Snowmobile Leader Alpha 150

It has a variety of owner reviews. Most agree that the price is consistent with quality. Another plus is that spare parts can be found in almost any store and they will not stand expensive.

In general, the Leader-alpha snowmobiles proved to be quite good, of course, their relatively low price and availability of spare parts bribes them, but many characteristics leave it far behind imported snowmobiles.

Techniques for moving through snow on the market are completely different, and domestic manufacturers are also present. Snowmobile Leader-Alpha 150 produces Izhevsk factory with a Chinese engine, this is what allowed to establish a minimum price.


It is a domestic copy of the T150 Dingo, only slightly adapted to our requirements both in the price range and in the technical.

specifications indicators
engine displacement 149.6 cc cm
transmission CVT with reverse
dry weight 153 kg
fuel used gasoline
number of cylinders one
rated power 9.25 liters from.
tank capacity 7 l

The motor is Chinese, but you should not be scared. A four-stroke copy of the Honda Motor has an affordable price, but it will work very well.

A snowmobile can pull a luggage weighing up to 150 kg, while the speed of movement will significantly decrease. In addition, the vehicle can carry one passenger.

Features of a complete set

The domestic model of the Lider-Alpha 150 snowmobile differs from its older brother, the Dingo T150, in its longer caterpillar and undercarriage. The leader-Alpha does not understand, this of course created some problems with transportation, but it significantly extended its service life, increased the strength of the body.

There are other features of a complete set of a snowmobile from Izhevsk:

  • a windshield that will reliably protect against strong winds and bad weather;
  • closed space under the seat, there you can hide the necessary things;
  • Separately, I would like to highlight a backup engine start system;
  • there is an emergency engine shutdown system;
  • Improved roller-skid suspension on the shock absorber.

In addition to all technical indicators, the snowmobile can be chosen in the color you like, the manufacturer offers red, orange, green, yellow and blue options. The model is equipped with a 12-volt outlet, you can charge the phone from it or use it to connect a navigator. I would also like to dwell on the multifunctional dashboard, it will show how each of the systems works.

It has a moderate price, equipment will allow you to easily overcome relatively short distances. To enhance traction, you can optionally use more powerful engines of 180-200 cubic meters. cm.

Available Modifications & Accessories

Now, besides the Leader-Alpha 150, other models of this snowmobile are also on sale, they offer models 170 and 200 in many retail outlets and on the websites of online stores. The price will not differ much, since inexpensive components from China or domestic production are used for everyone.

Accessories for a snowmobile can be selected a variety of. Use wardrobe trunks, covers, drags of both domestic production and import. In addition, some manage to install a more powerful engine on a snowmobile, replace tracks with stronger ones, and install skis with better performance. It is possible to upgrade this type of equipment, but do not forget about the correspondence of details.

Where can I order and buy

Snowmobiles of the Izhevsk plant can be purchased at all official service centers. Many Specialty stores will be able to offer such transport to fans of winter fishing or hunting, while the price from the factory will practically not differ.

On the websites of online stores of such equipment is always plenty, here you can choose the color and equipment to your taste. Most often, a minimum waiting period is promised to several large cities, here Moscow, St. Petersburg and Petropavlovsk fall.

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