Single snowmobile Mukhtar

Snowmobile Mukhtar 15 from Irbis will be an excellent equipment option for those who often move along the snow cover into the forest or on the virgin snow. The operation of the unit has been tested by more than one buyer, reviews about it are only positive.

Mukhtar 15 was developed and produced by a well-known company, which is known to many. Irbis in the market of motor vehicles and snowmobiles for more than 15 years, it was founded in the early 2000s by people who still continue to realize the dream of inexpensive and high-quality equipment for moving around the snow cover.

The manufacturer attributes the Mukhtar 15 snowmobile to motorized towing; it is popular because of its compact size, both folded and assembled. In addition, many characteristics are very acceptable for fishermen, hunters and forestry workers, who often have to travel long distances in the winter. The peculiarity of the unit is that, if necessary, the skis can be replaced with wheels and the snowmobile can turn into a small motorcycle.

The Mukhtar 15 snowmobile model can be said to have become the progenitor of the remaining mini-snowmobiles, it serves as the basis for the remaining, more modern units of this type. Irbis is famous for its “children” around the world, their products are widely represented in all countries of the northern region, including in the Russian Federation.


From the first trips the device was able to prove itself as well as possible.

Many people appreciate this type of technology, the advantages are:

  • compactness;
  • reliability;
  • high cross;
  • mobility;
  • maintainability of a high level.

This model from Irbis is a universal SUV, perfectly accustomed to the climate with severe winters. Mukhtar is also popular because rights are not required to manage it.

Key technical indicators:

characteristic indicators
engine gasoline, 15 l. from.
working volume 420 cc see zongshen
maximum speed 50 km / h
Transmission CVT with reverse gear
track width 500 mm
product weight 125 kg
maximum possible transport weight 300 kg

The so-called star is used in the chassis of the motorized towing vehicle, its self-cleaning function from dirt, snow and ice allows the vehicle to work perfectly.
Zavadskaya snowmobile equipment includes LED headlights installed in pairs. The optics are installed and tuned perfectly, this makes it possible to illuminate the road at any time of the day perfectly.

Engine features

The legendary Mukhtar initially agreed to equip a 4-stroke engine, which is capable of delivering up to 15 liters. from. The motor is powerful enough, this is the option most often put on mini-snowmobiles by many manufacturers.

Features of the motor system are:

  • the presence of manual pumping of fuel;
  • the presence of a manual starter.

These two components are very necessary when the snowmobile is operating in difficult conditions, in severe frost it is often with the help of a manual starter that the car is started.
Mukhtar 15 has the Lifan propulsion system, which is tightly “friendly” with the variable Safari system. This tandem will ensure excellent operation of the entire unit in all weather conditions, even in severe frosts.

What to do to not burrow in the snow

It should be understood that the Mukhtar mini-snowmobile 15 is designed to carry one person, that is, the driver himself. To transport luggage or another person, it is necessary to attach sled drags.

The main reason that the snowmobile is buried in the snow is the overload of the unit, that is, the vehicle cannot normally transport as much. You can eliminate the cause in one way, unload the snowmobile. Part of the cargo can be transferred to the trailer at the back, but if not only the driver is on the snowmobile, then the passenger is also moved to the sled.

The potential of Mukhtar 15 is decent, but overload will not allow the engine to work at full. Therefore, a malfunction may occur. It is not problematic to find a spare part for such a technique, but it is better to save your iron friend.

How much is a snowmobile Mukhtar 15 l with

The price bites a little, but it’s worth understanding that a quality thing all the more so of this type cannot be cheap.

A new mini-snowmobile can be bought from an authorized representative or in an online store for 100,000 rubles. Second-hand ones sell a little cheaper, but less than 75,000 we did not meet the price.

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