Russian snowmobile profit center

The profit centers of the company LLC “Motors Vasily Pryadein” were produced in the original design. They have good ergonomics, travel, engine performance.

Everything is done taking into account the requirements of specialists, athletes, fishermen and hunters, according to the manufacturer. The device is suitable not only for work, but also for sports and entertainment. The machine is also used for ordinary cross-country skiing.

The apparatus is equipped with powerful two-stroke engines that have been tested in extreme environmental conditions, sporting events and expeditions.

The device’s cooling system, equipped with a thermal regulator, and a radiator can provide good driving performance in various temperature conditions. Freezing of the track is prevented by the forced cooling system, which performs the inverse function at high temperatures. A feature of this arrangement is the fence of snow flying from moving elements to completely reduce the temperature. The engine radiator operates with a forced air cooling system, and the exhaust system is reliable and quiet.

Advantages of modifications of the snowmobile MVP 500 and 800:

  • open suspension of the caterpillar mechanism, which prevents the emergence of ice;
  • installed seals in the rollers on both sides;
  • you can install the track “Polar” with a high lug 22 mm;
  • a large angle of attack increases the cross-country ability of the snowmobile;
  • softened pendulum suspension;
  • gearbox with 3-row chain;
  • a lever lock is mounted on the gearbox, which excludes the free disconnection of transmission gears;
  • use the steering wheel has become more pleasant due to its expansion;
  • the glass is pushed forward so that the driver does not rest against it while driving.

Additional options: a digital engine temperature indicator with temperature sensors that are included in the exhaust manifold, and heating of two elements – handles and gas trigger.

The new profit center models have a manual starter. Using an aluminum pulley makes engine starting easier. There is an original braking system, the high efficiency of which is given by the installation of three or more discs. On external changes: it should be noted a fairly wide ski, providing stability and controllability of transport at medium and high speeds.

Rubberized silent blocks eliminate vibration. The ride comfort is ensured by an independently mounted tracked suspension.

The MVP Russian snowmobile has advantages that distinguish it from other domestic models. The increased angle of attack of the tracks and the front of the device provides better handling and patency in deep snow. The MVP engine is two-stroke, in-line, with a volume of 525 cm3. There are two modifications: 500 and 800, in the second there is an improved carburetor device, and spare elements are built into the starter and power systems.

The device is not suitable for movement along public streets and the roadway. Driving off-road in winter, and in other places, the driver must follow the SDA, strictly following the rules. It is important that the device is registered with the state technical supervision authorities within a 5-day period from the start of the purchase. Driving a snowmobile is allowed for persons holding a tractor driver license, which confirms the right to drive self-propelled vehicles of type “A”.

Before the trip they put on warm and comfortable clothes, the presence of a helmet, goggles and shields is mandatory, this also applies to passengers. Before traveling, it’s important to make sure that the snowmobile is working properly and to monitor this at the beginning of the road. Transport in a malfunctioning technical condition is a great danger. Perform all maintenance actions, taking into account the rules established by the manufacturer of the profit center.

Attention! It is forbidden to operate a snowmobile on dirt, sand, grass, asphalt, concrete, earth.

Precautionary measures:

  1. Before starting the engine, set the reverse gear shift lever to neutral. You can not turn on the engine with the transmission running to protect the uncontrolled movement of the snowmobile, because the installed variator automatically starts if the speed of the crankshaft of the power unit is slightly higher than the idle speed. It is forbidden to start the engine and further use of vehicles with the hood and guard covers removed for rapidly rotating elements of the power unit and variator. It is forbidden to start the engine with the variator belt removed. Starting without a load is dangerous.
  2. Before driving, check if the path is clear and if there is someone nearby. Any parts and debris that have flown out from under the transport are dangerous for the driver and other people. All actions for maintenance of equipment and repairs are best performed with the engine turned off, except in situations of adjustment of the power system. To protect against burns, do not touch the hot engine and muffler until they cool.
  3. Do not charge the battery on a snowmobile without dismantling it. When the power unit is operating, you must not touch the exposed part of the wire.
  4. Do not use defective tools and fixtures when performing maintenance.
  5. Do not disassemble the snowmobile components, so as not to disturb the normal arrangement of surfaces, to prevent wear of parts. If you independently change and replace high-quality parts with other elements, operational safety is reduced.
  6. It is not allowed to carry out design changes for its use in the summer. Care should be taken when handling fuel.

Attention! When conducting inspections and maintenance, take measures to help prevent fires.

Not allowed:

  • Use open fire and smoke when refueling the tank in the room in which the machine is standing.
  • Pouring fuel into the tank with the power unit running.
  • Warm the engine with flame to improve starting at extremely low temperatures.
  • Use the appliance with the fuel tank neck open.
  • Drain fuel and oil where vehicles are stored. Do not store the machine with the tank filled in the room in which there are sources of heat and fire (heater, electronic dryer, fire). It is important to let the motor cool before putting it in the room. The garage must be equipped with fire fighting equipment.
  • Turn on the engine indoors. Exhaust fumes will be hazardous to health.

Leaded gasoline is toxic and can cause poisoning if it comes into contact with the skin and if inhaled. Therefore, when working with leaded fuel, the following precautions should be observed: refueling the fuel tank, be on the windward side of the vehicle; if fuel spills, wipe up the flooded area with a rag dipped in kerosene. Destroy clogged wipes; do not use gasoline for washing hands; if leaded gasoline gets on your skin, wash it with warm liquid and soap.

Additional information on safety measures during the performance of individual works is available in the sections of the instruction manual.

Safe Travel Rules

The driver, observing safety rules, will enjoy without threatening life and health. Each owner of the device should be concerned with personal safety and passengers.

To do this, consider the rules:

  1. Ride with the passenger. So you can help each other in the event of a breakdown, or an accident.
  2. Move only to clearly marked trails intended only for snow equipment in the designated areas. These devices are not suitable for driving on roads for general purposes. At each site where another vehicle may be located, the driver must follow the SDA (for example, when driving on a rough road).
  3. Avoid waterways, frozen lakes and rivers.
  4. Do not ride during bad weather, watch stormy weather, snowfall, frost and wind warnings before driving. Do not ride in poor visibility (heavy fog, snow, twilight, etc.).
  5. Carefully watch the road to protect yourself from the ingress of cobblestones, trees, fences, ditches and other obstacles.
  6. Do not drive through the snowdrifts: the owner will have control only if the skis are on the surface of the snow cover.

Observe the rules for safe operation. Upon exit, you need to remove the key from the ignition and take it with you.

Preparation for operation

In preparation, you need to do the following work:

  • Completely remove the external preservation grease with a wet cloth.
  • Reinstall the assembly units taken out during the packaging of the vehicle: attach the ski, the variator belt, set the steering wheel to a position suitable for the driver and tighten the nuts, mount the visor on the hood that is protected from wind.
  • Look for the presence of oil in the crankcase of the reverse boxes and the motor shaft and, if necessary, top up to a normal level.
  • On models that are equipped with an electronic start-up system, remove the battery and bring it to normal condition, taking into account the information on the battery usage instructions. Reinstall the power source, connect the appropriate wire lugs to the terminals (to the “+” starter wire, to “-”, the wire that goes to ground).
  • Check the quality of fastening of all external connections.
  • Look for the presence of coolant in the system (the expansion tank type must be 1/2 full), add if necessary.

Now check the sterility of the internal cavity of the fuel tank. If necessary, rinse it with a mixture of fuel and refuel this tank with fuel.


Make a mixture of gasoline and oil, which is recommended by the manufacturer. Do not experiment with other formulations. Using the machine in unsuitable types of fuel can lead to deterioration of technical parameters, engine breakdown.

Prepare the mixture in a separate clean vessel in sequence:

  1. Refill the tank with half the total volume of gasoline and the entire volume of oil, then mix well.
  2. Pour some of the gas and mix well again.
  3. Using a funnel with a filter from the mesh, pour liquid (combustible mixture) from the tank into the fuel tank.

When refueling the tank, it is important to prevent the penetration of water with snow. The fuel must be filtered through a filter, the material of which is suede, if you are not sure that the fuel does not include water condensate. Suede must be cleaned without puncture and tear. Fix it on the funnel with the smooth part up. At the end of the filtration, shake the material and dry.

Attention! Do not overfill the tank; fuel may leak out of an inclined vehicle. It is important to refuel the whole if the unit will be in a warm room.

If the combustible mixture is prepared in advance, then before filling it into the tank, it must be moved. After refueling on the neck of the tank, tighten the cap, making sure that the venting hole is clean.

Snowmobile Driving Instructions

A novice driver should learn how to operate the machine safely by testing the MVP’s snowmobile not in deep snow, but on a flat snowy track, moving at low speed.

It is not recommended to jump on a machine from natural ski jumps. You should always be careful and responsible. Speeding can be dangerous. When driving at high speed there will be no time to properly respond to a changing situation. It is important to choose the speed that in certain circumstances of the movement will ensure safety.

For riding on a familiar highway, the optimal landing for the driver is sitting. With it, you need to take a middle position on the chair, and place your feet on the steps. The hips and lower leg help soften bumps from the uneven track, which are transmitted to the body.

Profit Center Profiles (by model)

The hood combines good design and multifunctionality, well protecting the technical part of the device from water. Together with the factory windshield it shows good aerodynamics. In addition, it should be noted the convenience of opening the hood. A high-power headlamp is installed on the front of the snowmobile, which provides good visibility to the wearer at night.

Profit center specifications table

500 800
Length without ski in mm 2800 2800
Length with ski in mm 3100 3200
Width in mm 950 950
Height across glass in mm 1400 1400
Height to glass in mm 1150 1150
Landing places 2 2
Weight in kg 325 320
Permissible load in kg 300 300
The highest speed in km / h 70 60
Engine displacement 530 cm3 800 cc
Fuel consumption per 100 km 25 l 21-28 l
Top speed 40 h.p. 50 h.p.
Fuel tank capacity 35 l. 35 l.

Snowmobiles are equipped with a track suspension with an independent stabilization system that provides comfort when driving a vehicle.

The temperature of the motor in the operating ranges is supported by a liquid cooling system, which is equipped with fans. As fuel, you need to use gasoline (mixture) of the AI-92 brand and oil. The capacity of the fuel tank is 35 liters.

Inexpensive parts

Spare parts for profit centers can be quickly and simply selected on the manufacturer’s website. They have affordable prices, so most snowmobile lovers will be able to afford the repair and diagnostics of the device.

If there are difficulties in choosing suitable spare parts, you can send a call back –– specialists will call you back and will be able to quickly, efficiently select original spare parts and consumables.

Snowmobile cost

The estimated cost of the new profit center 500 is 165,000 rubles. Second-hand snowmobiles in normal technical condition on the secondary Russian market are available from 90,000 rubles.

The price of the Irbis MVP 800 is at least 180,000 rubles on the official website. A supported model, in good condition, will cost from 100,000 to 105,000 ₽.

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