Snowmobile Motorized Towing Man

The purchase of any equipment, including a motorized towing vehicle called Muzhik, should bring joy from the operation, and not sadness about the wasted money.

To avoid this, you need to make your right choice, since the model range allows.

The technique is suitable for the following purposes:

  1. Walks and children
  2. Fishing
  3. Hunting
  4. For business transportation
  5. In addition, there is a balance of price / quality / reliability.

Positive qualities of the car:

  • Good traction
  • Free access to sites
  • Excellent cross
  • Convenience in management
  • The company has competent managers
  • Acceptable price

Recently, a real boom has occurred on a technique such as a motorized towing vehicle (they are also called motorized dogs). This low-cost equipment has the widest range of applications – from simple skiing and private transportation to use on hunting, fishing and even in timber industry enterprises, where huntsmen have long appreciated their qualities. To correctly evaluate a particular towing vehicle. You need to at least get acquainted with its parameters. For example, the characteristics of the Muzhik towing truck will help the consumer make his right choice.

Varieties of snowmobiles (motorized towing)

Motorized towing is made in several versions, representing the lineup.

Model / Parameters Track Width mm Height (top point) Length mm Suspension Type (choice) ICE power in l. from. Displacement in cm3 ICE brand Fuel consumption, l / h / speed
Single Track M380 380 680 1200 Roller / all-rubber wheel, spring-loaded slides 6,5 196 Honda, Zongshen, Lifan 1,0-1,5/30
Single Track M500 500 760 Selection: 1250/1450/1700 Roller / all-rubber wheel, spring-loaded slides Choice 9/11/13/15/17/18.5 Same + Loncin 2-2,5/55
Single Track M600 600 740 Selection: 1450/1700 Roller, spring loaded slides 15/ 17/ 18.5 The same as in the previous model 2,5-3/55
Two-tracked M760 2×380 = 760 740 1450 Roller / spring loaded all-rubber wheels The same Also 2,5-3/55

General specifications:

  • The frame is made of a profile pipe 20 × 20 × 2 mm by welding.
  • The sheet on which the engine is mounted has a steel thickness of 3 mm.
  • The grounds are metal (without plywood, as is often done).
  • Hood – rigid (steel 1.5 mm thick), mounted on hinges. Its frame is welded to the frame, which simplifies the design and makes it more rigid.
  • Snow cutter – missing.
  • The chain has a damper that prevents it from sagging.
  • The drive sprocket is not traction, but rather, high-speed. However, it can, if necessary, be replaced by another.
  • The frame and the entire body of the “Man” snowmobile are covered with powder paint.
  • The hitch has a spring-loaded latch.
  • An emergency check is provided in case of jamming of the gas cable, for example, as a result of freezing. This measure increases the safety of the owner of such equipment.
  • Self-aligning bearings – both on the transmission and the drive shaft.
  • Reinforced springs 8mm. (First trolley).
  • Fasteners WURTH, Germany, strength class – 8.8.

The angle of attack greatly reduces the impact (dynamic) load on the bearings and drive shaft. The design features of the frame make it easy to change the suspension or remove the drive shaft.

Why use a pedestrian motorcycle

The purpose of the “towing truck” speaks for itself – they are towed by various loads loaded on a sled, carts, etc.

A man’s snowmobile is often called a “dog” or a motorized dog, thus comparing it in terms of traction. True, in order to replace the tow truck, you will probably need a whole team of real dogs. In fact, this is an all-terrain vehicle that can be operated at any time of the year under any weather conditions and various types of soil (snow), as well as on ice.

How much is a snowmobile

The man is a budget motorized towing vehicle. It is acquired both new and second-hand.

The manufacturer of all-terrain and snowmobile equipment under the brand name “Man” is located in Russia, has its official website.

The company offers various models that can be bought both as a finished product, or made to order. Snowmobile Man is sold at a very reasonable price:

  1. Single Track M380. From 44 thousand rubles. (with a discount of 39).
  2. Single Track M500. From 61 thousand rubles.
  3. Single Track M600. From 74 thousand rubles.
  4. Two-tracked M760. From 86 thousand rubles.

All prices indicated are for new motor vehicles. As for the purchase of a used motorized tow, it is reasonable to look for it in the internet, for example, in the Avito online store. You can also place an advertisement there, both for buying and for selling.

To order

The manufacturer provides the opportunity for potential buyers to assemble the towing truck at their discretion.

Options that are considered in the individual order:

  • Option for painting the hood.
  • The length of the base of the machine.
  • Brand and engine power.
  • Suspension type and many other options.

For this, a sales contract is drawn up with the client, which is sent to the customer’s email. After, fifty percent advance payment (of the final cost) is paid. Then, the order is sent to production.

At the end of the manufacture of the machine, it is sent to the client’s address with the ability to track the goods in transit.

After the order arrives at the company’s warehouse, the buyer inspects the cargo, and if it arrives intact, makes the remaining money before picking up his motorized tow.

Upon shipment, the client receives all the documents for the purchase – invoice, warranty card.

The price indicated in the documents is final and cannot be adjusted!

Delivery is made in Russia and the CIS countries, neighboring countries, as well as countries that are members of the customs union.

Both credit and installment plan are possible.

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