Operating principle, elevator lift for snowmobile

The snowmobile lift in most cases has a universal purpose. At the farm, it is necessary not only for winter walks, maintenance of ATVs without such an installation is also impossible.

Raising a snowmobile to the required height for maintenance or pulling it out of a snow drift is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

For each individual case, you will have to come up with different solutions, or you can simply purchase or make a lift for your snowmobile yourself. The design will help to cope with all of the above tasks without problems.

How does such a thing work? Everything is very simple:

  • the brackets with rollers on the sides and rear do not allow the vehicle to move sideways, fixing them in this position, you can be sure that the body of the unit is stationary;
  • Further, manually or with the help of an electric drill, the device can be raised to the required height, this can be done due to the threaded shaft, which is attached to the front cross member and the lower side members.

After that, the snowmobile can be moved to the car trailer or carry out the necessary manipulations.

Convenience and advantages of a design of the elevator

The lift for servicing the snowmobile or for other manipulations is quite simple and convenient to use. Most purchased models allow you to not only lift, but also rotate the snowmobile.

Among the advantages I would like to highlight the following:

  • decent carrying capacity, depending on the model, the unit can lift from 200 to 650 kg;
  • folded compact, it can be placed in the trunk of a car, and stored in a garage, it won’t take up much space;
  • the design has a strong steel profile;
  • lifts can be performed both manually and using an electric drill;
  • most products are equipped with strong polyurethane wheels, which simplifies the transportation of the product to the right place;
  • stability and safety of the structure.

For many, the simplicity of the design may cause the lift to be unreliable, but this is not so. The principle of operation is very simple, but the lift has a lot of small components, due to which they provide simplicity, reliability and ease of use.

Varieties of snowmobile lifts

It should be understood that not all lifts or elevators for a snowmobile have a universal purpose. Many models are specialized, that is, designed for one or two specific operations.

Such a difference is usually registered in the passport of the product, if it is bought in a store. At home, they often independently perform universal ones that are suitable for work in different directions. Next, we dwell on the snowmobile lifts for specialization in more detail.

For service

Equipment of this type often requires maintenance, in order to see a snowmobile from a certain angle, it often needs to be lifted or turned upside down. It is in this that the lift will come to the rescue, the vehicle cannot be turned over at the unit, but raising it to the required height is no problem.

It is these types of lifts that the craftsmen call the servants among themselves, that is, those used to service the equipment.

For caterpillars

The caterpillar lift differs from the others in its smaller size and weight. It’s easy to manage with it, the distinguishing feature will be that this view will only raise the tracks, the vehicle itself will become in a sort of pickled state.

Use this type of lift to fix problems with the tracks and their components.

For loading in a car

In order to load a snowmobile into a car, a slightly different design of the lift will be required, the mobile version on wheels will do best. They are made both independently and in factories or mini-shops. Such models are perfect not only for different types of snowmobiles, but also for ATVs.

Most models of this type of lifts are considered universal, they are used for repair, and for loading, and for seasonal storage. The lift helps to unload the suspension of the snowmobile, as a result they will last much longer.

Each of the above varieties can be bought at the store, or you can think a little and build it yourself.

How to do it yourself

There are many varieties of snowmobile ski lifts in stores and on the Internet, and each of them can vary in price and be suitable for all snowmobiles as well as for a single manufacturer. They cost not very expensive, if you make yourself, it turns out many times cheaper.

To cope with such a task, you need the skills of a welder, drawings for the product can be taken on the Internet or used as an example a regular jack.

To work, you will need very few components, they can be represented in the form of a table:

material quantity cost
profile pipe 8-9 m 1200 rub.
4mm winch mounting plate 1 PC.
winch under weight up to 540 kg 1 PC. 300 rub

The profile pipe should be taken with a wall of at least 2.5 mm. Only such a thickness can withstand such a load.

The plate for attaching the winch can be cut out from the remnants of other homemade products in the workshop or garage, so we do not calculate its cost.

Choosing a winch, be sure to pay attention to the carrying capacity. It is advisable to choose the maximum, but more than 540 kg is not worth taking. You won’t be able to lift large loads, but such an indicator will be quite enough.

In addition, three bolts, nuts and washers are required to secure the winch to the plate.

With a minimum cost of only 1,700 rubles, a little welder skills and ingenuity, we get an excellent universal lift for a snowmobile. It can be used for repair, maintenance and movement of this type of vehicle.

Where to order or purchase

The snowmobile lift can be purchased in many ways, they are widely represented in online stores and in retail. At the same time, prices for this product may be different.

You can buy a lift:

  • in the online store, and usually the seller pays for the delivery in most cases;
  • in a specialized store, they usually pick up;
  • craftsmen who make such products in a garage or workshop on their own.

Pricing policy will be individual everywhere, but the last option is usually the most durable and cheapest.

It’s not difficult to make a caterpillar lift with your own hands, but this is only for those who have skills in working with a welding machine and metal. If you are far from this, then it is better to buy a finished product.

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