / 3455
  • Number of seats: 2


  • Type front suspension: A-LFS, arched lower A-shaped levers
  • Front suspension shocks: HPG 36
  • Type rear suspension: PPS2-4100-DS-A
  • Rear suspension shock absorbers (front/rear): HPG 36 / HPG 36

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