Polaris Widetrak LX (2015) Snowmobile

Snowmobile Polaris Widetrak LX is the most popular utilitarian in the series.

Fuji two-stroke engine with two carburetors ensures dependable starts in any frost. Liquid cooling protects the engine from overheating when operating at high speed. Additionally, the simplicity of the device and high maintainability make it possible to repair the engine, even in the field.

This simple and proven design engineers honed to the last detail.

Fuel tank capacity (litres) 41,6

Total height (cm) 129,5

Overall width (cm) 110,5

Total length (cm) 325.1

Base skis (cm) 96,5

Dry weight (kg) 278,1

  • Type disc brakes Hydraulics
  • Type of transmission transmission Shesterenchatoj
  • Variable P-85 / P2
  • Exhaust system Single
  • The fuel supply system 2 carb VM34
  • Ignition system CDI
  • Engine type / Cooling Fuji / Liquid
  • Number of cylinders displacement (cm3) 2 – 488
  • Cylinder bore x piston Stroke (mm) 72 x 60
  • Front shocks Nitrex
  • Front suspension IFS
  • Central shock Gas IFP
  • Travel front suspension of 18.4
  • Rear suspension suspension control. with hinge extension
  • Rear shock Nitrex
  • Rear suspension travel of 22.9
  • Type of ski Gripper
  • Caterpillar (W x D x h in inches) 20 x 156 x 1
  • Power source 12B Accessory
  • Color / Graphics White
  • Electric starter Standard
  • Pointer type fuel Standard
  • Heated grips and throttle Standard
  • Handlebar grips No
  • Power, HP Accessory
  • Mirror Standard
  • Rear rack / tow bar Standard
  • Reverse Mode transmission
  • Frame seats with a Luggage platform Standard
  • The type of seats 2-seater with the trunk, adjustable seat back
  • Security system N/a
  • Speedometer Mechanical
  • Steering wheel Fixed
  • Tachometer Accessory
  • Temperature indicator and oil level Standard
  • Windshield is 56 cm, transparent

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