Snow and swamp walker Forester

Many lovers of winter equipment have long known about the Subaru snowmobile, performed by Subaru, but there is still a Russian version from Vologda. The first model of the snow and swamp vehicle was made several years ago, and in 2012 certification was carried out and later began to produce.

Additionally, refinement and modernization took place. As a result, the manufacturer developed the Lesnik-M snow and swamp vehicle on soft tires, which is lightweight and affordable in its design, although the price of 1.4 million rubles can shock many people who have low average wages in the country. For such a technique this is a normal price.

Power protection of the snow and swamp vehicle is an additional option for 11.5 thousand rubles. Awning is the main equipment. The wheel arches have large plastic wings, so the unit will remain clean even if it gets into the dirt.

Snow-and-swamp vehicle “Forester” differs from other all-terrain vehicles in a large number of passenger seats, up to eight people, and a high carrying capacity. The main cost of this all-terrain vehicle includes a central swap function.

The amphibious all-terrain vehicle “Forester” is a floating snow and swamp vehicle, which was created by the TREKOL company. The machine uses pneumatic wheels of low pressure type. Early it was produced in 3 main types: “Forester”, “Forester-M”, “Forester-M North”. Now there are additional varieties.

Simple and efficient

An all-terrain vehicle, due to the tipping frame, can pass in any place. For wild animals to be afraid of the “master of the forest”, it is important that he be formidable. A machine 2.5 meters high copes with this task efficiently – all obstacles are visible per kilometer, and a large wind cutter will give external aggressiveness and brutality. There is a feeling that something is missing. You could still put more nets to protect the large glass in the cab from damage.

For reference: the body is created following the example of similar all-terrain vehicles. First, the frame is welded from pipes, which consist of steel of different diameters to give appropriate rigidity, then sheathe sheets of aluminum compounds.

From the gearbox (gearbox) to different axles go 2 cardan from UAZ. The main pair in the transmission is replaced by a pair with a high gear ratio (4.9), and the differential is locked. This solution has improved cross-country ability.

All-terrain vehicle Forester-Trekol: water-floating technical means

The snow and swamp vehicle is rough to the touch, with your hands you can immediately feel the roughness of the coating.

The main color is green. If you want a different shade, then for 26.5 thousand rubles you can make to order.

Features of the snow and swamp vehicle:

  1. Looking under the bottom, you can see all the organs. Let us single out the main ones: springs are located at the rear of the structure, but they are not in front, but the bridge is tightly attached to the body. From the VAZ checkpoint with a main pair of 4.9, two cardan are suitable for the main bridges. This scheme allowed to completely get rid of the box, drives and reduce weight.
  2. In front of the car there is a steering wheel protection. The square-shaped socket at the top includes an attachment to an electric hoist. On the right there is a round wall device for connecting it to the mains.
  3. The view from where the driver is located is good! The seat is located in the center, so determining the situation on different sides is quite simple.
  4. The ceiling with the door is not covered with upholstery, and rubberized carpets are installed on the color-coated metal. The coolant bottle is located next to the USB connector. There is also a pressure gauge for measuring pressure and a capacity with brake. solution.
  5. From the rear of the cabin there are 2 benches for 4 passengers. For 82 thousand rubles, you can supply the Webasto heater, which works autonomously, so that passengers and the driver feel warm at night. Otherwise, you can sleep in the back with an awning only by dressing well and in sleeping bags. Slani (24 thousand rubles) will help to get a good sleep normally: they are mounted between benches – you get 3 full places for sleeping. The lever travel is tight, additional effort is required.

The driver sits in the center and sees perfectly what is happening behind the all-terrain vehicle. Devices are located in the upper part.

Forester-39294 – an all-terrain vehicle for any swamps

This is the second popular model. It is better to ride on it on a hard surface, there is no shortage of traction. By the way, the more expensive all-terrain vehicle “Shatun Neo”, which many lovers drive in winter, has a VAZ checkpoint built in, but from Granta, it’s easier to drive along any roads with it, but the gearbox shift scheme on the “Shatun” is mirrored.

The highest speed apparatus “Forester” – 50 km / h. Regarding passenger cars, this is not enough, but for an all-terrain vehicle it’s enough, because at about 25 km / h (speed is calculated by eye, there is no speedometer, there is only an apparatus for measuring engine speed), the car bounces along the plain expensive like a rubber ball. There is no front suspension in the device, and the pressure is 0.25 atm. For pneumatics, this is a lot, because there is no strong shaking, only there is pitching. It’s good that there are tires that soften the blows, and a driver’s seat.

Everything is simple in the tented body: camouflage mattresses, which are kept on Velcro, can be quickly removed, and it is also easy to wash the cargo part with Karcher without fear of pouring anything.

For reference: due to the fact that there is no full-fledged safety belt, it becomes scary to go down the slides on wet ground when the dirt covers the view for two seconds. The sense of this device is not enough, it strongly presses on the stomach. But if you need to drive on the usual carriageways, the belt is needed for certification at the State Technical Supervision. By the way, you can set numbers on the machine. Driving will require the rights of a tractor driver.

How to ride through swamps and deep snow:

  1. Before you go to the forest belt, you should set the appropriate tire pressure. It is good if the model comes with a centralized pressure booster system. This is an indispensable thing: there is no need to go out and bleed air in all tires. Many may recall how on six-wheeled vehicles they had to lower such tires themselves. The swap system will cost 86 thousand rubles: it includes swap blocks (1 in each hub), a compressor, along with a receiver and 2 toggle switches. Pressing the 1st toggle switch starts the machine for compression and movement of gases under pressure (the company “Aggressor”) with a capacity of 160 liters per minute. He drives the air through the receiver in all wheels. A second small mechanical switch opens the valve, after which pressure begins to drop in each wheel. The VAZ engine is located in length, behind the driver’s seat. It turns out the best weight distribution. Access to devices is optimal. The radiator of the cooling system is from Niva. It is best to lower the pressure to 0.15 atm for driving in deep, thawed snow.
  2. The Forester rides through the snow without the need for a locking system. He confidently moves the recesses and compensates for the large puddles. The lowest speed is 2 km / h. The motor operates in the range of up to 3500 rpm. There is noise, but it is bearable.
  3. Having started blocking the bridge, you can get out of the deep snow cover. But it is better to call on a small hill and slide into a rut. For confident movement on this machine requires physical training. There is a hydraulic booster, but it is difficult to turn in deep snow. One trip will take a lot of effort.

On a smooth surface Forester rides through low pressure wheels. On the rear door there is a transom for the outboard motor of the boat, with which you can move around in shallow water and swampy pond.

The lineup

In the lineup “Forester M” offers five different types:

  • M;
  • Extreme
  • Pros awning;
  • M North;
  • Pros.

The main feature of the Forester series models is the ability to install different types of low-pressure tires that will meet the terrain conditions.

Forester Extreme

Closed all-terrain vehicle, which guarantees relative comfort and warmth in severe frosts.

Forester Profi awning

This is a closed version of the amphibious all-terrain vehicle “Profi”. It is lighter and cheaper, but at the same time it is comfortable and warm in the cabin at low temperature.

Forester-M North

This model has a heated cabin and solid doors with windows. The all-terrain vehicle is suitable for frequent use for sleep.

Forester Profi

Specialized snow and swamp-rover “Forester-Profi” has an improved body, consisting of metal. It is comfortable for sleeping and is suitable for use in cold weather.

External constructions of models

The suspension design of the Forester snow and swamp vehicle provides the ability to move on any surface with the greatest convenience, for example, it can be a road with a flat surface or rough terrain, deep and loose snow or water. The Forester has built-in TREKOL low-pressure tires, the size of which is from 135 to 160 cm, which ensures smooth running at a low speed of up to 50 km / h.

The Forester all-terrain vehicle is a good means of transportation for those who live in climatically moist areas. If there is such an all-terrain vehicle, it will be easier to navigate through the swamps in the spring and during severe floods.

Forester is the best tool for forest lovers. The snow and swamp vehicle is suitable for different types of hobbies and recreation: hunting, fishing, extreme tourism and recreation in the forest. Good cross-country vehicles provides a convenient access to particularly remote areas in which mining can be carried out. The cozy body structure makes it possible to use the all-terrain vehicle as an overnight stay.

Model Specifications
All-terrain vehicle model Specifications and Features
Lesnik-M Number of seats: two in front and four in back; Clearance – 490; Mass – more than a ton (about 1250 kilograms).

Designed to transport people, goods (there is a body) through swamps and soft soils.

Forester-M North Seats: two plus four; The clearance in millimeters is 490; Weight 1450.

All-terrain vehicle made of duralumin with a heated cabin.

Forester Extreme Ground clearance 650; Seats 3 + 4; 1750 kg is the curb weight.

Novelty The body is entirely metal on wheels 1600×700-635.

Forester Profi awning Seats 3 + 6; Clearance in mm 590-720; Mass 1700-1900.

New model. Tilt body on wheels 1600×700-635

Forester Profi Number of seats 3 + 6; Clearance in mm 590-720; Weight in kilograms is 1950-2150.

New model of snow and swamp rover Forester on wheels with an all-metal body 1600х700-635.

Tires with a height of 1350 mm are installed on the Forester-M. The all-terrain vehicle does not have a front suspension, which makes it more maneuverable in the forest due to the small width of the hull. Good quality tires (their softness) ensures comfortable movement at an average speed of up to 50 km / h.


  • dimensions: 37002280-26002200 mm;
  • carrying capacity on normal soil is half a ton, in a marshland only 400 kg;
  • weight 1250-1251 kg;
  • clearance 489-490 mm;
  • 82 hp engine, 5.2 thousand revolutions per minute;
  • the highest speed is 49-51 km / h;
  • 95 octane fuel;
  • four-wheel drive.

“Lesnik-M” is a closed version, in which the structure of the main part of the frame is the same as on the all-metal one. The awning provides the car with less weight and an affordable price, and also provides comfort in cold weather.

Where can i order

You can buy the Lesnik snow and swamp vehicle at an affordable price from private traders or sellers on the official website of the TREKOL company.

Depending on the specific model and configuration, the price is different:

  1. Extreme – from 4,800,000.
  2. “Pros” – from 2920000.
  3. “Profi-Tent” – 2470000.
  4. M-North – 1840000.
  5. “M” – 1450000.

Prices for new models are presented. If you want to purchase an all-terrain vehicle in an individual form, then the price is set accordingly and depends on the configuration, features of the model.

To order a snow and swamp vehicle on wheels, you need to call, fill out an application for a call back or write an e-mail. Specialists will discuss with the client all the features, after which they will offer the best method of payment, and then delivery.

There is the possibility of selling snow and swamp vehicles for hunting and fishing, with subsequent delivery of suitable vehicles (auto, water or rail). Service, additional equipment, preparation before sale are provided.

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