Snowmobile, LYNX Commander GT 900 ACE COMFORT KIT

On the Commander 900 ACE, there is a new U-shaped steel handle, cream for a molded cage, a slot for an electric visor and the aforementioned EASY RIDE. It feels like Commander has become a more complete scooter than his predecessor.

He used to build a lot on his character, but over time, all Commander models began to focus more on being good in slightly different areas. This particular model, which is slightly stripped, is perfect as a basis for assembly with all the beautiful accessories.

Versatility – a trend in technology and snowmobile manufacturer Commander follows.

  • the model is really light and comfortable, driving it at high speed is a pleasure;
  • the price is quite competitive, especially in the conditions of a falling ruble;
  • spaciousness and carrying capacity are also on the level.

No wonder the model became one of the market leaders in 2019, but has not yet won a large number of fans and admirers. Still ahead, the line has all the makings of becoming a “classic of the genre.”

The Commander luxury snowmobile is a double crossover designed specifically for unforgettable adventures and comfortable walks along trails and untouched wilderness. Lynx Commander is the king of broadband snowmobiles. The long suspension road and efficient weight distribution ensure high comfort, excellent grip and good handling in all possible driving conditions.

With a four-stroke engine, the Rotax 900 ACE or 1200 4-TEC always has enough power for long rides.

Both engines have three different driving modes and an autopilot function.

  • A drive belt with a width of 500 mm, a length of almost 4 m and a height of 44 mm provides a large carrying capacity and good traction when driving on the road. The long and wide drive belt also provides good stability when driving over bumps.
  • Electric driver’s pillow, backrest, passenger handles with electric heating and stable footrests. All this creates the highest level of comfort. The passenger seat is easy to remove if you want to make room, for example, for the LinQ brand cargo rack.

Full list of features:

characteristic indicators
engine 3 cylinder
fuel system EFI
brake disk, hydraulic
tank 40 l
weight 150 kg

Lynx Commander has long been a favorite. The idea that a carpeted car could also be fun to drive turned out to be a reality, and by 2019, Lynx released the Commander in an attempt to further improve the properties of the snowmobile.

Thus, Lynx Commander was the first to prove that with broadband you can have fun and accelerate to the fullest. This concept has been working since Ski-Doo took on the creation of Expedition Extreme, an almost pure copy of Lynx, and later Polaris and his Titan XC also made their cue.

But Commander is not only a host machine, but also models focused on fast driving.

The brp lynx commander gt 900 ace comfort kit snowmobile selected for the test drive is the base model with two engine options: 600 E-Tec and 900 ACE under the hood.

  • It features a four-stroke Rotax 900 ACE engine, which is an economical and modern engine equipped with an iTC electronic throttle with three different driving modes. Thus, the gas is electronic, and there is no wire between the throttle and the pedal.
  • iTC, which means intelligent throttle control. The technology has overtaken its time and allows you to switch driving modes in one click without problems and without stops.
  • You can choose between three modes Sport, Standard and ECO, which is of great importance in the performance of the snowmobile. In ECO, any novice can always easily lead a Commander, and in sports you release all the power when the gas exactly follows the gas.
  • The default mode is not between the two, but a bit more for the sport. The Commander should work so that the engine temperature is kept under control with two coolers on the Commander, tunnel and front with an electric fan, very good at the edge of the spring and in snowy conditions. which is of great importance in the performance of the snowmobile.
The operation of the machine is mainly

Commander is built on the LX-U platform to make room for a 50 meter wide carpet. The pyramid structure makes the chassis stiff to withstand tough roofs and heavier loads. The tunnel is the facade at the top, so you should not feel it as wide as it is. This helps when the position of the drive is completely in order, which also helps the shoe. But if you just get up a bit, like on the Commander, it works. One sits on a modular cushion with electric heating. It is uniform, but don’t worry about the passenger pillow available as an accessory. There is enough space behind the pillow in the tunnel for any cargo and accessories.

The wide carpet has a length of almost four meters and cams are 44 mm high, the impression on the snow is great, and therefore the load capacity is also good. The wide carpet also provides added stability on the track, even if the Commander has a rather narrow front carriage.

The A-LFS + trailer with a width of 996 +/- 21 mm is lighter than its predecessor, and also has curved lower levers to increase ground clearance. This is good because it is easier to ride in the snow, and because the risk of an accident is then reduced.

Blade XC skis work perfectly on Commander and make the car light and smooth. They also work great on the loose.

Snowmobile Benefits

Let’s analyze the main advantages noted by real buyers.

ROTAX engine

A reliable unit that allows you to drive long distances without stops and without breakdowns. Engine maintenance is simple and does not require special skills and tools. There were problems with past engine models, such as a sudden stop, a cold shutdown, and a slowdown.

Robust chassis

The weight that the chassis can withstand is up to 300 kg, which is about 2-3 adults. It is possible to load almost 400 kg (total) together with additional weight (on the trailer). Previously, this was not possible, since previous models of engines did not pull weight uphill and could not cope with it on a plane.

Grip and maneuverability

The gearshift is quite comfortable. Without jumps and shaking, and with an autopilot system and automatic regulation, everything was simplified even more. To comfortably accelerate, you just need to put pressure on the gas, the intelligent control system will do everything by itself.

Comfort and handling

Cornering behavior is stable, even at high speeds. Cushioning will improve ride comfort even with a fully loaded snowmobile that travels over bumps. The only vulnerability is ice, on which depreciation on the contrary can play a cruel joke with the driver.

Electric starter

An important function that allows you to start from the button without performing a standard series of monotonous actions. Driving a snowmobile is now even easier. Just one click and you can control it. No gear shifting, no control over performance – everything lies with the functions of the system. In the future, it will be possible to control the snowmobile through applications (WI-FI technology will be used).

Comfort and practicality

The new Commander snowmobile trolley was designed for three purposes:

  • Improve loose snow behavior;
  • Improve comfort;
  • Improved traction with precise driving characteristics.

To achieve these goals, the following was done. When it comes to improving the properties of loose snow, you have made the trolley light and its total weight is 26.4 kg. This means that it is 11 kg lighter than the previous PPS-5900-A without shock absorbers!

Shock absorbers are pre-fixed for easy loose skiing, and the brp’s smart, movable rear end of the snowmobile trolley rails helps when driving backwards on loose snow. In addition, the fairly open trolley design also prevents excess weight from sticking in the form of snow and ice. If you overload the snowmobile, the buildup and operation of the shock absorbers can crush the ice under the snowmobile and it gets stuck in place, then you have to unload it to pull it out of the pit.

Additional comfort was achieved by reducing noise, vibration and stiffness, which is the result of a more constant tension on the mat. It is also easier to manage than before, which ultimately makes the new Commander more comfortable, user reviews say this. So that he can pull more, it was easier to adjust the suspension depending on the load, and the geometry of the trolley allows you to move weight without lifting skis, even with heavier loads.

What is the price of the unit

Price: 132,900 SEK (in the currency of the country of manufacture). In rubles, this is 904,000 rubles. Translated into dollars, it will be the same price as 6-7 years ago, as the manufacturer takes care of its customers and meets them in matters of acquiring quality products.

Additional components that are provided in the kit can cost up to 30,000. The kit includes mats, interior decoration fabric, accessories, a set of handles and tools for repair in the field.

Available analogues snowmobile links Commander 900

As of 2019, there are no models that could be compared with it in terms of beauty, convenience, comfort, price, design, autonomy, power, controllability, reliability, and practicality.

However, there are lower level models:

  • Expedition TUV600HOSDI;
  • Yamaha VK540 IV;
  • Arctic Cat Bearcat 2000 XT;
  • Lynx 59 Yeti 600 ACE;
  • Yamaha Venture Multi Purpose;
  • Taiga Varangian 500.

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