Lynx 69 Ranger 900 ACE Snowmobile

One of the most reliable and affordable utilitarian snowmobiles LYNX 69 Ranger 900 ACE with the new engine, the ROTAX 900 ACE.

Engine ROTAX 900 ACE. Extremely powerful and reliable engine with three modes of operation.


Durable chassis withstands harsh operation conditions without fatigue. Beveled tunnel allows you to use a narrower seat and fuel tank, which provides a natural position for riding, despite the broad gauge.

Practicality and versatility. Low gear ratio two-speed gear make it easier pulling heavy loads and driving on harsh terrain.

Effective cooling system. Cooling system consisting of radiator with electric fan to maintain optimum engine temperature when driving at low speeds.

  • Modular seat 1+1. Alone or as a couple
  • You can define and quickly change the number of seats to your snowmobile without any special tools: double snowmobile with a small cargo hold, or single with a huge cargo space.
  • Front suspension A-LFS+ lighter than its predecessor and provides more precise control.
  • Rear suspension PPS-6900-a Large suspension movement and effective weight transfer, comfort and control in all conditions and tasks.
  • Engine ROTAX 900 ACE
  • The volume of the cube, see 899
  • Number of cylinders 3
  • Type Liquid cooling
  • Standard equipment and accessories
  • The wheel of U-shaped steel wheel with handles; adjustable spacer, driving the handrail
  • Windshield, High (510 mm), solid
  • Rear view mirror optional equipment
  • Heated grips Standard
  • Electric starter Standard
  • Passenger seat/back Modular, allows a passenger (1+1)
  • Brake system Hydraulic brakes with steel reinforced brake hoses, brake master cylinder plastic
  • Oil tank volume, l. 3,7
  • Caterpillar, mm 3968 x 600
  • The base of the ski, 996 mm (+/21)
  • Type of ski Blade XC
  • Grouser height, mm 32
  • Height with windshield, 1430 mm
  • Width/length mm 1180 / 3380
  • Type front suspension A-LFS+, arched lower A-shaped levers
  • Shock absorbers front suspension HPG 36
  • Rear suspension type PPS-6900-A
  • Rear suspension travel, 36 mm HPG

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