Snowmobile Lynx 113

Of the obvious advantages of the model and this modification in particular, is that the machine is able to cover significant distances in winter off-road conditions and tow a sled with a considerable load – up to a quarter ton. Operation of the machine at an ambient temperature of minus 40 ° C is allowed.

Lynx is a model range of snowmobiles (universal) manufactured by the Ufa Engine-Building Production Association since 1991. Lynx 113 is the first model that has now been discontinued. It was a copy from an Arctic Cat snowmobile (USA), the engine capacity of which is 440 cm3, with aluminum cylinder-free cylinders coated with a layer of silicon. In order to better understand and imagine what the Model 113 Snowmobile is, you need to study its technical characteristics and operating characteristics.

As already mentioned, the Lynx 113 snowmobile has aluminum cylinders with a special coating, which became the main oversight of the designers. This circumstance contributed to the grabbing of the aluminum piston to the mating surface, and even with a small mileage the engine could fail.

Production was discontinued by the Ufa Engine-Building Production Association in 2009.

Special requirements for operation of the snowmobile Lynx 113

This model has a number of operational features that must be reckoned with, because this equipment is still operated and resold by users.

What you need to know:

  • Do not change the oil and fuel specified in the instruction manual for their other types. The use of gasoline with methanol content, for example, can adversely affect the operation of the engine and significantly reduce its mileage to the current (overhaul) repair. In addition, this can degrade both the performance of the machine and damage the power system.
  • If the snowmobile is in a sludge in a warm box, then the tank should not be completely filled, as the fuel expands, and part of it may spill out.
  • Running the snowmobile Lynx 113 should be at least 300 km., At which the maximum speed is not more than 45 km / h. without additional cargo and passenger. Recommended during break-in with a frequency of 5-10 km. accelerate the car briefly to a mark of 60km / h.
  • During operation, it is necessary to check the working condition of the spark plugs for carbon deposits and burning electrodes. In addition, it is necessary to control and set (if necessary) the correct gaps between them.
  • If the snowmobile is equipped with a 33 mm belt, then the maximum speed should not exceed 90 km / h, and with a 28 mm belt it is permissible no more than 75 km / h.
  • It is impossible to allow long (more than five minutes) engine idling – this leads to carbonization and coking of the piston rings.

Exceeding the above maximum speeds, especially a long one, leads to overheating of the engine, and, as a result, burnout of the pistons!

Security measures

In order for the operation of the snowmobile to be a joy to its owner, and, on the contrary, not to cause injuries or accidents, the following safety rules must be observed:

  1. Any maintenance should only be carried out with the engine turned off.
  2. Do not stand in front of the snowmobile when the engine is running.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine without shrouds that enclose rotating parts!
  4. Refueling is carried out only with the engine turned off. Gasoline must not get on a hot engine. Refueling is carried out only with a ventilated place. No smoking allowed! The fuel plug is removed slowly because the fuel in the tank may be under pressure.
  5. Do not start the engine with the variator belt removed.
  6. It is forbidden to start the snowmobile motor if the bolt that secures the centrifugal regulator is not tightened.
  7. It is not allowed to touch the hands to the wires with the engine running, which go from the magneto to the transformers.

When starting the engine, the starter cord must not be wound around the hand.

Lynx 113 Snowmobile: Specifications

The following equipment is installed on the snowmobile:

  • Speedometer
  • Disc brake
  • Headlight
  • Taillight with parking lights and brake light
  • Two side reflectors
  • Manual starter
  • Engine Emergency Stop Button
  • Anti-slip footrests
  • Protective covers for rotating gears
  • Windshield with edging (elastic)

In addition to the listed equipment, the Lynx 113 snowmobile has the following characteristics: 440 cc engine. cm push pull.

Features of the rear suspension of the snowmobile Lynx 113

It is unlikely that you can find the Lynx 113 snowmobile, on which the rear suspension is in perfect condition.

However, this does not mean at all that its repair or even complete restoration is impossible – all components and parts are for sale in specialized stores as well as in online stores.

Alternative snowmobile models Lynx

As already mentioned. Lynx 113 has long been discontinued, and other snowmobiles of the same brand have come to replace it. It is worth talking about them separately.

The main representatives of the Lynx “family” of snowmobiles are (except for the 113th) model:

  1. 119
  2. 440
  3. 500

They have been modernized, much has changed, their reliability has improved.

Lynx 119

To replace the already known one hundred and thirteenth modifications began to admit Lynx 119.


  • The new design of the hood, as well as the bottom pan of the engine compartment. Instead of the previously used brittle fiberglass, manufacturers used plastic.
  • The engine has been upgraded. The volume was reduced to 432 cm3. Cylinders were made with wider purge windows. Sleeves are applied. All these innovations improved engine cooling and reduced the likelihood of pistons jamming on a hot engine.
  • They used a wide caterpillar, which was highly appreciated by hunters, border guards and geologists. This has greatly improved the cross-country ability on various types of snow.

Tests of the new (at that time) model were carried out in the harsh conditions of Yakutia, in which the snowmobile proved to be much better than the previous car. It is convenient to operate – the steering wheel does not hurt the knees at the sharpest turns, and the foot platforms make it possible to feel comfortable. The seat is soft.

The simplicity of the design allows for minor repairs at home.

Spare parts, as well as units, are available in specialized stores. Their cost is available.
Production was discontinued in 2009, so only used cars are available.


  1. Dimensions (length, width, height, in mm.) – 3240 × 1080 × 1225
  2. Caterpillar (length, width, in mm) – 3700 × 380
  3. Weight (dry, in kg) – 250
  4. Capacity – 2 people
  5. Maximum speed, km / h – 90
  6. The weight of the cargo towed on a sleigh, in kg. – 250
  7. Front suspension – classic, linkage, spring-hydraulic (with balanced trolleys)
  8. Rear Suspension – Slipped
  9. Brake (working) – disc, plus manual cable drive


  • The reverse is mechanical.
  • Heated pens.
  • Speedometer.
  • Windshield.
  • Towbar.
  • Electric starter.
  • Fuel gauge.
  • The trunk.
  • Two-stroke engine RD-440.02. Cooling is forced; there is an axial fan.
Volume cm3 431
Rated power, in l. from. 38
Cylinders 2
The diameter of the cylinder, in mm. 65
Fuel Consumption – Gas AI-92 (mixture with oil).
Fuel consumption at a speed of 60km / h, in l / h 18-20
Ignition system Electronic. contactless
Tank capacity in l 24
Start-up system Manual starter
Lubrication system Together with fuel
Supply system Carburetor
Lynx 440


  1. Dimensions (length, width, height, in mm.) – 3200 × 1240 × 1420
  2. Caterpillar (width, in mm) – varies from 380 to 500
  3. Capacity – 2 people
  4. Weight (dry, in kg) – 280
  5. Four stroke engine
  6. Maximum speed in km / h. – 90.


  • Windshield
  • Hand Warmer
  • Tachometer
  • Trunk
  • Rubber caterpillars have reinforced rods
  • Suspension – spring-hydraulic
  • Electric starter
  • Farah
  • Battery
  • Speedometer
  • CVT – V-belt, stepless, automatic
  • Brakes – disc, friction mechanical type. Drive – Manual

Power plant specifications:

Volume of ICE, in cm3 431-440
Power in kW / l. from. 26,5/38
Rated speed in rpm 6000
Compression ratio 5,8
The diameter of the cylinder, in mm. 65
Fuel tank, l 18
Applicable fuel – gasoline AI-92
Cylinders 2
Lubrication system Together with fuel
Consumption in l / 100 km. 20
Supply system Carburetor, Mikuni VM 34-622
Ignition system Electronic contactless
Lynx 500

Lynx 500 is the latest UMPO model.


  1. Lynx 500+. The version is more likely a tourist car than a working one. The width of the track is 500mm. This provides excellent cross-country ability on any surface. The machine is equipped with an electric starter.
  2. Lynx 500M. The basic version with a modified hood. There is a single-chamber carburetor Mikuni (Japan). Electric starter.
  3. Lynx 500MP. Gear-type gearbox. Almost complete resemblance to the previous Lynx. Electric starter.

The snowmobile is very popular among fishermen and hunters.


  • Dimensions (length, width, height, in mm.) – 3200 × 1240 × 1320
  • Track chain drive (22 links), pitch – 16mm
  • Caterpillar track – reinforced, fabricerezin, with rubberized rollers
  • The height of the lugs, in m. – 23
  • The pitch of the tape is 50.5 mm. screw type tension
  • Petrol four stroke engine
  • Halogen headlight
  • The mass of the car, in kg – 280
  • Type of control – hydraulic
  • Brakes – mechanical, disc
  • Skis – slewing
  • Front suspension – independent, swingarm
  • Back suspension – skovo-skizovy
  • Maximum speed in km / h. – 90
  • The maximum mass of the transported sled, in kg. – 250
Volume of ICE, in l 0, 431
Power in kW / l. from. 29,42/40
Cylinders 2
Fuel tank, l 28
Applicable fuel – gasoline AI-92
Consumption in l / 100 km. 20
Ignition system Electronic contactless
Cooling system Forced air
Lubrication system Together with fuel
Prices and owner reviews

The average price of Lynx 113 varies from 60 to 75 thousand rubles.
These machines have a number of advantages, not without their drawbacks.

Snowmobile Lynx 113, like any equipment has various owner reviews, which are listed below. Their analysis comes down to certain conclusions.

Lynx price 440:

  1. 1995-97 – 95-110 thousand rubles.
  2. 2001-02 – 115-130 thousand rubles.
  3. 2004-05 – 145-160 thousand rubles.

Due to the complete cessation of serial production of the Lynx 500 snowmobile, it is very difficult to find this snowmobile in a new technical condition. Only used cars are available, the price of which varies from 80 to 150 thousand rubles.

  • The snowmobile has excellent cross
  • Suitable for both walking and hunting, fishing
  • Good stability
  • Buran is more comfortable
  • Relatively low price
  • Low-cost parts compared to components for imported snowmobiles
  • Inconvenient landing
  • Low seat
  • Low power
  • Narrow caterpillar
  • Stiff suspension
  • Large turning radius
  • Chain box is not reliable

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