Snowmobile wardrobe trunk

Fans of winter hunting and fishing always have a decent supply of various equipment, which they absolutely need. Not all models have a small compartment under the seat, and it cannot accommodate everything you need.

Carrying a sled with your inventory in most cases is inconvenient, pursuit of game or driving over rough terrain to your destination is not always good. It is in this case that a hand-made trunk is useful, which can be placed even on the trunk of a snowmobile.

Buying a snowmobile for walking is one thing, but if this type of transport is purchased for hunting or fishing, then you need to equip it in a completely different way.

You can buy a mini trunk, or you can make a coffer for a snowmobile with your own hands. At this time, it will take quite a bit, and the savings will be on the face.

Why do I need a coffer for a snowmobile

Most often, such cargo boxes are made from materials at hand, for this it’s suitable:

  • old plastic canister of the required size;
  • several pieces of plywood cut to the size of the bag;
  • stainless steel, then placed in a case.

In general, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of what can be a coffer; each fantasy works in its own way.

The benefits of making a trunk luggage do-it-yourself

Many will say what to fool around, you can buy a ready-made wardrobe trunk in a specialized store, install it on a fastener and carry everything you want to yourself. But here only purchased boxes are often not spacious, their sizes are strictly limited, they most often do not have additional compartments.

A homemade snowmobile box has the following advantages over a purchased one:

  • can be made from improvised means;
  • set the desired size;
  • make on one compartment or install the required number of partitions;
  • durability, because it’s sensible for yourself.

In addition, fasteners can be made quick-detachable, if necessary, such a trunk can be quickly removed. Additionally, the trunks can be sent with a soft insulation or vice versa made according to the example of a cooler bag.

What components are needed

In order to independently build coffers for snowmobiles Taiga or Buran, preliminary calculations of the necessary materials are carried out, they are purchased and only then they begin work.
We calculate the number using the example of a box 300 mm high, 200 mm wide and 500 mm long:

material quantity
plywood for walls 200 × 300 mm 2 sheets, 500 × 300 mm 2 sheets, 500 × 200 mm 2 sheets
aluminum herringbone profile 13 mm thick 7 m
hinges 2 pcs.
clasp 1 PC.

In addition, additional materials for partitions and cladding will be required, but these are not the main components.

The price in each store will be different, so it’s better to take a ride first and compare in which place it will be more profitable to purchase the material. On average, the manufacture of a box will cost about 1000 rubles, if you want plywood thicker or replace it with stainless steel, then the cost will increase.

How to make do-it-yourself bag for a snowmobile

To buy everything you need, and then make a coffer for a snowmobile, you need drawings. Even a student at school can make them, this process is quite simple and easy.

If you do not have drawing skills, you can turn to the Internet for help, there you will find a large number of boxes, and you will choose the shape and size yourself. Usually on such sites there is also a miscalculation calculator, when you enter the dimensions, materials and sometimes cost are calculated immediately.

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