Snowmobile Fuel Consumption

The consumption of a snowmobile differs in many respects, including brands. For each snowmobile, the data can be very different.

The thickness and density of the snow cover will also play an important role here.

In order not to stall halfway to the destination, you must first know the amount of fuel needed.

It should be understood that the same indicators will not be, since each engine of a single snowmobile will consume fuel in its own way. Moreover, in each region, this indicator for the same machine also varies.

There may be several reasons for the difference:

  • vehicle technical condition;
  • ambient temperature;
  • air humidity;
  • height above sea level;
  • load on the snowmobile;
  • speed of movement.

Next, we want to present for you in the form of a table the consumption for the most common models of snowmobiles:

snowmobile name 100 km with one driver 100 km at full load
West 200 PS 20 24
Skidoo 22,5 25
Scooter 24 27
Tiksy 15
Buran 23 l 25 l

But it’s worth understanding that a lot depends on the model, for each snowmobile it often differs from the stated indicators.

Methodology for setting the operating flow rate

To facilitate the task with calculations, such a technique was developed and implemented by many enterprises. It is not difficult to carry out calculations with its help, and the result from other checks completely coincided.

Calculations are carried out in this way:

  • several cars are selected, previously checked for compliance with fuel consumption according to the above table;
  • check technical serviceability and completely fill fuel;
  • reset or memorize odometer readings;
  • perform the operation of snowmobiles with the functions and tasks familiar in this region in the winter;
  • refueling during this period is strictly prohibited;
  • record new odometer indicators, calculate the distance traveled in km;
  • adding fuel from a measuring vessel to establish the actual amount of fuel used in liters;
  • then the calculation of the amount of gasoline consumed takes place, they do this by dividing the used displacement by the distance traveled, and then multiplying by 100;
  • then fix the indicator.

There is nothing complicated in the calculations, therefore, the calculations are carried out quickly. But in addition, it is necessary to calculate the oil consumption, since most motors work on a mixture of these two components.

To do this, you also need to find out the volume:

  1. Snowmobile “Taiga” for engine oils “Taiga-2T”, “Ecoil-2T-Arctic” – 1:40 (when running 1:33);
  2. for “Buran” a little different:
  • for motor oils M-8V, MS-20 – 1:25 (when running in 1:20);
  • for motor oils “Buran-2T”, “Taiga-2T”, “Ekoil-2T-Arctic”, “Ekoil-2T-Super” – 1:33 (when running in 1:25).

Using these simple calculations, you can find out how much fuel you need to cover a distance of 100 km.

What is the fuel consumption of 30 degrees on a snowmobile

On a snowmobile, West s 200 ps for any thermometer will differ from other snowmobiles, but not significantly. A frost of 30 degrees will increase the rate of normality and this is natural. Only to start the engine will have to use a slightly larger amount of gasoline, and with constant work in such conditions, and even with luggage, the flow rate will definitely be large.

In such a cold, the process of starting the engine often becomes a problem, different models were tested in due time. Domestic and import started up approximately the same, then many owners improved and installed batteries for themselves from the car. This simplified the procedure and made it possible to carry out everything much faster and better.

The consumption of the Skido snowmobile is not much different from its domestic counterparts. But in severe frost, this figure is very different. Now you can choose the right model and calculate the actual consumption yourself.

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