Snow and swamp vehicle Bear

The advantages of the Bear cannot be disputed – this is a good domestic production technique in terms of running and operational indicators, which does not differ from foreign analogues.

The Bear series is related to universal amphibious all-terrain vehicles, combines cross-country ability and quality regardless of the operating conditions. Moreover, the cost of the Russian snow and swamp vehicle is much lower than European and Chinese counterparts.

Snow and swamp vehicle Bear can be bought from private traders on the site or on official resources for the sale of similar equipment. You should enter in the search engine the phrase “buy a snowmobile Bear” and from the proposed options choose the suitable one, taking into account reviews and rating.

The catalog of the online store offers more than 130 models. Each has its own unique characteristics. Range and equipment range from 200 thousand to 2 million. You can order through the website or by phone number. Sale can be available in 2 forms: in bulk or individually. To calculate the exact cost, the region in which the customer is located is important.

The company LLC “Mechanics” offers off-road lovers a snow and swamp vehicle Bear, it is also called an amphibious all-terrain vehicle. Fully assembled from domestic parts, it is not inferior in terms of running parameters and reliability to assemblies of foreign all-terrain vehicles, but it is easier to find repair parts on it and they are cheaper.

Snow and swamp vehicle Bear borrowed the engine and gearbox from the VAZ-2107. That is why the repair of this unit should not cause any problems: spare parts for it are relatively cheap and affordable. The all-terrain vehicle is made of 2 main parts: a steel hull-boat and a lightweight fiberglass top. The frame design gives the machine strength, it distributes the mass from the power unit and gearbox to the tracks well. The vehicle has good cross – easily overcomes sand, drifts, dirt and rivers. The company will offer a variety of models, it is possible to order additional equipment and delivery.

Advantages of the Bear

The main advantages of this technique include not only an affordable price, but also design features. The snow and swamp vehicle is assembled from domestic elements that provide good cross-country ability, it is achieved through a powerful VAZ engine that provides increased torque. The bear accelerates along the highway at a speed of 50 km / h, and along a cross to 25 km / h. Among the positive qualities it should be noted and high-quality torsion bar independent suspension, increased buoyancy and stability of transport on water.

List of benefits:

  • Modern suspension and comfortable steering are comfortable and safe.
  • All elements of the vehicle are in special places so that the car does not lose stability on the road and does not roll over even on difficult ascents and descents.
  • The case is made of reliable steel, which undergoes a processing process at the production stage, is not subject to corrosion and is not damaged.
  • The cabin of the snow and swamp vehicle is made of fiberglass, which protects the interior from rain, cold, pollution and dust.

The only important drawback of the snow and swamp vehicle is the inability to use it on ordinary roads for general use.

Features of the chassis and transmission

In the torsion bar suspension of the snow and swamp vehicle Bear, it is allowed to equip the chassis with a caterpillar or wheel mover. Torque goes to the rear axle with a standard friction type mechanism. It is located at the rear, which balances the design and helps to get a good weight distribution.


  1. Single disc clutch, hydraulic dry friction.
  2. Gearbox 5 or 4-speed, mechanical.
  3. The head gear is single-stage, it is conical and has a spiral tooth.
  4. Final drive single-stage, mechanical, spur gear.

The classic Fritz scheme is applied. mechanism: indoor case, filled with oil.

Advantages of running snow and swamp trail:

  1. The optimized torsion bar suspension smooths out the roughness of the snowy road: the car owner will feel comfortable in the cabin while driving on rough terrain.
  2. Hydraulic brakes with a vacuum booster provide ease of clutch control.
  3. A fully loaded snow and swamp vehicle does not have problems with overloads – it moves slowly. Also, various additional equipment can be mounted on the unit, which facilitates the implementation of the required tasks.

Would you like to get a bear? Call the salon, where specialists are engaged in the sale, maintenance of automotive equipment and are looking for the most optimal models for owners. Clients are offered real prices for equipment and provided with a guarantee. Buying a Bear, you can get a quality vehicle, ready for a long and trouble-free operation!

Interior and exterior of the snow and swamp vehicle

The bear looks simple, but impressive: the front part of the angular body made of steel contains a radiator grille, which, for protection, can be closed by an additional damper (air intake will be carried out by means of a tube). The aft of the machine contains a grill, which performs the function of a step, it simplifies the loading of luggage in the trunk (it still has a mount for the safe transportation of outboard motors).

The cabin, designed to accommodate 4 people, is open, but the design provides for fastening arcs that allow you to mount the upper part from plastic, it protects the interior from rain, snow, does not obscure the view.

The management of the snow and swamp vehicle was created with the aim of fulfilling specific tasks, therefore the main emphasis was on cross-country ability and reliability, but not on comfort, as a result of which the equipment of the cabin is maximally simplified. The controls are levers (just like a tractor), not a simple steering wheel.

The dashboard does not have something that could interfere with the work – there are only the most necessary elements: 3 dials, knobs for setting the throttle, on / off keys. The basis of the seats is a metal frame, which is sheathed with a leather substitute, the stuffing is synthetics.

The lineup

There are several modifications to choose from.

The lineup Specifications
M-1 A versatile vehicle that seats five people. It weighs about 800 kilograms, the clearance is 28 cm. The engine is carbureted, with a capacity of 76 hp. the maximum speed is 50 km / h on land and 5 km / h on water.
M-2 Passenger model for five people. It weighs about 600 kg with dimensions of 3100x2000x1500 mm. Given the glass, the height of 2.09 thousand mm, according to the awning – 2.16 thousand mm. Max. speed 40 km / h. Flow fuel – 7 l / 100, the tank is designed for 67 liters. As tracks, a tape with a steel track is used. Overall, the track width is 490 mm.
M-3 This is a cargo model in which only 2 people can be accommodated. It features low speed (35 by land, 3 by water), increased dimensions (3550x2000x1990).
M-4 Amphibian. Carries up to five people. The car is mounted on a 76 hp gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5 liters. weighs 600 kg. It is gaining 40 km / h (5 km / h by water).
M-5 Passenger model, having a large mass, dimensions. It weighs 1.1 thousand kg, with a full load of 1.6 thousand, is available with 2 types of engine. 1.5 liter turbodiesel with 44 hp The injector type gasoline engine has a volume of 1.6 l and a power of 81 l / s. Fuel consumption 6-7 l / h. The gasoline engine has the following parameters: 3-5 l / h. The maximum speed depends on the engine and is 30 km / h for diesel and 45 for gasoline.
User manual

The snow and swamp vehicle is an entertaining tool and is intended for driving in territories closed from other vehicles. You can use the machine for persons from 18 years old with a driver’s license cat. A-1. Snow and swamp vehicle is suitable for three to four people.

“Bear” – a universal tool that does not have a specific purpose. Therefore, it is recommended that you fasten your seatbelt before starting movement and avoid small turning, lowering and raising radii of more than 15 degrees so that the tracks do not slow down the snow cover.

Recommended Equipment:

  • helmet;
  • military clothing;
  • shoes are tight, closed on a flat sole.

When operating a snow and swamp vehicle, it is recommended to use gloves. Dress in such a way that the clothes do not have hanging elements (belts, lacing).

Brake system: it is important to monitor the brake pads. If the wear is large, it is better to refuse the trip, replace the pads or take the snow and swamp vehicle to the dealer for service.

Management and setup

To start, turn on the engine of the machine by turning the ignition key, depressing the clutch pedal in 0 gear.

Then do the following:

  1. Release the clutch.
  2. Depress the clutch and start gear number 1 by slowly and smoothly releasing the clutch pedal.
  3. Start the movement by adjusting the direction of movement (right-to-left) with the control levers.

How to use the brake: pull the control levers towards you.

During operation, adjusting the steering control may be necessary if necessary. To access the settings, you need to get a box (for things), which is located under the seat (rear).

Most often, adjustment is required when the brake pads that hold the clutch part are worn. If during the turn to the right the snow-bolter does not turn, then the left disk needs adjustment. Then, if the car moves right along the trajectory when turning to the right, then the brake system of the right track is required to pump for drawing air. Do the same when turning left.

Check before departure

Before you leave, you need to check the following:

  • oil level;
  • smooth running levers;
  • bolts to see if they are loose;
  • air filter quality.

If necessary, add fuel.

Be careful and watch that fuel does not flow anywhere. If it gets on engine parts, a fire may result. It is recommended to use gasoline with an octane rating of 92, 95.

Engine and gear oil change

It is necessary to put the oil filter and fill the oil to the maximum mark, replace with a hot engine. Change the oil in the transmission after a short trip to warm the manual transmission to the optimum operating temperature.

Replacement Procedure:

  1. Wipe the area along the circumference of the drain plug and place a better capacity drain tank under the transmission.
  2. Unscrew the plug.
  3. Wait until the oil stops leaking and install the plug, then tighten it with force.
  4. Refueling is carried out by means of a filler hole equipped with a cork.

In conclusion, you should park the snow and swamp vehicle on a flat area and see the oil level.

Water movement

Overcoming water barriers, a rope fixed on the shore should be used for insurance. No need to swim on a swamp for a long time, especially to be at a depth of more than 1.5 meters.

Recommendations for passing water bodies:

  1. Externally, see the place of approach (pick up a gentle slope).
  2. At a low speed, enter the pond.
  3. Within three minutes, check the machine for leaks.
  4. Having passed all the water obstacles, extrude the details of the undercarriage of the snow and swamp.
Turf movement

It is difficult for a snow-and-swamp vehicle to turn along a densely overgrown with grass topsoil, therefore it is recommended to plan a route in advance to prevent sharp turns. It also prevents flying off.

On tall grass you need to move at low speeds to prevent getting on hidden obstacles (stone, ditch), this can lead to injuries.

The movement on the sand leads to the wear of the sprockets and the track of the caterpillar, therefore it is not recommended to drive along it often.

Replacing spark plugs and checking battery

No need to tighten the candles very much to prevent damage. Unscrewing the candles, it is important to prevent the penetration of dirt into the motor through the hole, to replace the key is used with a “16”.

The amount of electrolyte in the battery should be between two levels – upper and lower, if the amount is less than the lower, you need to add to the desired level.

Attention! Before you add electrolyte to the battery, you need to make sure that it includes sulfuric acid kit. Dangerous damage is possible in contact with skin and eyes or clothing.


The first maintenance is carried out after ten hours of operation. You need to do the following:

  • change the oil;
  • adjust the engine;
  • pull out the fasteners.

Subsequent maintenance is carried out every 60 hours.


The bear is allowed to be transported in the back of a truck, pre-secured with screeds, then in first gear running, equipped with high-load trigger ladders of at least 680 kg, given the descent angle of less than 35 degrees, guided by the acceptance platform. You can also choose a trailer with a suitable load capacity.

A warning! Choose a smoother surface for these actions.

Technical specifications and price

The all-terrain vehicle Bear is universal in its parameters, it is able to move in different conditions. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the technical specifications of the Bear and the snow and swamp vehicle and the price.

Technical Parameters (General):

  1. 1.5-liter petrol carburetor engine with 76 hp Despite its primitiveness, the power unit is simple and has proven itself in excellent operation.
  2. It operates on gasoline with an octane rating of 92 along with a five-speed manual. Located at the bottom of a well-sealed body part.
  3. The maximum speed of 50 km / h on land and 5 km / h on water, fuel consumption per hour – 6-7 liters.
  4. Suspension of the torsion type: smooths out irregularities, due to which it is in the cab of the car it will be convenient and pleasant, even with severe off-road conditions.
  5. The chassis of the snow and swamp vehicle can be equipped with a wheeled or caterpillar mover. The first is equipped with eight rollers (four on each side), while the head pair is located behind. It is possible to install a rubberized track that provides improved cross-country ability (installation can be carried out by two people in a short period of time). The second option has 5 lower track rollers and 4 upper rollers, on top of which a rubber and metal caterpillar is mounted.
  6. Ground clearance – 280-310 mm.
  7. Clutch – single plate.
  8. The gearbox is five-speed.
  9. Length 2750-3550 mm.
  10. Width 1900-2000 mm.
  11. Height / awning / glass 1170/1850 / 1920-1990 mm.
  12. The volume of the fuel tank is 60-67 l.
  13. The volume of oil in the gearbox is 2.5-3 liters.
  14. The amount of oil in the gearbox is 1.6 liters.
  15. Track 1510-1520 mm.

One of the special features of amphibians is the forcing of water barriers (movement is carried out by rewinding tracks). After installing the motor, the speed along the surface of the water increases to 10 km / h.

The price depends on the capabilities of the unit and add-ons. The manufacturer uses only Russian components during production, which makes it possible for the company to offer affordable prices for products: starting equipment is available for 799 thousand rubles, which is comparable in value to ATVs, and the largest is 1.5 million rubles.

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