Skido Tundra 2, light single-cylinder snowmobile

The snowmobile engine works without problems at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. Due to the fact that the model is quite light, it can be pushed out in cases of landing in deep and loose snow.

Overcoming long distances in the snow is best done on adapted vehicles. One of them is the Skido Tundra 2 snowmobile, which combines excellent cross-country performance and superior maneuverability. It is these two features that distinguish this TS from analogues, which are now very many.

Snowmobile operation requirements Skido Tundra 2

The testing process showed that the vast majority of malfunctions arise due to improper operation, often problems arise due to improper selection of spare parts.

To ensure reliable operation of the ski doo tundra, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations of the manufacturer:

  1. Strictly control the oil level in the fuel mixture of the vehicle and do it constantly.
  2. The handling of the snowmobile must be careful. In no case should water be allowed to enter the oil block, which subsequently settles at the bottom of the tank. At low air temperatures, the liquid freezes, thus blocking the oil pipe.
  3. Periodically check the seals for elasticity, which is reduced due to improper conservation of the vehicle. The first sign of such a problem will be overheating of the engine.
  4. In order to avoid burnout of the engine piston, it is recommended to use only original candles.

Additionally, the manufacturer recommends monitoring the condition of the tracks, in case of noticeable signs of wear, these parts must be replaced.


Snowmobile Skido Tundra 2 is considered tourist and winter and has good characteristics.

The design is quite modern, the manufacturer has provided for the presence of several protective devices, such as:

  • bumper from hemp bumps;
  • windshield from snow and wind entering the driver’s face.

At the rear of the unit is the luggage compartment. To increase the convenience of use, a backrest can be installed on it, it is intended primarily for travel over long distances in order to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system of passengers.

The main characteristics can be represented by the table:

specifications indicators
engine volume 269 ​​cc
power 22 l from.
tact 2
number of cylinders 1
weight 219 kg

The above technical characteristics provide him with good mobility, maneuverability and excellent operational capabilities.

Features in setting up a Mikuni carburetor on a Tundra 2 Snowmobile

A distinctive feature of the Tundra 2 Snowmobile is that the adjustment of its carburetor can be carried out not only in the workshop, this process can be carried out, including at home.

The process of setting up a Mikuni carburetor on a Tundra 2 snowmobile does not take a long period of time, the results will become noticeable when passing very long distances in the snow.

Setting up the Mikuni carburetor for tundra occurs according to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to completely disassemble the device by unscrewing all the bolts.
  2. Check the level, which should not be less than 18 centimeters.
  3. Subsequently, it is necessary to tighten the mixture quality screw to the stop, then roll back to 2 full turns.
  4. At the end, you need to tidy up the needle. Additionally, place the snap ring directly in the middle.

Other carburetor parts should be flushed accordingly or purged depending on their design.

Other types of snowmobiles BRP Tundra

Snowmobiles BRP Tundra manufactured by the Canadian company Bombardier. The first vehicle under this brand was released in the middle of the twentieth century. Currently, the models of this company are considered one of the best in the world.

Currently, several different series of BRP Tundra snowmobiles are being produced, they do not differ from each other in technical characteristics, operational capabilities and purpose.

Today you can buy such snowmobiles BRP Tundra:

  1. Models for recreation and tourism, this includes crossovers for driving in deep snow, tourist and utilitarian-tourist units.
  2. Utility models. Their main feature is considerable weight, they work well in absolutely any conditions. In addition, utilitarian models are characterized by a significant level of traction and excellent maneuverability indicators. The manufacturer has provided for such snowmobiles several gears that allow you to overcome various slopes.
  3. Mountain models of high strength, characterized by high build quality and reliability of the parts used.
  4. Sports models are made using heavy-duty materials that are lightweight. The weight of such products reaches only 200 kilograms.

All models after assembly are tested accordingly.

Market price

All snowmobiles are of decent cost, due to the quality of their assembly and the need for delivery from Canada to Russia.

The price of such models depends on several factors:

  • year of issue;
  • mileage;
  • type TS;
  • equipment.

Currently, snowmobiles are sold in the Russian Federation by a fairly large number of exporters. The cost of them starts in the region of 400 thousand rubles. Pre-owned models can be purchased at about half the price. In some cases, a snowmobile can be bought for 100 thousand rubles. Such products, as a rule, have an imperfect configuration.

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