Snowmobile Lynx, won’t start, reasons

A common problem is that the Lynx does not start, there may be several reasons for this. It is important to track under what conditions and how the engine behaves, what happens to the fuel system, what kind of reaction is in the muffler.

It’s not very pleasant not to start a snowmobile at home, but still you are at home and can solve this problem with tools and in a normal environment. It often happens that the snowmobile stalls halfway and / or cannot start up already on the road or on the way home. How to behave in such a situation? What to do to the driver?

First of all, it is necessary to find out the reason for this behavior of your favorite equipment, first of all, establish the behavior of the remaining systems of the unit. Only after this, having some knowledge of mechanics, it is possible to establish the cause and eliminate it.

There can be several reasons for the vehicle not starting up, each of which is desirable to study thoroughly. First of all, it is worth paying attention to what related indicators are present.

Domestic snowmobiles often compete with imported counterparts, but, unfortunately, they put the filling in ours at all not of high quality. Here we can say how you pull out a lottery ticket, someone has a snowball leaves at full load for three years without problems, and someone starts complaining and picking after the first break-in.

Doesn’t start cold

Snowmobile Lynx is often characterized as an inexpensive, but moody aggregate of the domestic industry. When comparing it with imported snowballs, it will yield to them in the power and quality of the used spare parts.

Next, consider the most common causes of problems:

  • The most common cause of this engine behavior is a carburetor malfunction. Snowmobile Lynx grabs, but does not start and at the same time moist candles, this is the first and main reason to look there.
  • Problems with the switch are manifested in just such a symptomatology.
  • A broken pump will make the lynx snowmobile work the same way.

You can solve the created problem on your own, and by contacting a specialist.


There may be several reasons for this behavior on a hot Lynx snowmobile; you need to look for yours:

  • the switch may turn off during heating;
  • cuffs that have been used for more than 2 years will also prevent the unit from starting up hot;
  • the level of the float membrane in the carburetor, if it is too high, then this is exactly what will manifest itself;
  • carburetor starting concentrator is leaky;
  • after eliminating the root cause, the candles remained wet.

The rest of the reasons may lie much deeper, but this is extremely rare.

From electric starter

The main reason for not planting with an electric starter is a problem carburetor, but here you need to look and candles. Many experts recommend that you also pay attention to compression.

What to do and how to solve the problem

There are two methods for solving this problem, then everyone himself must decide which one to choose.

To restore a snowmobile, you can:

  • turn to specialists who can diagnose, quickly find the cause and eliminate it as soon as possible;
  • try to figure out the situation yourself, but at the same time you should have minimal skills to work with this type of technique.

It is worthwhile to understand that a specialist will have to pay for services, but if you do not understand anything about this, then it is better to invest. The Buran snowmobile suffers about the same problems, their disposal methods are approximately the same.

sign of malfunction reason elimination methods
The engine will not start fuel does not enter due to malfunction of pipes, filters, clogging in the fuel tank cap blow through tubes, rinse filters, clean cap
ice blocking water got into the tank drain the fuel and replace it with another
poor fuel quality fuel completely drained
a large amount of fuel in the engine overshoot with the throttle open, remove and dry the candles, blow out the cylinders
no spark candle wear replace with new
knocking engine wear of fingers, cylinders, main and needle bearings complete engine repair
fuel detonates poor quality is used one of the components of the fuel mixture drain fuel, remove carbon deposits, use components of good quality in the correct proportions

All this can be done independently, and even without experience. All the details and recommendations can be found on the Internet, with which they are very detailed.

Repair Cost

It should be understood that repairing a snowmobile is not such an easy task, but everyone can understand it if desired. The mechanism is especially easily studied by those who repair motorcycles on their own.

The cost of repairs will vary from the complexity of the problem to the replacement parts used. A simple inspection and diagnosis of any Lynx model will cost from 2000 rubles.

If you want to leave your iron friend for repair, then there are a lot of options, the cost will vary by:

  • complexity of failure;
  • applied domestic or imported spare parts;
  • terms of repair.

On average, sorting an engine costs from 30,000 rubles on domestic equipment, imported is more expensive.

Specialist advice

It happens that a snowmobile Lynx stalled while fishing or in the woods on a hunt, there is simply nothing to pull it out of there.

So that you do not have to spend the night in an open field or forest, you can often try some tricks from experts:

  • squeeze the hose either from the feed or from the injection;
  • when jamming, add more gas, then after about an hour pump the pear, open the gas at 1/5;
  • add gas during jamming, do not touch gas at the establishment, and then gradually increase revolutions.

These not difficult maneuvers often helped out many, we hope that if necessary, they will also serve you well.

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