Lynx 69 YETI 900 ACE Snowmobile

Harsh Scandinavian winters and changing weather conditions pose ambitious challenges to utilitarian snowmobile.

When work needs to be done, whatever the weather, nor was outside the window, you need the tools of complexity of the task. 69 YETI is a true hero of labor, created to survive where others do not even dare to tread. Four-stroke, 90-HP engine with high torque is lightweight and economical fuel consumption.

This high tech and easy to use source of energy utilitarian snowmobile. The snowmobile has a great battery life speed and three driving modes (Sport, Standard and ECO) allow you to change the character of a snowmobile under different tasks.

  • Engine: ROTAX 900 ACE
  • Type: with electronic throttle control iTC
  • Handlebar: Steel with J-shaped tip, adjustable spacer and grip on the steering wheel
  • Tow Bar: Standard
  • Windshield: one-piece, high (510 mm)
  • Rear view mirror: Standard
  • The fuel gauge: Standard
  • Tachometer: Standard
  • Speedometer: Standard
  • Heated grips: Standard
  • Electric starter: Standard
  • Digital InfoCenter: Analog display
  • Platform: L-XU
  • Reverse: Mechanical (2 forward, N – SX)
  • Oil tank volume, l: 3,5 Dry sump
  • Caterpillar, mm: 600 / 3968
  • Seat: Single
  • Fuel tank, l: 45
  • The base of the ski, mm: 900
  • Type of skis: Blade
  • Grouser height, mm: 32
  • Height with windshield, mm: 1430
  • Width/length mm: 1070 / 3250
  • Type front suspension: LTS
  • Shock absorbers front suspension: MC
  • Rear suspension type: PPS-6900-A
  • Rear suspension shock absorbers (front/rear): HPG 25 / HPG 25

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