Snow and swamp rover Petrovich

The appearance of the Petrovich is reminiscent of a lunar rover – it has large low-pressure tires manufactured by Avtoros. The three-axle model with a supporting frame includes a passenger cabin and a body (completely enclosed or covered with an awning), and the two-axis model does not include a body, but it has a large cabin with a variable cabin.

Large rear-view mirrors, xenon lighting devices and a searchlight mounted on the roof, as well as various arches with handrails, seem very catchy. In general, the appearance of “Petrovich” is attractive.

In the cabin, everything does not look so rosy. The passenger part is equipped with seats in the form of sofas, covered with a leather substitute. Sheathing is not exactly clear what is made of, but similar to the 452nd UAZ. The driver’s seat is located separately from other passengers, like the “Shaman”, but there is one feature. If you look at the steering wheel, the instrument panel, you will notice that they are insidiously borrowed from VAZ (Lada 110). And other elements of the car: the seat, gearshift lever and the control unit for heating devices are taken from the same place. Torpedo as if cut down with an ax. In general, the interior is not very good, although it is not a business class car and it does not have the same tasks.

The correct purpose of “Petrovich” is to drive in different places: on the earth’s surface, in water (or even sail).

The snow and swamp vehicle Petrovich was presented by the developers as part of the exhibition, which was held by the Interpolitech company several years ago in Moscow. The functionality of the new swamp rover was shown on a large section of the landfill near Krasnoarmeisk. Then the car attracted the attention of lovers of automotive winter equipment.

The main goal of Ecotrans specialists is the production of an all-terrain vehicle that can function normally in the most difficult climate conditions. An important goal that the developers set for themselves is to create a simple configuration and ensure ease of use. The all-terrain vehicle turned out to be so, the Petrovich fits all the requirements that apply to cars of this class, because it was produced as a vehicle for working in extreme climate conditions. The first models of all-terrain vehicles passed tests in deep snow, swamps, mountains and provided an opportunity for engineers to identify the negative qualities of the design of the machine, which were eliminated immediately.

As a result, the specialists produced an all-terrain vehicle with the expected cross-country ability. It travels relatively quickly and easily on land, marshy terrain. Due to its small size, Petrovich can also drive along general-purpose roadways (in urban settlements), which does not make any cargo-type all-terrain vehicle different.

For traveling in difficult conditions, these all-terrain vehicles include:

  • independent type suspension;
  • tires with very low pressure in the chambers and special gearboxes (one step), due to this, the clearance of all-terrain vehicles is 60 cm;
  • the car’s movement on water is provided by wheels and pontoons, their function is performed by thresholds made of polystyrene foam and sheathed with aluminum sheets;
  • foam additions are also available in the bottom protection element.

It turns out that the “Petrovich” can swim through the water, while the speed is from 3 to 7 km / h.


It is important to pay more attention to the machine. system, due to which the tire tires are inflated, which is included in the basic package. Inflating the wheel is not possible directly from the inside of the car. The driver, while in his place, can release or increase pressure, thereby increasing (for moving along the swamp), or decreasing (for moving on asphalt or the embankment) the area of ​​contact of the wheel with the ground plane.

Different power units are installed on all models of the Petrovich all-terrain vehicle manufactured in Russia, for example, a VAZ2123 gasoline engine with 82 horsepower is installed on a 2-axle model. On a three-axle cargo all-terrain vehicle with a closed body, a 100 strong HYUNDAI diesel engine is mounted. There is one more modification, equipped with a IVECO turbodiesel engine, the power of which is 116 hp.

The gearbox for all Petrovich models is mechanical (5 steps), the transfer case (2 steps) has a forced differential lock.

The power unit of the all-terrain vehicle “Petrovich”

Fuel consumption, according to the developer, while driving on the road for various models ranges from fifteen to eighteen liters, off-road to 30 liters – this is a good indicator for this all-terrain vehicle. You can find out the real state of affairs for this parameter by reading reviews about the snow and swamp vehicle. They testify that in an hour of movement on water a turbine diesel consumes up to fifty liters of fuel.

The brake system is reliable for the possibility of protection against getting on the brake discs of different stones, dirt and other debris. Ecotrans LLC specialists placed it not on the wheel element, but near the main transmission of the bridges. This approach has increased the duration of the brake system.


There are different subspecies of the Petrovich all-terrain vehicle:

  • 4×4 204-60;
  • 6×6 354-50;
  • 6×6 354-71.

Familiarize yourself with these modifications of the Petrovich all-terrain vehicle before making your choice.

4×4 204-60

The relatively small SUV on low-pressure tires with 4×4 all-wheel drive has a sealed single-volume cabin with a variable interior, which is designed for six passengers and one driver. This model is equipped with a VAZ engine, the power of which is 82 hp, and the engine displacement is 1690 cm3. This all-terrain vehicle weighing 2 tons has a speed of up to fifty kilometers per hour on the ground and up to seven on the water. Fuel consumption is small from the whole assortment – on the highway is 15 liters, and on the road – up to 25 per 100 km on the way.

6×6 354-50

A model from the assortment of snow and swamp walkers “Petrovich” with a 6×6 formula with a supporting frame, a cabin and a body designed for cargo, covered with an awning. Four people fit in the cab, including the driver. In the basic configuration, a D4BH turbodiesel engine is installed, the volume of which is 2476 cm3, and the power is 100 hp. An optional turbodiesel installation is available – its power is 90 hp. Speed ​​capabilities are the same as those of the model described earlier.

6×6 354-71

The last model of all the representatives of the Petrovichi is a three-axle SUV on low-pressure tires with one cab and a modified convertible interior, suitable for 8 passengers. The basic equipment includes an installed turbo diesel power unit manufacturer HYUNDAI – its power is 100 hp. Additionally, it is possible to supply an IVECO turbodiesel with a volume of 2.3 liters and a capacity of 116 hp. This model is the fastest of other options; it can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h along the road.


The basic equipment for all Petrovich snowmobiles includes:

  • auto-loading system of wheels;
  • transfer gearbox with reduction mode;
  • sun shade;
  • hitch with flange;
  • hella xenon lighting (on top of the roof)
  • Faro Seeker
  • headlight (reverse);
  • steering gear with electronic power steering;
  • 2 fuel tanks, the volume of which is 100 l each;
  • front winch;
  • front bumper
  • rear bumper;
  • bottom protection;
  • sound training (communications, antenna, oblique support of acoustics fixed in the wall);
  • interior heater (VAZ);
  • additional heater xeros 4000;
  • Luke;
  • tank heating device with reverse discharge Fri 530.

This is a large package bundle, especially pleasing is the fact that the auto-swap system of the wheels is part of the “base”. The price of the Petrovich machine is not exactly known right now. You can find out it by making a request from the manufacturer’s company, calculating the final cost for additional functions.

WEBASTO automatic engine heater, heater, DV-6 std rear winch, roof rack, ladder, additional 80 l fuel tanks, folding seat type, car radio and other devices are optionally available for purchase.

“Petrovich” has similar technical characteristics with the “Predator” and “Amphibian” in some respects, in particular, in terms of engine power and dimensions.

To compare the characteristics, you can buy three snow and swamp vehicles: “Predator”, “Amphibian”, “Petrovich” or look at the table and select the appropriate model.

Comparative characteristics of “Petrovich” with “Predator” and “Amphibian”
Petrovich Predator Amphibian viking
Engine VAZ-2123, 4-cylinder – 2.48 liters, 82-116 hp; consumption – 15-18 l / 100 km on the highway, up to 25-30 l / 100 km on the road. domestic 4-cylinder – 1.6 l, 82 hp and Japanese turbodiesel – 1.5 l, 44 hp; fuel consumption for a 2-axle – 9 l / 100 km, 3-axle – 14. diesel – 2.24 l, 110 hp; engine ford benz. – 2 l, 163 h.p.
Dimensions 6.3; 2.49; 2.59 m 2-axle: 4.8; 2.47; 2.25;

3-axle: 6.2; 2.5; 2.6.

> 6.2 m; 2.5 m; 2.7 m.
Price 4×4 costs 2.6 million, 6×4 – 3.35 million rubles. 2.25 million in the base and 3.74 in the full set basic equipment 1.78 million rubles

It is additionally recommended that you read the reviews of the Amphibian and Predator snow and swamp tracers in order to objectively understand what they are better or worse than Petrovich.

Selection of the best price

Choose a salon that offers this option.

It should include:

  • a guarantee of the high quality of the services offered;
  • analysis of the market for snow and swamp vehicles, taking into account many different factors;
  • providing a mutually beneficial offer.
Technical service

In this area, the company offers the following services:

  • initial consultation;
  • providing a large assortment at the request of the user;
  • deep device health checks;
  • selection and measurements of the necessary spare parts;
  • delivery of purchased equipment in the Russian Federation;
  • Private maintenance support.

Check out the services offered by the salon to carry out maintenance or repairs when the need arises.

In order for the snowmobile to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to regularly conduct quality maintenance. Otherwise, repair of SUVs will lead to significant costs. It is better to do everything on time and eliminate malfunctions in the early stages of occurrence than when they already begin to “pull out” other failures. Maintenance is carried out in accordance with mileage. This should be done by specialists, because the design of the snowmobile is different from the car.

They should check:

  • Steering system. The unit has a steering wheel, but it does not work according to the classical “turning” scheme, but because of braking of one row of wheels. Check the drives and brakes of the steering system, their wear, the presence of gaps and brake fluid.
  • Stroke and transmission. Maintenance of the all-terrain vehicle includes checking the chain drive and tensioners, their lubrication and repair.
  • Engine and gearbox. All-terrain vehicles use VAZ engines of domestic production, which show relatively good results at high loads.

During maintenance of the SUV, the service must determine the degree of compression, the correct operation of the ignition system, the operation of the variator and the overall level of vibration. If any problems are found, it is important to fix them immediately in order to prepare the SUV for work.

In addition to maintenance at certain points of mileage, seasonal maintenance is required. This must be done before every winter in order to prepare the equipment for frost and heavy loads. A high-quality company also provides seasonal repair of SUVs and their recovery from accidents, and it should have its own repair zones and all the necessary special equipment. If necessary, a good service consults with the manufacturer and orders the necessary spare parts and equipment from dealer prices.

Choosing the right company for the service, it is important to pay attention to the positive customer reviews and company slogans, for example: “Is it necessary to put additional equipment on Petrovich? “Come, everything will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible!”

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