Lynx Commander 800R E-TEC Snowmobile

Snowmobile Lynx Commander 800R E-TEC. A two-stroke LYNX COMMANDER will boast a fully customizable and adjustable gas shock absorbers.

Snowmobile Lynx Commander has become one of the most popular models in Europe immediately after in 2009.

It is designed for snowmobilers who require reliability and versatility in a variety of winter conditions.

  • Engine: ROTAX® 800R E-TEC
  • The volume of the cube, see: 799,5
  • Number of cylinders: 2
  • Type: Liquid-cooled, 3-D R. A. V. E.™
  • Handlebar: U-shaped steel steering wheel, adjustable spacer, driving the handrail
  • Windshield: mid-height, one-piece
  • Rear view mirror: Extra equipment
  • Heated grips: Standard
  • Electric starter: Standard
  • Passenger seat/backrest: Modular single
  • Drive pulley variator: 7 TRA
  • The driven pulley of the CVT: QRS SS
  • Oil tank volume, l.: 3,7
  • Caterpillar, mm: 3923 x 500
  • Fuel tank, l: 40
  • The base of the ski, mm: 996 +/- 21
  • Type of skis: Blade
  • Grouser height, mm: 44
  • Height with windshield, mm: 1315
  • Width/length, mm: 1180 (+/-21) / 3230
  • Type front suspension: A-LFS+, arched lower A-shaped levers
  • Shock absorbers front suspension: KYB 36R
  • Rear suspension type: PPS-5900-A
  • Rear suspension shock absorbers (front/rear): KYB 36 / KYB 46

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