Snowmobile trailer

A trailer for a car for transporting a snowmobile can be bought at a specialized store or at a service station in large cities. It should be understood that a conventional trailer is not suitable, for the transportation of this type of equipment you will need a separate model. 

Usually, after acquiring a snowmobile, many begin to think about how to transport it to a particular place.

This type of transport does not fit in a regular passenger car, so many people decide for nothing to make a trailer for a snowmobile with their own hands.

How to make a trailer for transporting a snowmobile

First of all, you should find out that there are two types of trailers: open and closed. Naturally, the second option will be more reliable, but the amount for its manufacture will have to spend more.

It should be understood that no matter which of the trailers you decide to make, it should have the following properties:

  • the design must be reinforced;
  • it is necessary to have a special ladder along which the snowmobile is raised and lowered;
  • rings for attaching the snowmobile during transportation;
  • The trailer platform must be sized for the vehicle.

It’s not possible to perform production work just like that, for this it’s worthwhile to carry out some preparatory work.

Instructions for creating a drawing

It is impossible to make a trailer for a snowmobile with your own hands without drawings, you can make them yourself, but for this you need certain skills. For those who do not have the Internet to help, here, if you wish, you can find a wide variety of drawings for any snowmobile.

The main indicators should be:

  • dimensions of the snowmobile;
  • a kind of technique.

In all other respects, the drawing is done according to the standard taken by their Internet.

The list of spare parts and accessories

After creating the drawing, you need to make a list of the necessary materials and buy them. The minimum for the manufacture of the trailer can be represented in the form of a table, and for each component separately.

necessary material quantity
iron channel spar 1 PC.
cross members 3 pcs. (main, middle, back)
brackets for attaching shock absorbers 2 pcs.
support for the rear bumper 1 PC.
drawbar 1 PC.
hitch 1 PC.

In addition, you will also need materials for the brake system.

To do this, you need to purchase:

  • bracket;
  • beam;
  • emphasis;
  • here;
  • sleeve;
  • kosynku;
  • coupling housing;
  • brake master cylinder;
  • racks;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • trailed frame.

These two lists are approximate, they can both be reduced or expanded depending on the variety and size of the trailer being manufactured.

Advice! Review and sort through all the materials that you have in stock in the workshop or garage, and then write a list of the missing.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

For a specialist who has the skills of a mechanic, there is nothing complicated in manufacturing. In addition, the master should be able to work with the welding machine without problems.

A step-by-step instruction looks something like this:

  • First of all, it is necessary to weld the frame or frame;
  • then mount the clamp of the axis of the wheel pendulum;
  • the following is made, tried on and fastened the lever;
  • It is advisable to buy suspension parts in the store and after painting them mount them on the finished frame.

On this we can say that the installation work is completed. However, a ladder must first be welded onto the frame, along which the snowmobile will climb and descend.

DIY craft trailer features

So that a homemade trailer for transporting a snowmobile will serve for a long time faithfully, it is worth considering some features. Transporting such equipment will be easier and more reliable in compliance with certain components.

Strengthening the front and rear suspension

It is extremely important to carry out these manipulations, transportation of the snowmobile will not bring unnecessary experiences. Everything goes perfectly and without excesses.

Slope shock absorbers

This arrangement will help reduce shaking during transportation, and as a result, the snowmobile will not receive mechanical damage even when traveling on very rough roads.

DIY trailer making price

The exact cost cannot be calculated, since many craftsmen have some parts available. But even with the purchase of a complete set of necessary components, the cost of a ready-made trailer for transporting a snowmobile will be exactly widow less than the options from the factory.

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