Reinforced Snowmobile Bumper

To purchase this accessory or not is the business of each owner of his own snowmobile. However, after thinking a bit, it’s still worthwhile to draw the appropriate conclusions in favor of the purchase.

Firstly, it will protect the expensive car from minor and serious damage, and secondly, it will protect the owner from possible injuries.

The terrain on which the snowmobile is moving cannot be called perfectly flat, and it involves all sorts of collisions, for example, with a tree or other obstacle. Especially often this happens to those who love extreme and aggressive riding, not to mention athletes.

Although the snowmobile bodies are made of shockproof plastic and fenced with a factory bumper, this does not always save. Only one way out is to install a professional reinforced bumper on the BRP snowmobile.

What is the BRP snowmobile bumper with increased protection for?

As already mentioned, the original factory bumper from the manufacturer for the BRP snowmobile is insufficiently effective protection of plastic body parts, as well as the engine compartment. Its thin walls are easily deformed. Due to the density of assembly of nodes, a strong impact can easily damage many details, which, of course, cannot but affect the wallet of a user who will have to pay a considerable amount to repair a snowmobile.

In order to avoid such troubles, a reinforced bumper should be installed on the BRP snowmobile. To reinforce the old (factory), there is simply no reason – it is hardly possible to achieve the desired efficiency, that is, reliable protection.

For which snowmobile models is the reinforced bumper suitable

The consumer is always interested in which particular snowmobile models are suitable reinforced bumpers. Brands and models:

  • LYNX 69 YETI 600 ACE (2015).
  • BRP SCANDIC WT (2012-2017).
  • LYNX YETI on XU Platform (2012-2018).
  • BRP SCANDIC SWT (2012-2017).
  • BRP Ski-Doo Tundra 550 WT 550F.
  • LYNX 59 YETI 600 ACE (2015), XU platform.
  • YAMAHA VK540.

Where can I buy a bumper for the BRP snowmobile

Reinforced, high-quality bumper for the BRP snowmobile should be bought in specialized or online stores, where they have a detailed description indicating the material of manufacture. In addition, at any time you can ask the manager a question about this product – there are always contacts for that.

PDU snowmobile bumper, if necessary, must be returned within 14 days according to the law. In addition to this, there is a guarantee on the goods.

It is highly undesirable to purchase this item from the hands or in the markets. So you can get a low-quality accessory, like any spare part purchased in this way.

Homemade revision

Many users in garages or private homes have materials to reinforce this element, as well as a welding machine. It would seem, why pay for what you can do yourself and much cheaper?

The answer is simple: the strength of the bumper should not exceed the reliability of the frame! This circumstance was taken into account by the manufacturer, relying on the knowledge of his design engineers, and the artisanal principle of “you won’t spoil the porridge with butter” is not suitable here, because expensive equipment can very seriously suffer from the crease of the “homemade product”.

Excessive weight reinforced accessory leads to excessive fuel consumption and poor dynamics.

Bumper prices

The average price ranges from eight to 15 thousand rubles. Such, for example, on a bumper on a snowmobile for Skido Professional can be very different from the cost of the same product for the BRP Ski-Doo Lynx or from a bumper on a snowmobile BRP Skandik.

Much more depends on such factors:

  1. The manufacturer
  2. The store
  3. Constructions
  4. Manufacturing material
  5. Accessory Coatings

The reinforced bumper is equipped as follows:

  • the front of
  • Side pipes with protection

However, the kit can be limited only to the front bumper. It also can not affect the price.
If you wish, you can additionally purchase lodges for ice drills and shotguns with fasteners.

Below is a table with prices and equipment for some models of the necessary accessory.

Bumper / Description Weight. kg Pipe diameter mm Coating Equipment Volume of packaging, m2 Price, rub
BRP SKANDIC WT AND SWT LYNX YETI ON PLATFORM XU 12 38 Powder, polymer (black color) Front, side pipes (left and right) 0,3 10.000
BRP SKANDIC WT AND SWT LYNX YETI ON THE PLATFORM XU, enhanced protection 12 38 Powder, polymer (black color) The front part, side pipes (left and right), the ability to attach a gun lodgement and a shovel 0, 3 12.300
BRP SKANDIC WT AND SWT LYNX YETI ON THE PLATFORM XU, enhanced protection 12 38 Powder, polymer (black color) Front part, side pipes (left and right), gun lodgement (1) with fasteners 0,3 15.000
BRP Ski-doo Expedition 4,14 38 Powder, polymer (black color) Possibility to order a tool holder 0,17 8.200
YAMAHA VK540, dual beam 13 Before – 32 (wall 2), side – 25 (wall 1.5) Powder paint (black color) Bumper plus hardware Dimensions, mm 1300 * 600 * 300 11.000
YAMAHA VK540, three-beam 15 Before – 32 (wall 2), side – 25 (wall 1.5) Powder paint (black color) Bumper plus hardware 14.000

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