Snowmobile Motoland SNOW FOX 200

Snowmobile SnowFox 200 – a new model among snowmobiles in Russia. MotoLand specialists were able to reduce the weight of the car to 135 kg, while preserving all the power and quality of the structure.

Among the innovations, it is worth noting the new engine capacity of 200 cm3, which produces 16 hp. The presence of a starter gives a guarantee of a sure start of the power unit in any weather, the models are more modern.

The reduced weight makes it possible to reach speeds of up to 65 km / h. This ensures quick movement to the designated place, especially since you can drive 100 km on 1 tank. There is no problem with tansporting, the disassembled snowmobile easily fits in the trunk of a car.

The unit has a built-in wide headlight and glass that protects the driver from the wind, adjustable in height. The design of the plastic material has been changed, a bright and original style will not leave indifferent even the picky owner of the quality. Therefore, the Snow Fox 200 is a good opportunity to get a lot of drive at an affordable cost.

This manual is required to familiarize the driver operating the snowmobile with the purpose of the control devices, the principle of maintenance and how to safely drive the car. Before leaving, you need to make sure that the equipment is in good working order, to check the smooth operation of the drive with the carburetor throttle.

When preparing a new snowmobile for use, you need to:

  1. Look at the quality of packaging and seals.
  2. Open the packaging, pull out the nails that secure the box cap to the bottom, remove the cap, e. documentation, check the quality of its design. On the packing list, you need to check whether all the removed parts and assembly parts are in place, and also see the spare parts (kit).
  3. Unpack the parts that have been removed from the snowmobile, check for damage to the hood, frame, glass and repair if necessary.
  4. Next, remove the external lubricant, mount in place the parts that were removed during installation.
  5. Check the reliability of all external connections.
  6. Pour fuel into the tank.
  7. Check the ski skid, the correctness and operability of the steering wheel.
  8. They look at how the engine, the CVT works. If the power unit is unstable, you need to check the cleanliness of the carburetor’s float chamber.
  9. Check the quality of the controls.
  10. The battery is restored to normal.

Always remove the black wire from the battery first and connect it after the red one.

Driving a snowmobile

A novice driver needs to master control techniques, practice on a flat highway, move at low speeds, and master the brakes. To reduce the speed and further stop the machine, release the throttle control lever and slowly press the handle to brake. After that, turn on position “1” by turning the ignition key (turn off). In the event of an emergency, press the emergency stop button located on the steering wheel on the left and press the brake lever. The braking distance will depend on the condition of the road.

The location of the driver affects the driving capabilities of the snowmobile, the best, when viewed from the side of convenience, is landing sitting. But in certain cases there are others.

Proper fit Condition
Sitting Suitable for riding on a flat surface. The driver is in a middle position, the feet are on the steps. Optimum fit to cushion bumps.
Half sitting Suitable for rough terrain. With such a landing, the body is slightly raised on bent legs, the feet are moved back with the support on the steps. With such a landing, you need to be careful with sharp braking.
Standing on a knee Convenient for climbing uphill. One leg is bent and rests on the surface of the seat, however, it is dangerous during sudden braking.
Standing With this landing, you can maximize your front view. Put your feet on the supplies, knees should be bent to better absorb shock and shock transmitted to the body.

Going down the mountain, you need to constantly monitor the movement of the snowmobile. It is recommended to take a sitting position, holding the steering wheel with your hands. Pressing the throttle control lever a little while keeping the power unit running during descent. If the snowmobile accelerates and the speed increases, then you need to slow down, often and easily pressing the brake lever. When driving in unfamiliar terrain, caution is advised. Drive speed should be reduced so that an obstruction on the road can be recognized.


To support the machine in good condition, as well as to fix problems that accelerate the wear of parts and assembly units, you need to carry out all requests for those. maintenance: prevention, in which work should be performed with a certain frequency completely and regardless of the apparatus.

Varieties of those. of service

  • daily;
  • after break-in;
  • periodic.

Daily maintenance includes control operations, in particular, pressing the brake lever in order to verify the correct operation of the throttle cable. During release, the lever must itself return to its previous state, which corresponds to the idle speed of the power unit.

Daily Maintenance:

  1. See how the brake works. Check the mechanism – does it turn on before touching the lever handle of the steering wheel. After releasing the lever should automatically return to its previous state.
  2. Check the steering wheel, skis – they should turn smoothly without jamming.
  3. Look at the tracks and suspension at the back if you need to clear the track and rollers of adhering snow and ice. Check the caterpillar.
  4. See the fuel level in the tank.
  5. Inspect the filter.
  6. Look at the condition of the hood, shells, as well as the availability of tools and spare parts.
  7. Inspect the towing device.
  8. Clean the glass of the lighting device.

Start the engine and warm it up, it should work for a while. In the process of warming up, you need to look at the serviceability of the headlamp and lantern, then press the start button of the emergency stop switch. After the trip, also clean the snowmobile from adhering snow, ice and dirt.

Periodic maintenance

During the warranty period, for the implementation of the service, after running-in and performing periodic technical. service, you need to contact the dealer – he will check the condition of the device, perform the adjustment of nuts and bolts, replace the devices, and perform other operations if necessary.


An important operation that is part of the service package. The main condition for high-quality lubrication is to maintain cleanliness during storage and during processing. Before lubrication, remove all dirt, dust. Wipe and clean the parts of the filling passages with compressed air.

Important in ensuring the quality of the snowmobile is the correct use of grease according to their grade. The use of non-recommended means can lead to wear of the elements and malfunction of the mechanism.

During the handling of the snowmobile, make sure that lubricants do not penetrate the painted parts of the device and rubber parts. At the end, you need to remove the excess parts of the lubricants and their liquid parts, after that, completely wrap the plugs of the passages. Lubrication is combined with maintenance.

Preservation and storage

Snow Fox 200 must be stored at the end of the season or the length of the non-working period is more than 2 months. Preparation of the machine for storage is carried out no later than 10 days from the date of application. Preservation is achieved with full protection against the penetration of the sun in a damp place, where the relative humidity does not exceed 50%.

Engine preservation is carried out with engine oil, which is indicated in the Snow Fox 200 snowmobile instruction manual. This work is carried out on a heated power unit in the following order: you need to turn on the engine, open the fuel corrector and simultaneously press the gas control lever to increase the crankshaft speed. After that, after 2 seconds, turn off the engine and turn the throttle and corrector lever to their previous position. Remove the battery from the snowmobile, variator and fan belts. After washed, dried and coated with talc.


  1. The joints and welds of pipes, as well as uncovered elements of hinges, threads, springs, external uncoated metal elements, including galvanic surfaces, must be covered with a small layer of oil according to GOST.
  2. The changed color on the metal should be restored with enamel, for example, ML-152 according to GOST 1809978.
  3. It is recommended that you clean the electronic wiring from dirt and wipe it well. The exposed parts of the wiring should be insulated if this was not done by the manufacturer.
  4. They look for completeness and close the instrument with paper dipped in oil.
  5. Weaken the tracks as far as possible with the help of a tension mechanism.
  6. Put the snowmobile on high-strength stands.
  7. Store the snowmobile in a case.
  8. In the process of preparing the machine for operation, you need to remove the grease, perform those. service in the amount prescribed by the manufacturer in the manual, and carry out work on the daily technical section. service from the manual.
  9. Before installing the variator belt on the machine, the functioning parts should be thoroughly cleaned of the conservation elements.

During long-term storage of the snowmobile, there is a risk of the rubberized elements of the booster pump drying out. In order to resume working, you need to completely fill the tank and, pressing the handle of the booster pump, apply pressure to the neck of the tank.


The model has a single-cylinder gasoline engine with a power of 10 hp and a volume of 170 cm3. It has an electronic starter. Snow Fox 200 uses AI-92 gasoline; its consumption is 5-7 liters. The maximum speed is 50 km / h.

Check out the Snow Fox 200 snowmobile specifications before you buy.

Engine and transmission:

  1. Ignition – electronic CDI.
  2. Starting engine electric starter and manual starter.
  3. Power 10 HP
  4. Engine displacement 200.
  5. The type of power unit is a 4-stroke.
  6. The number of cylinders is 1.
  7. Valves – 2.
  8. Transmission – CVT.
  9. Fuel consumption – 5.
  10. Cooling is air-forced.

Suspension, equipment and brake system:

  1. Lies – 920×150.
  2. Type of brakes – disc.
  3. Options: tow bar, glass, trunk, hand protection, heated handles, backrest for the passenger.


  1. Dimensions: 2500x950x1150.
  2. Weight – 135.

The first SnowFox snowmobile models were launched several years ago. There were some flaws in the snowmobiles of those years. The Snow Fox 200 party, which was released in 2019, has about 15 improvements to the previous version.

The main advantages of this model are:

  • The improved design of springs, increasing their service life and increasing wear resistance.
  • Improved slides – guides. These consumables are in constant contact with the tracks and are covered with water due to contact with snow. Refinement provides the ability to change them less frequently.
  • A sufficiently wide caterpillar was installed, providing even better grip with snow cover, better road holding and maneuverability.
  • The manual starter is modified in such a way that the spring does not need frequent flushing.
  • The main star is reinforced, so the drive power has increased – this ensured 100% stroke quality.
  • There is a speed variator.
  • The model has a reverse, i.e. reverse speed.
  • The ignition switch has functions that protect water and snow. It is also possible to use a mechanical manual start with a starter.

An important characteristic of the Snow Fox 200 model is its light weight compared to other products – 140 kg. Designed for quick disassembly. You can assemble the car yourself (without performing any additional preparation), taking into account the instructions. After half an hour, the snowmobile will be ready for use, and at the end of operation assembled and packaged. You can transport the assembled snowmobile in a car trailer.

Who should use SnowFox 200 snowmobiles?

All lovers of outdoor activities, fishermen and hunters who like to move on loose snow, ice can choose SnowFox 200.

The machine is equipped with a basket in which you can put tackle, tools, food, clothing for stock and other items. The instrument panel has an electronic speedometer, it is protected by a windshield. There is protection for the driver’s hands. Among the features, it is worth noting the built-in rear-view mirrors, the rear suspension, which can be customized to your preferences, because it has an adjustment system. A big advantage is the relatively low price from 115 to 117 thousand. The budget is optimal for many, and a well-thought-out design is the best offer in its segment according to the price-quality criterion.

Snow Fox is issued a technical passport, so you can not ride on common roads (which are designed for cars), tracks, pedestrian zones. PSM is issued to this car, a letter – it provides the opportunity to drive on impassability, ice on lakes, in close proximity to country roads, in forest zones. The model is suitable for a trip of one adult, – it is for such conditions that tests are performed. But if necessary, if you need to transport a person, then snowfox 200 will support the weight of two.

Grateful owners give feedback on the 200 abm and 200 models.

In general, most users note:

  • high ride speed;
  • driving pleasure;
  • compliance of those. parameters prescribed by the manufacturer;
  • ride comfort;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • snowmobile assembly speed.

Most lovers of riding in the snowy expanses shoot videos about their walks on SnowFox 200. There are videos on the Internet that are dedicated to skiing on snow drifts, the ice of lakes, and off-road. After watching some of them, you might want to experience the same emotions and buy Snow Fox.

Where can I buy a snowmobile

Those who wish can buy Snowfox 200 from the supplier after completing the application on the company’s website. If necessary, owners can contact the service of a professional manager and ask their question. On the site you can choose the appropriate method of payment and delivery.

Sale of snowmobiles with a folding type of construction takes place in a box-type package. Delivery to customers is carried out by any transport services that operate in the regions of suppliers and customers. You can buy a snowmobile, the price of which is on the store’s website, with the declared configuration – the back and trunk.

Collapsible snowmobile Snow Fox 200 – take it or not

Such a device has many modules (6-7 pieces), which provide easy assembly, transportation. Thus, low storage costs are ensured.

A typical package contains:

  • caterpillar;
  • electronic starter;
  • reverse;
  • speedometer;
  • fuel gauge;
  • seat for two people;
  • electronic panel of devices;
  • luggage compartment under the seat;
  • windshield;
  • lighthouse;
  • stop button;
  • emergency stop cord;
  • passenger back;
  • additional towing mounts.

Most often, assembly of the machine takes up to 10 minutes.

The system on the fasteners provides preparation of the snowmobile and departure on the road or quick disassembly into separate parts and compact storage, its transportation in the luggage compartment of the car.

These vehicles are inferior to large snowmobiles, which reach speeds of up to 80 km / h – their speed is much lower, only 50 km / h. But this is good, because they are designed for fishing, hunting and a quiet walk, so caution will only benefit.

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