Snowmobile Tundra 600, specifications, features

Officially, the Tundra 600 ACE is a two-seater – there is a dedicated passenger seat. But this modification was created only in order to transport people over short distances, if necessary.

On long journeys, the seat will sit heavily, the passenger will quickly get tired. According to the owners, it is convenient for only one driver.

Snowmobile Tundra lt 600 ace is suitable for entertainment and work, it is equipped with an economical Rotax engine. Two skis and a track of sufficient width allow you to quickly maneuver the Ski Doo Tundra snowmobile in deep and loose snow on flat terrain, and the gearbox provides effective control of engine speed without the need for frequent use of the brake.


The first generation of the Ski-doo Tundra remained unchanged on the assembly line until 2006. The engine was weaker than the current version, the power was not enough for a set of high speeds, but the snowmobile could also go in hard-to-reach places, there was enough traction.

2nd generation models do not have common features with a successor (except for the 500 cc Rotax engine), technical specifications have changed, a new linkage front suspension has been built into the updated model.

Technical table

Engine Rotax 600 4tec асе, with a volume of 600, two-cylinder with a capacity of 57 l / s, four-stroke with an oil cooling radiator.
Equipment The steering wheel is Straight Steel, a spacer with a height of 205 mm, there is a tow bar, a panel with a digital display.
Platform REW-XU
Transmission Liquid cooling with drive and driven variator pulleys.
Suspension Type LTS, shock absorbers Motion Control, front suspension stroke 150 mm, rear 381 mm. Type: 381. Ski doo tundra 600 is offered with 2 types of front suspension: telescopic and linkage.
Dimensions and Weight 229 kg, width and height 1002/3329, caterpillar 3923/406, lug height 38 mm, fuel tank 40 l, oil 3.7 l.

For reference: when the Tundra it 600 ace model received a new design and a modern REV-XU aluminum frame, BRP specialists decided to abandon the new “multi-link” by choosing an old-type suspension that is built only on telescopic shock absorbers.

In the new model of the Tundra Skido 600, a gas control trigger is introduced, which you can change on the steering wheel without using a professional tool. But with him you need to be more attentive.


This part of the device has the following characteristics:

  • reverse;
  • reduced gear;
  • hydraulic brake system.

The light utilitarian type of machine is well-navigable and any forests with loose snow obey it.

Dimensions and Weight


  • length – 3236 mm;
  • width – 1076 mm;
  • distance between skis – 985 mm
  • height – 1330 mm;

Track Size:

  • lug height – 31.8 mm;
  • length – 3960 mm;
  • width – 508 mm.

Dry weight 296 kg. The maximum number of seats is 2.


The Tundra 600 is equipped with a special linkage suspension used on most modern models. This option has better handling. The lever suspension provides softness of movement, its structural qualities lead to the fact that it catches a variety of objects: hemp and branches, therefore, inferior to light telescopic.

The SC-5U rear suspension is equipped with an articulated mechanism (“bent heel”) that facilitates reversing. But in deep snow, the “survival” of the Tundra 600 with such a narrow track and a low-power motor is 80% dependent on the pilot’s experience, so few will succeed in sitting down and calmly dropping into a steep hill through loose snow.


The Tundra Rotax 600 ACE snowmobile has a volume of 600 liters. There is liquid cooling with two cylinders.

The device is 4-stroke with two overhead camshafts – a dry sump.

Fuel system

The model is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine with EFI distributed fuel injection with air cooling. The power unit withstands heavy loads, is lightweight and economical due to low fuel consumption. Air cooling allows you to use a snowmobile on ice, because a radiator system with cooling liquid is not in the device. Two types of carburettor system deliver a high-quality metering mixture, and cooling is carried out by a counter flow and a fan integrated into the Ski Doo Tundra.

By means of an electric starter, the motor starts even at very low temperatures. The power plant has a sufficient supply of torque, which allows the Ski Doo Tundra 600 to overcome the most difficult areas.

System Features:

  • volume – 597 cc;
  • power – 90 hp;
  • number of cylinders – 2.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 42 liters, which allows you to drive over 200 km without refueling, and an oil tank of 2.5 liters.

Advantages and disadvantages

In appearance, from the tow bar to the tip of the Ski-Doo Tundra front bumper, this is a real “scrap.” And with a 4-stroke Rotax 600 ACE of 60 hp, it is a “workhorse” with an environmental, fairly quiet (at idle speed it generally works quietly), an economical engine.

The Tundra 600 is easy to control in deep and soft snow on the plains and in small hills. The specialists producing the Tundra 600 have qualitatively calculated the total weight distribution. With normal ground clearance, it was possible to reduce the length between the skis to 81 cm. The same type of snowmobile with a narrowed track does not exist!

Key features and advantages:

  • high-quality appearance;
  • convenience when driving without a passenger;
  • democratic price.

In my opinion, due to the lever suspension, the Tundra 600 is more suitable for aggressive driving style.


  • does not pull a heavy sled;
  • no box;
  • no shmorgalka (for long trips you will need a variator belt and a spare acc).

In 2015, the ski doo tundra was equipped with high-quality devices: an electronic iTC engine control system, a rotary gas trigger connected to the engine only with a wire and a modern anti-theft key on the radio signal. For all this modern equipment of “electronic civilization” you will need to spend money. In practice, fans of winter equipment liked the technique in that it was almost always ahead of its competitors in riding under difficult weather conditions

Snowmobile operation and safety regulations

The Tundra 600 can be operated by persons over 16 years of age and weighing less than 111 kg. Children younger than this age can ride as passengers.

Safety regulations:

  1. Always follow the instructions of the instructor and the instruction manual.
  2. When riding, be sure to use equipment for protection: a helmet, gloves, comfortable protective (seasonally) shoes against moisture, a protective type of suit (it is better not to wear short shorts, shirts, and t-shirts with a small sleeve).
  3. One of the main safety features is a proper fit: the driver must sit (not stand and lie), firmly holding the steering wheel with both hands, and his legs should rest on the steps. The passenger should sit holding on to the handrails, not the driver. The legs are located on the steps.

Attention! Do not operate the device without the required helmet. It is recommended to use a tool that protects the eyes (mask or special glasses).

How to drive a snowmobile properly:

  1. The right hand with the thumb is the throttle lever.
  2. The left hand with all fingers except the thumb is the brake lever.
  3. Right hand – gear shift. HRL sequential shift (high gear, reverse and low gear) during a complete stop.

To turn on the engine, insert the ignition key and turn it to the “ON” position, then press the brake lever and turn it to the right side, hold it for 5 seconds until the engine starts – no more. Before starting traffic, you need to make sure that the path is clear of obstacles (bystanders, vehicles, other motor vehicles, etc.).

Management Rule 2:

  1. Movement from a place: you need to turn the gear (H), release the brake lever, gently, slowly press the throttle lever, until the desired speed is set. The lower the speed, the longer it takes to make a decision before interference occurs.
  2. Gear shifting: stop, release the throttle and brake lever, then move the lever to a suitable position. Transmission Indicator (HRL) should light on the dashboard
  3. Stop: release the gas control lever (release gas), then slowly press the brake lever. Use the brake only when necessary, with a strong slope or an obstacle, in other cases, simply release the gas. It is better to stop the device on a dense snow cover. If the snow is soft, then you need to find a thumb road.

When turning and turning, reduce the speed and turn along the largest possible radius. When maneuvering on a dense cover (crust, snow packed with snow), move the center of gravity of the body forward to ensure good adhesion of the ski to the snow, reduce the speed to the lowest value. In soft snow, tilt the housing towards the turning direction. If the car is stuck in the snow, then wait for the towing equipment.

When towing the tracks, lower the engine speed until the track adheres to the snow cover. An increase in speed in this circumstance may additionally cause slippage and “burying” of the apparatus.

Procedure for hazardous situations:

  • If the machine rolls sideways while moving, then transfer the body weight to the side opposite to the inclination to balance the moving snowmobile. It is forbidden to restore balance with the legs, because this leads to the occurrence of dangerous injuries.
  • If you are buried in a snowdrift, then clear the place under the toe of the snowmobile from the snow and put the machine in a horizontal position, then slowly continue driving or call the towing equipment.
  • If the transport got into a swamp under the snow, then you need to add gas without stopping. You can only stop after half a kilometer.
  • Maneuverability can be impaired, so it is recommended that you plan turns and stop.

If the Tundra 600 ace partially stops working (the controls are out of order), you need to stop and call the towing equipment.

During operation, it is recommended to regularly carry out diagnostics, changing the oil, parts if necessary.

Where to order and buy

The price of a new 600 Ace tundra snowmobile, on average, is 707,130 rubles.

There are many options available. The average cost of models for different years of production:

  • 2010 – 450,000 rubles.
  • 2012 – 650,000 rubles.

You can order and buy a snowmobile: from an authorized Ski-Doo dealer or on the website of private ads.

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