Snowmobile Parts

Most buyers who ordered a wheel or other spare part via the Internet were satisfied. The main thing before placing an order is to read reviews about your chosen site, find out more information, establish suppliers of products.

Where to buy spare parts in the online store for the snowmobile VK 10 VX 10 (N)

You can’t buy spare parts for Yamaha Professional snowmobiles in any store; if something breaks, you still need to look for real components. Most often, the mechanics and owners of such units find what they need in stores, but even there they will not always be available.

Many work on order, you leave a request for the necessary spare part, then the manager processes it, contacts you and says the time frame for which the company undertakes to deliver the necessary.

Button for light switch

You won’t be able to find a branded button, but knowledgeable masters recommend purchasing and installing a universal one. Super ATV is recognized as the best manufacturer in this market segment; its spare parts are often used for repairs.

This product is not available at all points of sale, so most likely you will have to look for a spare part.

Extra wheels

Find a little easier, you can order them and buy from official representatives of companies that are engaged in the production of snowmobiles. On sale there are both original wheels from Yamaha, as well as more budget options from other manufacturers.

Safety belt

As wear and tear requires a replacement seat belt, most often buy a quality universal option for replacement. The original one will cost decent money, and finding it will be problematic.

Many install belts even of domestic production, in quality they will only be slightly inferior to foreign analogues, but the pricing policy is much more attractive.


Caterpillar replacement can take place even at home, the main thing is to choose the right one. It is not difficult to find such spare parts for a Yamaha professional snowmobile. For repair, you can use both the original caterpillar and many analogs that will be more affordable.

You can buy this component in almost every store that specializes in snowmobiles and components for this type of equipment.

As you can see, not all spare parts can be purchased even in online stores, you will have to look for additional wheels and maybe even wait even after ordering.

Prices for spare parts in online stores

Each outlet has its own pricing policy; online stores will not be an exception. Each forms the price mainly on the basis of their personal motives. But do not be afraid of overpaying, usually online prices are much lower than in stores in the city.

The cost of the above parts may vary on each site, but the average cost will look like this:

запчасть cost
light switch button from 2135 rub.
additional wheels 1500 rub. for a couple and above
safety belt not less than 3200 rub.
caterpillar 104895 rub

It should be understood that the original spare part from Japan simply cannot be cheap . If you want to save a little, then it is better to give preference to domestic counterparts.

Damage occurs even with the most reliable equipment, so it is advisable to first find out where and what exactly you can buy if necessary. Spare parts for a snowmobile Yamaha Viking Professional are sometimes very difficult to find, especially some. Even official representatives will not always be able to offer the buyer what they need.

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