Snow and swamp vehicle Sherp, instruction

The Sherp snow and swamp vehicle has a unique design, its lug wheels prevent the buildup of dirt, snow, ice. The movement of the unit is quite fast, it is not afraid of almost no obstacles. This vehicle is ideal for fishing and hunting, in a fairly short period of time you can get to any place, and it does not matter if the road is there.

Cars with high throughput in different conditions are now very popular. Many well-known brands are developing new models of just such units, but homemade products in workshops are not idle. Snow and swamp vehicle Sherp refers to this type of transport. For the first time it was presented to the public only this year and immediately put into production, as there were a lot of people wishing to purchase such a miracle of technology.

The operation of the Sherp snow and swamp vehicle is quite simple; on this type of equipment you can move around any type of land and water. Characteristics are achieved due to the large size of the wheels, which do not have chambers and with low pressure inside.

The Sherp snow and swamp vehicle has an unusual instruction manual, it definitely will not work to drive it like an ordinary car. The wheels of the unit do not turn at all, the movement is made due to the friction clutches that the chief designer borrowed from the GAZ-71. In addition, the wheels have a centralized pumping system, and their exhaust gases are used to maintain the required pressure. By adjusting the pressure in the tires, patency also changes; the wheels adapt to various environmental conditions.

Distinctive features:

  • patented tires and wheel inflation system;
  • ease when entering from ice into water and back;
  • clutch rotation and reliable brakes;
  • feature of the fuel system, which under any conditions does not allow fuel starvation;
  • high rates of carrying capacity both on land and on water.

Such a miracle of technology began to be developed back in 2012, such an idea came to our domestic designer Alexei Garagoshyan. Together with his team, he reworked the drawings several times, searched for the optimal ratio of many components, and persistently refined the custom tire design.


The device stands out among its counterparts, its feature is large wheels, each height is 160 mm. Against their background, the cabin seems small and angular. The main technical characteristics can be presented in the form of the following table:

characteristic indicators
motor diesel Kubota V1505-t
power 44 l from.
width and height 2520 × 2300 mm
length 3400 mm
speed (water / land) 6/45 km / h
weight 1300 kg
carrying capacity up to 500 kg

Another feature of the unit is its ability to move from water to ice, which was achieved by skillfully adjusting the occupancy of vehicle tires.

Sherpa clearance

Sherpa’s ground clearance is impressive, motorists will be able to appreciate this figure. In this unit, the indicator in this regard is 600 mm, which allows you to easily overcome felled logs, overcome any ruts, move around bumps and bumps without problems, climb hills and hills.

Fuel consumption

The standard tank of the snow and swamp vehicle holds 58 liters of fuel, while the unit will spend 2-3 liters per hour, depending on the conditions of movement. The fuel supply can be made by simply installing additional tanks in the wheel disks, as much as possible you can stock up about 200 liters of fuel.

The hull of the vehicle is made of steel, it is not afraid of blows, it is rather difficult to damage the snow and swamp vehicle.

What does an all-terrain vehicle look like inside

The Russian snow and swamp vehicle has impressive dimensions, can carry up to 1000 kg of weight, while inside it is as unusual as the outside:

  • the cabin accommodates two seats: one for the driver, the second for the passenger. The seats have nothing unusual, they are the most common, with seat belts.
  • The rear platform is designed to carry cargo and passengers. There can freely accommodate 6 adults with luggage.
  • You can get inside through the door, but it is not on the side, like all cars. The cockpit can be accessed through the ramp door located above the passenger seat. The rear of the all-terrain vehicle gets through the hinged aft hinged door.

The tightness of the hull allows the all-terrain vehicle to overcome water boundaries, this is due to the spinning of the wheels. The displacement of each wheel is about 850 liters, if you take the entire unit, you get 3400 liters in total.

Sherp all-terrain vehicle price

Having studied all the characteristics, having learned the positive aspects of the vehicle, making sure of its uniqueness it is worth understanding that it cannot be cheap.

Despite the fact that the release of the all-terrain vehicle was established in St. Petersburg, the cost of such a giant exceeds several million rubles. But the equipment will be of great importance in pricing.

Basic equipment

This option has the following distinguishing features:

  • fabric awning;
  • three batteries;
  • fluid heater;
  • halogen headlights;
  • engine insulation system.

In addition, there is high-strength body painting. All this can be purchased for just 3, 85 million rubles.

Options “Sherp Kung”

This model has a hard kung, while the cost will increase slightly. For an additional option you will have to pay an additional 250 thousand rubles.

For an additional fee for an individual order, you can supplement any of the models:

  • LED headlights;
  • additional generator;
  • a heater.

A trailer for transporting miracle technology is made here, when ordering it in a set with an all-terrain vehicle, it will be possible to save a little.

Competitors and analog models

In the post-Soviet space, and indeed in the world in general, to find another such SUV will not work. Sherp is really unique, no one has managed to create an analogue of such an amphibious all-terrain vehicle.

The designers of many brands tried to align something similar, but so far no one has managed to do this. Sherpa has many competitors, but only Hunta managed to get closer to the technical indicators. This is a joint project of Belarusians and Germans, but its parameters are still far from Sherpa.

Externally, the junta all-terrain vehicle is very similar to a car, the front pair of wheels rotates, control is carried out by a standard steering wheel, the interior is more familiar to motorists. But in testing for virgin soil, this type of transport produces very good cross-country results. Theoretically, it can sit on the belly, unlike Sherpa, and the carrying capacity is inferior to the Russian unit.

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