Snowmobile Trailer “Trap”

Reliable, powerful “Trap” is created for people who prefer endurance and durability to speed. It has a special transmission and suspension, thanks to which its patency in the forest, windfall, snow jams and pits is beyond praise.

For ordinary people, a simple, reliable snowmobile is needed, powerful and quite passable. The Promyslovik snowmobile was created just to not let the owner down even on a difficult trip. The article describes the principle of operation, transmission and design of the snowmobile, as well as its technical parameters.

Design description

It has a classic case, two leading tracks and two front skis located close to each other. Two skis have a sprung suspension of two leaf springs and a considerable length. This increases the total reference area and allows you to move through wide pits and trenches, as well as easier to overcome hillocks. The skis themselves are quite flexible, and the sprung system further softens all bumps while driving.

Two tracks are located at the rear. Their length is also longer than other snowmobiles of this type. Caterpillars are fixed on the supporting skis, which are also two. During movement, they are covered with ice, which significantly reduces friction.

When moving into a strong thaw, this may not happen. As planned to reduce the coefficient of friction in such conditions, manufacturers do not specify. It seems to me that it would still be nice to equip the supporting skis with intermediate rollers.

Skid-mounted skis are also equipped with springs. Each track has two skis, and the leaf spring rests on the center of each. This creates some semblance of a Vickers-type track suspension that is used on tracked vehicles. Thanks to this design, even through logs, he moves quite easily.

The body is made in two versions. There is a regular open body with a streamlined front and a windshield when the driver sits on it like a motorcycle. Another design involves a closed body with a convertible top made of fabric. This is very practical when you want to move through the forest.

Any snowmobile driver knows how much snow falls from the branches, and how it interferes with both visibility and movement. In frost, it is not too pleasant to take snow baths for several hours in a row. The removable roof can easily be folded back if necessary to improve driver visibility. This is convenient when you need to look around while hunting or fishing. The seat is double, designed for the driver and one passenger, motorcycle type.

The principle of operation of such a scheme

He almost completely repeats the principles of the Vickers suspension. When hitting an obstacle, the first coupling goes up, then down. After that – the second coupling. In this case, the role of the hitching is performed by skis and two tracks, the skis have their own swinging suspension, this allows them to gently hit an obstacle, at this moment the transmission usually takes up the maximum load.

Further, the snowmobile moves forward, crossing the obstacle with a caterpillar. The caterpillar itself smoothes out a little, and also distributes pressure relatively evenly between the two rear skis. Thanks to this, it becomes quite simple both to call on an obstacle and to move out of it. Pits pass in the same way.

Snowmobile suspension

The snowmobile has two skis and two tracks. In this he differs from others. According to the owners , “Fishery” has excellent stability when driving on a slope and good controllability. Two front skis associated with the steering wheel give good maneuverability, despite the increased base length and large bearing surface.

Two rear tracks actually perform the function of one wide. However, the two-track design allows better compensation for uneven sliding on the surface. In particular, with the same movement along the slope. As a result, the suspension scheme, although it does not allow to develop high speed, can even give a beginner a good control of the car and good cushioning.

Length Case only – 2960; With cabin and ski – 3050
Width 1300
Height Without a cab – 1700; With a cabin – 2050;
  • Curb weight – 470 kg;
  • Engine power – 50 hp.;
  • Engine type – carburetor, MVP640.
  • The volume of the tank is 28 liters;
  • Maximum speed – 55 km / h;
  • Number of gears – 1 (CVT);
  • Fuel consumption on the knurled track – 15l / 100km;
  • Fuel consumption for the whole – 30l / 100km.

The snowmobile, possessing “healthy minimalism”, is very simple and reliable, allows you to move on various types of obstacles, although it does not have a high maximum speed. The car has a slightly overestimated fuel consumption. This is due to the use of a not entirely perfect engine, which was developed more than thirty years ago. According to owners, gasoline consumption is one of its weak points . Probably, if you put the engine more modern, the consumption would be less.

Snowmobile prices

On the manufacturer’s website, the price of the Promyslovik snowmobile is indicated from 600,000 rubles for a basic package. This is very good for a snowmobile, in most cases a new car can be purchased for a million or more. For a version equipped with a four-stroke engine, they will already ask for 640,000. You can order a cabin, including with a berth, a long-burning stove and other accessories.

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